If i Had One More Moment

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This is a short poem/story about a man contemplating his life decisions and if he had one moment, would it have made a difference? (Forewarning this does slightly deal with the thought of suicide)

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



If I Had One More Moment

(Forewarning, this story slightly deals with the thought of suicide.)


If i had one more moment, would it have mattered? Would i still find myself standing here, looking down upon the sky blue bed, waiting to welcome me into its deep depths of slumber. Or would i be walking a different path, with the sun pressed against my back, keeping the shadows and memories of my past at bay?


If i had one more moment, would she have stayed? If i told her how i loved her and treasured every second with her, would she of cared? Or would she still turn her back and march to the beat of her lustful drum? If i had kept the receipt, could i have refunded her for the heart that she stole from me? Or would i be thrown back into the pit she left me in?


If i had one more moment, would God have taken him? If i begged and pleaded for him to stay, would he still be here? Or would God still beckon him forth to his gates? If i had told them of the inspiration and influence they had in my life, would they still remember? Or would i fade away from their memory as they pass on into a new life, leaving me to continue this fight called life?


If i had one more moment, would they have listened to my apology and reasoning? Or would they simply banish me from there life, to never be spoken of again? If i reminded them of the past we shared, would they welcome me with open arms? Or would they push me away, to the edge where i stand? If i returned to them after a passage of time, would they recognize me? Or would they erase me from there mind, secluding me to a life of solitude?


If i had one more moment, what would i do? Would i tell myself of the later tragedies to come in life? Or would i simply stand by and watch myself crumble into the dust i am now? If i foretold myself about the future, would i have listened? Or would i have been so ignorant to believe that life, would never be so cruel? If i ask myself who is to blame for these tragedies, who would i point to? Would i point the finger at each individual and curse them for their actions? Or would i simply point at myself and burden these demons i call memories?


If i had one moment, i would choose to stay here and watch the sunrise.  If i had one more moment, i would let it cleanse me of the darkness that i have concealed myself away in. If i had one more moment, i would choose to continue this fight, because where there is darkness either in our past, present or future, there will always be a manifestation of light. If i had one more moment, then i would choose to act on it. I would choose to step away from the sky blue bed of dreams, and retake my seat on this roller coaster.


If you had one more moment, what would you have done?


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