More than one heaven

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Christian Writers
Daily someone dress you sincerely at heart within you embodied in love for making the days evergreen in God's blessing. If this health brings wealth of all securities on the Earth together with our future generation the gift you receive will be more than one heaven. This is the prayer I leave as message for our working missionary of true belief in Almighty. Forever this may shine in the deepest secret so secure in your heart. :)

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



Behind the end of your time dressed in the clothe we wear,

Someone stand besides this mirror of our reading wall,

If you search how tall your life play on the skin of this game,

For gestures in God's grace take with you what this measures within the love of time,

If you leave here anywhere you travel for this person's shade,

You come back with some craft of our carpentership following a journey of this soul-less sky,

In heaven if silence stay in God's promise may no death pull packing its vehicle without peace within hearts,

When you spend around this maya as many countless mirages follow feeding its illumination around this colosdrium,

If every planet that encircle our Sun beyond the passage of God's story always retold of this body you bear its shield for one sincere hearts gift you are its living witness,

Every pain they took for you carry down its wounds on this flow from the seeker who brought you here,

If you owe your cremation on this cross finally started speechless around the rhythm of unknown music that circulate those entire space recollecting blind seasons in their act,

Gatekeepers of this Earths passage countlessly eat away one identity below a ground horizon as low as your soul narrate what you were yesterday,

Somewhere you are laid in this mirror about the whole truth may fulfill some channels what we have left for our future generations on our Earth,

Yesterday your days seeked time so born here always like the wings of the gladiator,

You paid this force risen from water gifted endless in the stream of energy for the life we were gifted here,

If you examine a divine voice from a living form no genetics in your body need an instrument to question knowing how life worked from this centre of creation from our forefathers who were born as animals here,

For you it was inborn in unlocked procession this spirit slip back into life as from the day one you stepped here you see this mirror as I am,

If this is one from God made us here to do something superior than ourselves,

Can we name someone dearer than us who picked up the walking stick called body for an art called life everywhere here ?

Who may be like them in a destiny made to survive what is so pure in renovation within this spirit evergreen at all times,

If our form meet this posh furnished wall down its emptiness to make us feel that our findings flow like wind on the terrains along with the energy of an impressionated existence,

How if this resumption of expanding universe consume shrinking its vaccum everyday death born from time till the entire fleet of energy within of all sowed human tribute of our family here get more connected for our reunion in the time your story will pass down remaking future of new generation secure like a child we are always in the virtue of its divinity within to exchange some root cause of birth reassembled in the promise somewhere God seek this question hidden in this mirror of our lifeline we as characters pay something for our transformation of the games people play often in the assembly of those grains across our fields of a lifetime plough every simple hearts gift living the fullfilment of a commitment just for a soul in the search of its nectar?

Each day in this play your contribution catch up with attention for why one unknown existence have brought you here,

Why you love something filled for superior work in this wine fill its beauty on this cup beyond any art of my teacher,

I resolve to be happy for near to God means love near to my family and our society,

Where may this path of enlightment dance glance behind the mirror,

I seek tangled around this door for a sign translating our feeling of gratitude for those who gifted me this day from the heart of our guardian on Earth,

Today secret shades as you look at its deepest root of this mirror in our ecosystem,

Here existence we frame has many paintings on its wall,

Like a wallpaper this came for an excavation what made us lose those lifes ever lived for all we have made so far loved to gift all we nourish till date,

Tomorrow the dream of more than one heaven here simplify a request only may pave way for a meeting place in this simple ocean for its revival in rituals realizing why we are together to read the entire human story that let us confused here,

Feeling life gave us justice on this shore of all our attachment only away for unselfishness,

Feeling love gave us humbleness from the cruelty of lust in this shade of all our pleasing smile only away for generous giving gifts,

Feeling living grace gave simplicity from the ego of our over pride in this mirror of all our binding qualities away from death,

May your response give kindest act in happiness of wealth and health of securities as this is the desire of an after life here,

As you sacrifice more time in this thought,

May be you are who what made you from all this incarnations brought along into this life,

Let more than one heaven you share all beautiful gifts you will welcome for the abundance of this day shining till the end of time at home here,

Always let this be uniquely made for all blessing you have given for where we are in destiny ahead,

In this new life we share our wellbeing with God,

If my time look straight into the eye of this eternal mirror from the source of all soul,

I may keep my silence until a last wish imprinted in my heart till God shine His brilliance into this world,

Here in these 17 steps an angel speaks for free this divine self for one prayer why we are here,

I state this in the given sustainable developmental goals ever laid in history for one mankind,

Tomorrow when this peace seek the limitless existence of our universe,

For God is love call upon us for where you want His wonderful life ever lived on this Earth,

No one here may complain yet trust within our hearts for what we have asked for His kindness,

If time is one question I want to convert all our achievement like blessings we ever live here,

May this eternal light transmute love, faith and compassion truly blessed as a teacher of oneness in our universe,

In this lighthouse of our life you are my divine alchemist,

As I share here our unconditional love as the world pour around your home here,

Highest Good in all aspects of our life have an answer for what I ask you here ever till the end of our days in highest best of our days on Earth.

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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