With You Forever

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This story is the journey of a young man Amit, discovering himself in different aspects of existence. His dilemmas and conflicts have been depicted. How his over ambitious nature turns his life into a living nightmare is harrowing. Amit an engineer is handsome and hard working. His goals are highly set and clear. He has the attitude of a playboy towards girls and how this attitude takes a serious turn in his life he himself does not get to know. Maria, his love object, is a simple girl with high moral values. Being the eldest child, she has to make certain choices, and tragically this ushers her life into a mess. Amit got trapped in grinding problems and tried to escape from stark realities of his life. He is in search of ever evading peace of mind. But does he ever come to terms with himself? Does he ever get his lost love back? Does he ever feel complete? Where do his abject circumstances lead him ultimately?


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With You Forever

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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