Hell's Glass Shard

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Chris and Matthew find themselves in a room with no recollection of how they got there and they'll stake everything on a simple game. Only until the very end does it all come back and Chris' character is truly revealed. You will want to read on just to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



“Chris. Chris. Chris!” “Shit Peter! Where the fuck am I? Where is Matthew?” “Oh you don’t remember?” “No, the fuck does it look like?” “Alright, good.” “What? What time is it?” “3:30 am Chris.” Its Friday morning 8am, I better call my girlfriend she was asking where I was on Wednesday… or was it Tuesday? What business is it of hers anyways women have no class these days, what happened to the days my parents spoke of when their mothers wouldn’t dare question their father’s actions? Ha well I can say this, my life would be worthless without that girl. Better call her and tell her I’m going to Matthew’s birthday tonight. In fact I better call my boss and tell him I will have that story on his table by Monday morning. Christ that guy is gonna have me by the balls. The peanuts I earn doing journalism aren’t going to help my case tonight. New bar, sounds expensive. Fucking IT guys.

“Hey sweetheart I’m going to Matthew’s birthday tonight are you still creating lesson plans for your little brats?” “Yeah, Chris stop being a dick I love teaching, I don’t judge what you do, and yeah I am busy won’t be able to join you tonight but maybe you could come past tomorrow morning?” “Yeah sure my love see you then.” 7pm I’m in the parking lot of the famous Grand Slam pub in Edenvale. I walk in and see Matthew already putting a few away. I hope the whisky isn’t going to leave me in a hole again. “Hey Matthew! You’re 23 for Christ sake and no girls?” “Chris come on we’re just having a guy’s night right?” Stereotypical IT guy, this guy I’ve known maybe 2 years and every month I begin to pitty him more. How is it that one man at such a young age can have so much money and yet have no tail? “Chris meet my good friend Peter he’s a barman here and he’s hooking us up with 2 whisky bottles.” “I see this is going to be a long night seeing as you and I are the only two that actually drink the shit, I was at my aunts place the other day and tried the whisky she had. Dear god it tasted kinda like whisky but smelled like cane. Then I read the bottle and it said ‘Made from the finest spirits and whisky flavour’ I then realised I was drinking cheap cane flavoured with whisky and coloured with fresh horse piss.” “Chris where the hell did you crawl out of again?” I wanted to say hell itself but something in the back of my mind stopped me.

Peter, looks like the kinda guy that would get busted for public indecency because he urinated on some swing in a park. Man had accidental paedophile written all over his mug with that greasy hair and round wire frame glasses sliding halfway down his nose. The night carries on. “Chris you always make me feel special, you’re one of my only friends but you make it count.” “That’s pretty gay dude but I wouldn’t have you any other way.” We’ve put the bottle away on to the second. I light my last cigarette and think to myself: “No way Matthew can drive home tonight, better drop him off at the station.” Half way through my cigarette I look at Peter and get a funny feeling thus I proceed to put it out, and turn to Matthew and say: “I think it’s time to go.” Matthew settles the bill after refusing my input. We stumble to the car and I remember something Peter said to me earlier. “You are running out.” What does that mean? Was he drinking behind the bar? Matthew leans against the car it’s 3 am, I open the door and he sorta falls in graciously. I was grateful I could handle my booze or so I thought, I struggled to get my key in the ignition but never the less I finally manage to start the car and suddenly black out.

“Chris. Chris. Chris!” “Shit Peter! Where the fuck am I? Where is Matthew?” “Oh you don’t remember?” “No, the fuck does it look like?” “Alright, good.” “What? What time is it?” “3:30 am Chris.” I look around and find myself looking at furniture that possibly survived since the 60’s it looks like a scene from Clockwork Orange but this was no Stanley Kubric movie, I see a bar and Matthew is sitting there sobbing away. “Chris, Peter fucked us.” He says as he balls his eyes out. “Peter what is he talking about?” He replies: “We are going to play a game, there are two main rules, one, no one can leave until the game is finished, and your lives are staked on the game.” Of course I thought this was a load of crap and immediately looked around the room to see if I could find a door and all I saw was 2 lifts both of which I couldn’t access, I began to take this seriously. I looked down and saw a glass shard sticking out of my jeans barely missing my skin and proceeded to pull it out and shove it in my empty cigarette box and placed the box back in my pocket. I walked to the bar looked at Matthew and tried to comfort him. “Don’t listen to this prick we’re going to be alright.” I look at Peter and I see a blank expression he states the game is as follows: “You will both walk along a solid white line, the person who makes it the furthest wins.” What am I going to do now, I know Matthews isn’t the co-ordinated kind but I’m pretty hammered the game could go either way. I look at Matthew and say “We’re gonna have to play along it’s our only bet for now.” He takes his shoe off to scratch his foot and the opportunity seems almost too ideal but I take it anyway, I use my sleight of hand tricks and empty the box with the glass shard into his shoe, he puts it on and Peter looks at us if he had something more to say. “You will be judged by the way you handle the game.” Thinking of how obvious this seemed it seemed pretty suspicious he would mention something like that. Either way I look over at Matthew and I ask him if he would like to flip a coin to see who goes first. I pull out my silver dollar that my step father gave to me before he died saying it would bring me luck and proceed to flip it. “Heads!” Matthew cries out. It lands tails side up so Matthew turns to Peter for a cigarette seeing as he is going first, guess he wanted it in case it was his last. He lights up and stands

A beam of light shoots down from above burning white embers brighter than a thousand suns on to the floor, the bar elevates to the ceiling and a thunderous noise emanates from the floor being broken like bread, a piercing ringing in my ears leave me feeling weak. The bartender says “The game has commenced.” My heart is racing as Matthew stands at the end of the line ready to take his first step and I know that this is no joke now. He takes his first step, then his second, third, fourth fifth, on his sixth step I hear him cry out in pain and he stumbles. I know now my trick worked, I can win, it’s soon going to be all over. I stand at the beginning of the line and step cautiously, heel and toe, heel and toe, heel and toe. I see a smaller mark were Matthew stumbled, “I win” I thought to myself, I get off the line knowing I had won thinking I had better make this quick Matthew was already balling his eyes out knowing he was going to die.

“Congratulations” Peter said, “You are the winner of the game.” Suddenly everything flashes in front of me and I see images of me driving to the station with Matthew and then another image of me driving on the other side of the road and then headlights appear, a truck briefly kisses the front of my car and then black. I look in shock toward Peter. “We’re already dead aren’t we?” He looks at us and says “Yes, you both died in a car accident. The game was in fact your judgement, because both of you died at exactly the same time you were matched up in a game we use to judge character. If you are judged to be compassionate, and fair you go to heaven, if you cheat and show ruthlessness you go to hell. Before the game I know that you put a glass shard in Matthews shoe so you could win. I in fact put the glass shard in your jeans and put itching powder in Matthews shoe to see if you would use underhanded tricks to win.” “You bastard, how could you do that to me?” Matthew cries out. I look around and then walk to Matthew and purely say “I’m sorry.” Peter escorts us to the lifts and I enter the one on the right facing us accordingly. The lift door closes and a TV pops out of from the floor of the lift and plays a clip of my girlfriend sitting on her phone calling me, she leaves a voice message: “Hello baba I’m struggling to get hold of you, I went to the doctor this morning and I have great news, I’m pregnant. I know I should have waited till Saturday but I was too excited to tell you, I love you.” I was going to be a father… the lift falls like it were broken I feel my body burning as I sink into blackness.


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