Unspoken words

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This is a letter from a woman who never get a chance to bid goodbye to her first love.

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



To the  man who never had a chance to know how much I feel for him,


It's been two years, i run over my old notes and found a letter meant for you. It was supposed to be given to you four months after our graduation day. But things were so fast, and it twisted everything around.

I thought we had a same heart, you made me belive it. You're sweet gestures towards me makes me think that our heart beats the same song. But I guess I am wrong, or you just changed after all? I hold on to what we said we are and who we will be.

I'm sorry for pushing you to dance on my beat, I am sorry for hoping we could be more than what we are.

Today, I just miss you, and yes I know inside of me longs  to see you or even hear you. But walls were between us, thousand walls and million miles apart.

There are days that I hope we will cross road again, but I guess God is very gracious to save me from another pain. We never did cross path.

Love must not be painful, I know I had loved you in a wrong way..and yes you never ask me to, but i just did. I did.

Today we grew as starngers, like we never share memories of youth, like we never knew each others name.

I wonder if you will smile at me when we see each other on the road, or will you ever look at me?

Do not worry my dear old love, years had passed and i learned that love will never go away, it just find its right place on our hearts. My love for you was not the love that was created for me to grow old with but was given to me as a lesson, I thank you then.

If we will see each other again... can we exchange smiles instead of "Hi"?


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