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just a random thought.

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



I am listening to Beethoven playing his ninth symphony, after two minutes I realize it's my alarm,I rummage under the pillow for my phone, Istare at it's screen withsleepyeyes, "Wakeywakey sleepy head." it reads.Sleepy head does not agree with that. I have comfortably wrapped myself up in a warm blanket and I am in no mood to give up that comfort just now. I snooze the alarm and close my eyes to get another five minutes of my sweet velvety sleep but just after two minutes my phone chimes up again. I wonder who'll call me so early in the morning I pull it out from under the pillow again and stare at it irritatingly, that's my cab driverand it’s nine o'clock already. I get up with a start and answer the phone. The driver announces he will be here to pick me up in fifteen minutes. I get ready for office in a hurry, I just finish tying my shoe laces when the cab pulls up in frontof my apartment building.  

I make it to office on time, thanks to my driver. My office is located in one of the fastest growing IT hubs and is part of ahugeIT park. There are seven other buildings scattered around our office. My desk is onfirst floor in the fifth building. By the time I reach office I am already feeling hungry, so I decide to skip the elevator and I run up the stairs. When I reach my desk I realize rest of my team is yet to show up. I quickly login to my email and check if there are any urgent matters that I need to look into, there is nothingin my inbox but there are hungry dogs in my belly, so I decide to go and get something to eat. 

Our canteen is located at the sixth floor so I call the elevatorI have to wait as it's on the ground floor. The elevator announces it arrival with a typical"Ding", it opens it'sdoor slowly. I see my crush standing there alone in the lift I feel delighted, I get into the elevator.  I look at her from corner of my eye, she is looking extra beautiful today, like she does everyday. She has long thick black hair that go all the way to her waist, she  has a red butterfly shaped barrette in her hair. She has big black eyes, and unblemished fair complexionand thin pink lips. Her cheeks are chubby and pink like a baby her perfectfigure highlighted by her plain white button down full sleeve shirt and a plain black knee length skirt. She is staring at the floor as if it is holding something interesting.I wonder if I will ever find a reason to talk to her. 

Iget off at the sixth floor, entire sixth floor is dedicated tothe canteen, there are three counters on one side and rest of the floor is filledwith tables and chairs arranged in neat rows and columns. On one side there is no concrete wall just tinted glass panes. I approach my favorite counter and order my usual sandwich and latte. The guy at the counter gets started with his business. I take up aseat near the glass pane wall and look outside, from where I am sitting I can see the front portion of third building and it's entry, beyond the third building there is a small hill covered with thickforest. Although it looked like a forest there were no animals in there. I looked at my crush, she was sitting a few tables away with her back towards me. I wondered when our fates would make our paths cross. 

The guy at the counter waves at me, my sandwich is ready, I get the sandwich and the latte and return to my seat. I immediately start gobbling my sandwich and finish it in a couple of bites. I glance at my crush she is eating salad. Ilook outside again I spot a black BMW pulling up at entrance of the third building. Thechauffeur gets out at once and opens the passenger door. A man in black suitsteps out, just thenpassenger door to his opposite opens and another man in navyblue suit steps out. It looks like the guy in black suit is a client and the one in navy bluesuit is someone from one of the offices housed in thatbuilding. All three got out of the same carbut theirlives must be so different from each others. I wondered who decided what type of life they had? Did their parents decide it, or grand parents, their financial conditionor was it just their fate or did they decide it themselves. I wondered who decided how my life would be, was it me or my fate? 

I realized I had made my life what it is now. I am the one who decided to study engineering, I am the one who decided to work here. If I had wised, I could have chosen a totally different life for me. I could have decided to medical instead then I  would be a doctor or I could have been a carpenter if I decided to be. I am the one who has shaped my own life.  

I realizewe all take decisions that change our lives,for better or for worse. The decisions that we take is what drives our life. It's our decision that shapes our life and fate actuallyhas a very little role to play. Wecan take one decision and have a totally different life for us.

I look at my crush, she is still eating her salad, I realize the fate had already played her part and now it's my time. I finishmy coffee and approach the waste collection bin to dispose off my plate and cup. I turn around and approach the exit, one my way I have to cross thetable she is sitting on, she has finished her salad, she casually looks at me oblivious of a volley of thoughts going on in my head. I flash a smile, she smiles back.

I am at a hospitalI havemy new born daughter in my hands, I look into her big black eyes that she has inherited from her mother andI wonder what would I be doing if I had not seen those three guys step out of the BMW five years ago.

© Copyright 2018 Arvad Lazar. All rights reserved.

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