the liar game

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a group of high school students in japan are forced to participate in the infamous liar game. but are all these students happy and joy. find out!

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



The Liar Game

By Nick McKeever

Chapter 1

Ichigo Takano sat on the grassy hill of Goto Islands. He was wondering why he was in this dreadful game in the first place. Ichigo then seen Maka Tokyo and Eri Oda and Yukie Noda run down a small street. Out of fear Ichigo grabbed his day bag and ran back down to the food shop.

Eri Oda a girl with wire framed glasses and two ponytails on both sides of her hair. She was born in a rich family who were a bunch of yakuza’s. Her friend Yukie Noda sat next to her as they exchanged glances “I will never kill you no matter what” Eri said as Yukie nodded as they heard rustling in the woods as Eri and Yukie crouched down and seen Maka Tokyo kill a american transfer student in his sleep.

“That is harsh!” ERI whispered as Yukie nodded as Maka turned to the direction where they were hiding. “AAA” Yukie screamed as Maka smiled as she ran to them. YUKIE grabbed Eri’s small hands and ran from Maka in the woods. ERI tripped on a log as Maka was about to jump when Kazune Kato slapped Maka in the face with her shoe. Maka’s face went sideways as Maka turned back with a bruised cheek. MAKA slapped Kazune’s face as she slapped another time then pushed Kazune on the ground by a tree. “Die ugly” Maka said as she pointed a gun at Kazune’s face and shot it.

Red mist sprayed behind her and onto the bark behind Kazune. Just then they seen Ichigo on a hill as they seen Maka chase them again as Eri and Yukie ran down the street by the shop. Ichigo grabbed his day bag and ran down to the shop.

Gunshots rang out Eri shirked as her shoulder was bleeding and pieces of her collarbone was showing. “ERI!” YUKIE yelled as Maka smiled as she waved and walked back into the forest. “Yukie what happened?” Kazuhii Himura said as he appeared behind Yukie. “Kazuhii! ERI is injured!” YUKIE cried as Kazuhii looked down at Eri then kicked her. “WTF!” YUKIE yelled as Kazuhii pointed an Uzi at her. “Shut the fuck up” He demanded as he walked around Eri’s body as he tilted his head as he heard a gun pulling out. “Go ahead ugly” Kazuhii demanded as Yukie was now sweating and holding a PP9. “I said go ahead” Kazuhii said as he started to reload his Uzi. He threw the empty cartridge on Eri’s injured body. “Time is up” Kazuhii said as he fired the Uzi as Yukie’s body shook fast as red mist sprayed from the numerous bullet holes in Yukie’s body. 

Kazuhii watched as Yukie fell on the ground dead with pieces of brown stuff coming from her head. “Now on to you next” Kazuhii said as he pointed the Uzi at Eri as she was crying as he pulled the trigger. The sound of a typewriter can be heard all around the small island. Ichigo looked back as he seen a man in front of the shop.

“What the hell was that?” HIROMU Kani and Satomi Ishi said as they looked at the shop. HIROMU had a tattoo of a j-pop star she loves with her obsession with black belts and silver holes inserted in them. She is wearing one around her sailor uniform. 

SATOMI Ishi had black edged glasses with a baby face and she has to take medications in order to sleep from her nightmares. She has a liking to Hiromu she is bisexual and she is currently dating her as of now. She has a good sense on direction and mathematics.

“Lets go” Hiromu demanded as Satomi got up and nodded. They walked down to the docks that was next to the ocean. It all started like this.

Chapter 2

Ichigo woke up in a desk in a well lit classroom as he looked around the room and scanned his surroundings. He seen Eri Oda getting situated as she looked at Yukie Noda as she seen a glowing thing in her neck. ERI then grabbed her facial mirror as she seen a glowing light in her neck. Then Ichigo took out his phone and the reflection showed a glowing red light in his neck as well. “The fuck” Ichigo said as he heard people waking up.

Kazuhii Himura sat up as he looked around the room as he smiled. “What the hell is is problem?” ERI whispered in Yukie’s ears as she shrugged “Drugs” Eri said then nodded “Maybe or steroids” Yukie said “No its that over expensive coffee they have now loaded with caffeine” Eri said as the doors slapped open as they seen a older man walk in.

“Hello my name is “Brink” that is my nickname call me that or I will kill you. Now cut to the chase you are not here by choice you are forced to participate in this game of death and lying. If you are thinking Battle Royale then you are wrong and shall the slapped. This is not a free for all killing game this is a psychological game that can twists your friends and peers minds. Literally lie to them then kill them. No shooting and not have a reason for it. That is all good day and I will see you in the end, probably at your funerals and the winner’s party, good day” He said as he walked back out “Oh and we installed weapons in your bags” He said peeping in the door as we all pull out random weapons.

Ichigo pulled out a paper fan as he looked around. ERI Oda had a pistol as Yukie had a PP9. While Kazuhii had a Uzi. He scanned it as he then pointed it at Eri as she looked away from him “Wait until the actual games bitch” Kazuhii said as he got up and snapped and his gang followed him out. “If you try to kill me I will kill you” Kazuhii said as he kicked the door open. Then Eri and Yukie nodded then they took each other’s hands and headed out. Ichigo looked around as he scanned the area as he laid eyes on Mitsuki Endo as he got up and grabbed her hand. Mitsuki was flustered when she was dragged by Ichigo.

Then we see a explosion outside as we seen pieces of pink brain splatter on the window as we seen the opening of the top of one of Kazuhii’s followers head! Ichigo and Mitsuki ducked as they seen blood dripping on the window. “Fuck” Mitsuki quietly screeched as Maka Tokyo jumped out the window and landed in a dirt pile. 

SATOMI and Hiromu walked down a dirt road when they spotted the female friend group with Waka Data and Hinoi Bakano. SATOMI waved to them as they waved their hands to come over. They walked to a lighthouse in the distance.

Ichigo ran back to the shop and seen the corpses of Eri and Yukie. Ichigo almost puked as he held it in his mouth. He seen brains and guts around the bodies. Then he turned and seen Kazuhii walk down the road with Yukie’s head in his hands. “Ha ha ha” He laughed as he smiled as he threw the head at me. I ducked as it slammed into the shop door. He reloaded his Uzi as he pointed it at Ichigo as he had a scared face. Ichigo was good at thinking about things before he does it. He grabbed a thin copper wire as he threw it at his face. 

He slapped it away from his face and laughed before he knew it he was shot in the shoulder. Blood and parts of his collarbone went flying from the wound. “Asshat!” Kazuhii yelled as he tried to shoot Ichigo but missed my a millimeter! Ichigo grabbed a knife in Eri’s dead hands as he ran to Kazuhii as he spun him around. But Kazuhii is smarter than he thought Kazuhii grabbed Ichigo’s shirt and threw him into the shop window.

Then Kazuhii ran into the forest. Ichigo grabbed his neck as he still felt a hard object in his neck. “Fucking beasts” Ichigo said as he got up and grabbed some milk from the numerous freezers in the shop. 

Meanwhile in the lighthouse the gang sat around a wooden table looking at each other as they looked at each other. But a terrible thing happens when a new girl is introduced.

Chapter 3:The Lighthouse Massacure.

WAKA stood up as they seen the door open as everyone pulled out their guns as Maka Tokyo walked in smiling. “Hi” She said with a childish voice. “Get the fuck out!” SATOMI yelled as she grabbed the second Uzi that was on the table. “What is wrong with me here?” MAKA asks as Satomi looked around “We all knew you fucked all the guys in this class and you killed them. ADMIT IT YOU BITCH!” Satomi yelled as Maka smiled “Then I will kill you simple as that” Maka said as she pointed the gun at Satomi. “Guys lets just be friends and clam down!” Hinoi said as she slammed her hand on the table. “Shut up Hinoi!” Waka said as the other girl in the back of the room Chisasu Moriata was standing there stoned. “FUCK YOU!” Waka yelled as Satomi accidently pulled the trigger.

The sound of typewriting can be heard throughout the room as gushes of blood and flesh shot out of Waka. Her body shook as brains were coming from her mouth. “AAAAAA” Hinoi yelled as Satomi turned to shoot at Waka but she shot at her. The bullet shot right between the eyes and blood sprayed in a forward motion. Brain pieces flew out and landed on the table. Chisasu grabbed a shotgun and fired at Maka. Maka screamed as she seen her whole hand being blown to bits. Bone marrow and fingernails flew in a super fast motion and sliced Maka’s nose open.

Hinoi then screamed and grabbed a knife and flung it at Chisasu as it slammed it in her hand as the gun dropped as Hinoi tried to grab it but Maka kicked the edge of the table and it flew over and crushed Chisasu’s body as blood and teeth sprayed on the surface of the table. “FUCK YOU!” Hinoi yelled as two sets of gunfire can be heard as both of their bodies shook with blood coming from both bodies with guts and brains. The two fell down but Hinoi was struggling to stay alive as Maka’s body was twitching some while a pool of blood was all over the place, also around their bodies. 

Just then Ichigo slammed open the door and Hiromu was behind him as they seen the massacure in the room. Ichigo puked where he stood as Hiromu had a shocked face on her. “Chitsasu, Hinoi, Satomi, Maka, Waka… all died in this room not too long ago must be hard” Ichigo said as he seen the lifeless body of his crush Satomi as he squated and petted her head as he picked her up. “We will bury these but burn Maka. Kazuhii is still out there” Ichigo said as he picked up Satomi’s lifeless body to the edge of the land and threw her into the ocean.

After the body throwing they burned Maka’s body and ate it for food. “So how did you know Satomi?” Ichigo asks Hiromu as she unfasened her belt. “You want one? I have at least 20 at home” Hiromu said giving a black belt with silver holes. “Thanks I always wanted one..I see you came prepared” Ichigo said as she slid another black belt and clipped it. Ichigo did the same after he failed the third time. “Here it goes like this” Hiromu said as she clipped it as Hiromu looked up at Ichigo as she then unclipped it and taken off the belt. “For old time sake” Hiromu said as she started to unzip his pants. “Even if I get pregant it will be in my grave” Hiromu said as she seen a boner showing. “At least save it for the real stuff!” Hiromu said as she unclipped her belt as they heard a sound. Then a face appeared.

Chapter 4:Fight Fire with Fire

It was Akira Amano the person who knows the island he is on and he was born here. “Hey!” He waved as Hiromu quickly head into the lighthouse. I walk inside as well. “Ichigo what were you doing to Hiromu?” Akira said as Ichigo looked at him. “Sick belt where did you get that Hot Topic?” He asks me as I shook my head. “Wanna come in its a bit of a mess” Ichigo said as Akira covered his nose as he seen the blood and brains and insides of people all over the dining room as Akira scanned around him as he quickly turned his head.

“Why in the fuck are you here Amano?” Hiromu asks Akira as he turned to her as he smiled “Well still hung up on me I see” Akira said as Hiromu stood there. “That was a year ago” Hiromu said “We only dated for six months when you dated that one chick Satomi? Are you turning lesbo?” Akira asks Hiromu as she nodded. “I was curious on how does a girl and girl kiss feel we did and it felt amazing” Hiromu said as Ichigo looked at both of them. “Why did you come?” Hiromu asks Akira as he smiled “Fine then i”ll kill you” Akira said getting out a fan “Ha ha ha what will you do with a fan?” Hiromu said as she was waving the gun around.

Akira smiled as he spun the fan as little shurkens came from the fan. The silver weapons spun fast as Hiromu dodged all of them. “I knew you were pulling some sneaky shit” Hiromu said. Then Akira jumped onto a table and kicked Hiromu in the face. Blood sprayed from her mouth as she reacted like anyone would. She threw a knife at Akira as the knife grazed Akira’s cheek. Bits of flesh went flying. Then Hiromu kicked the table which made Akira fall on the floor. Hiromu then smashed the glass on the table and picked up sharp pieces.

“Go to hell cheater” Hiromu said as she stuck two pieces in his eyes as she pulled them out which came his eyes as well. He was screaming and kicking as Hiromu then turned him over and stuck one in his balls and ripped them off. “You fucking bitch!” Akira was yelling as then she kicked Akira to a wall and forced a piece in his neck. Blood was spraying from his eye sockets and his crouch area. 

“Cheater” Hiromu said as Ichigo had a shocked look on his face as he turned to Hiromu as she had blood on her face as she had the devil’s grin. “Man I have been waiting years to do that” Hiromu said as she kicked him in the stomach. “Lets clean this place up, from now on this is our hideout” Hiromu said as she got the rags.

Hiromu wiped off the table while she scraped the pieces of brain into a trashbag and the blood wiped up with a mop. “Man how can they make such a mess?” Hiromu said as she placed her hands on her hips. “Overuse of guns and killing” Ichigo said as he picked up a box filled with maps of the island. “Hey we may need those” Hiromu said as she grabbed the box and put it on the table. Hiromu picked up a map as she examined what locations they can go to. “Okay looks like the Docks are off limits because he said anyone escaping by sea will die, so fuck that. Um yes we have the housing area where god knows who is there” Hiromu said as they heard a distant sound outside. They both held guns in their hands and pointed it at the door. “WHO ARE YOU” Hiromu yelled which was a mistake.

Then the door kicked open it was Kazuhii Himura the psychotic killer in their class not a transfer. “I thought this was a lying game not a battle royale!” Ichigo said as Kazuhii said “Did you hear the afternoon annoucements they changed the rules, because the government says this game is too safe. So they imprinted the Battle Royale rules on us, now its a free for all death-match” Kazuhii said as Ichigo stood up and fired at his arm. Kazuhii dodged it then they heard a voice. “Yoshiki” Ichigo said “Takano! Takano! We found a way to break the microchips!” Yoshiki yelled as Kazuhii turned and looked out the window. He smiled as he walked outside.

Ichigo grabbed Hiromu’s hand and they raced up to the roof as they looked down and seen Yoshiki’s body shaking with blood spurting from the numerous holes in his body. Then Kazuhii looked up and put up 10 fingers. “That means their are 10 people remaining, that is insane there was at least 30 people when we last seen them. He must he lying to get our appreciation” Ichigo said as he looked down and fired at Kazuhii in super no-scope way.

Kazuhii’s body shook but for a split second as he raced back into the woods. Now the real death game begins.

25 Students Remaning

Chapter 6 

 Final Stage

It has been quite some time when Hiroshi Komokawa(Girl 12) has witness a death. But now since she heard the new updated rules she is more freaked out than she ever was. She peed her pants times after times from false alarms. She has seen the infamous Lighthouse Massacure which made her scream. She is held at this Shinto Shrine in the mountains so far from the low ground. She has been running because she is a very athletic person. She excelled at the track tournament in Osaka and won twice. 

Then Hiroshi heard footsteps behind her as she seen her yandere Suzuki Kane(Boy 16) “Hiroshi!” Suzuki said as he raced to Hiroshi in a super fast pace. “What the hell do you want?’ Hiroshi asks Suzuki as she had her sports bag in her hand which contains her weapon. A large hoe. “I love you Hiroshi! We made out last week! But you still dumped me” Suzuki said as Hiroshi turned “I am not into low life guys like you so get lost” Hiroshi said “But you were like last week, don’t tell me you are hung over on Ichigo. He is not even that cute” Suzuki said as Hiroshi looked back as she dug into her sports bag. “I guess you are right, here is a towel to dry your face” Hiroshi said as she smiled as Suzuki grabbed the towel not knowing the trap.

Then as Suzuki was going to wash his face a fuze lit inside of Hiroshi as she bolted at Suzuki as she thrusted the sickle in to Suzuki’s face through the tower. “Bitch” Suzuki said as she got on his back as she was attempting to slice his neck but Suzuki seen Battle Royale numerous times. So he flipped Hiroshi over as she landed on her back. It hurt. Hiroshi was more mad madder than she ever was. “AAAAA” Hiroshi yelled as her leg kicked Suzuki in the face as Suzuki’s face went to the left as Hiroshi slammed the sickle in his crouch. “Now time to die” Hiroshi said as she put all her force into this death.

Just under a second she sliced Suzuki Kane’s body in half. Both sides fell different sides and his guts was all over the ground as she seen blood spill from his dismembered body. Then she seen Mikuru Nakagawa(Girl 17) appear behind her “Die Ugly” Mikuru said as she pointed a pistol at Hiroshi as she was too slow to run. The bullet shot in between the eyes at point blank range. Hiroshi’s head went back as pink pieces shoot from her head and onto the solid stone ground. Hiroshi twitched but she soon stopped after a second. 

Mikuru grabbed her weapon and stuck in her ever so large school bag. “I did not mean to kill you, but it was the time to show my true colors” Mikuru said as she walked away grabbing Suzuki’s weapon which was a crossbow. As she walked off into the woods and not looking back.

Aki Maeda(Girl 5) sat in a abandoned store as she was eating Pocky with her friends Suzuka Nakamoto(Girl 6) Moa Kuchi(Girl 18) and Yui Tokimoto(Girl 21) and Haruka Takano(Girl 19) all sat with weapons next to them as Yui was reading a J-Pop magazine she stole from the newsstand. “My god Babymetal is like super cool” Haruka said as she was eating a veggie stick. “Think positive! We are named after all three of the Babymetal members and I was named after Aki Maeda the one who played in Battle Royale! We should be grateful!” Aki said as the door opened and cheeful Daoko Santi(Girl 4) walked in with a cheerful smile on her face. “Aki! Aki! we killed a person! We have more time to survive!” Daoko said in a cheery voice. “Daoko! Don’t say stuff like that! Who was it?” Aki said as Daoko said “Chozu Tanazawa(Boy 6) I stabbed him in the butt! The crazed butt-stabber is here!” Daoko said with a rock symbol.

Then Haruka gave Daoko a veggie stick but she did not tell her that rat poison was in the green dust. “I saved you one, since you loved Veggie Sticks” Haruka said as she turned around and grabbed a issue of BL Doki a BL Manga magazine. Just then Daoko held her hand on her mouth and she spitted out blood in a missile motion. It sprayed on the freezers as her head slammed into the chip shelf that made her eye black. She was dead “WHO THE HELL” Aki said as she scooted back as Yui was shaking “I don’t like this!” Yui said as Suzuka stood up as she grabbed the Uzi that was next to Aki.

“Who the fuck did it! WHO DAMMIT” Suzuka said as she was pointing the gun at Haruka “SUZUKA!” Aki yelled as she stood in front of Haruka as Suzuka was shaking as sweat was coming from her forehead. “WHO!” Suzuka yelled as she raised her voice to high pitch. Then Moa was hinting towards the pistol in her pocket as Suzuka reacted. She held the trigger as the sound of typewriting. Moa’s body shook fast. Blood sprayed from the 21 holes implanted in her. Blood stained and covered the front entrance.

Aki reacted as she slid and grabbed Moa’s pistol as she fired at Suzuka as she missed but got her cheek. Aki slid behind a pop machine. “FUCKER” Aki said as she shot blindly behind the machine. One bullet got her left hand as Suzuka lost it as she jumped on the counter and held the trigger. The sound of typewriting can be heard as food packages and the food contained exploded out. Then Aki did a matrix and fired as she flew sideways. Three to four bullets hit Suzuka in the chest and the left boob. Blood sprayed from the wounds as Suzuka was still alive as Aki quickly reloaded. Then Yui kicked Suzuka in the face as Suzuka grabbed Yui’s tie and slammed her jaw and face on the edge of the counter.

Teeth and blood sprayed on the side of the counter as Aki fired 10 bullets which all hit Suzuka in the critical areas. Suzuka fell down and never got up. Yui was barely alive as Haruka was already out from the store. Aki ran out and seen Haruka’s lifeless body on the ground with a switchblade stuck in her neck. Aki ran up the hill and into the woods and never be seen again. 

Held up in a manga store was Taoki Umaru(Girl 18) and Hanagaki Tonogawa(Boy 11) “We can stay here forever” Taoki said as she hugged Hanagaki as they kissed then Taoki tripped on a stack of new One Punch Man volumes. Then Taoki kissed him one more time when she felt a large prick in her stomach. “Sorry had to do this” Hanagaki said as he held a needle pin in his hand. He grabbed his bag as he walked out not looking back.

Just then Mikuru walked by the store as she looked inside as she turned and walked in the direction of Hanagaki as she remembered the lighthouse massacure with fear. After that she was so paniked that she did not even remorse killing her friends but she had to. For her own safety. 

Just then Aki Maeda walked behind Mikuru with a pistol in her hands as she pointed at Mikuru as Ichigo and Haruka walked in front of Mikuru as Aki had big eyes just then Ichigo’s former class partner Mitsuki Endo. “Mitsuki” Ichigo said “Aki” Haruka said as Mikuru looked around as this is the final showdown the final stand. Mikuru shot first that go Mitsuki in the side of her head as pink pieces flew from her brain as Aki fired her gun as it got in Mikuru’s back as Mikuru’s body bent back as blood sprayed from her back as Ichigo had a trigger finger as he fired as well. Aki and Ichigo both were shooting Mikuru at the same time as blood and guts was sparying from both back and front of Mikuru’s body her body shook with speed as Haruka seen Aki leap for the chainsaw as Haruka jumped in front of Aki as Aki shot at Haruka which got her in her arm.

“Fuck!” Haruka yelled as Ichigo without thinking pointed at Aki as Ichigo’s body was soon toppled over by Hanagaki Tonogawa as Ichigo lost it. Ichigo lunged at Hanagaki as Aki and Haruka was fist fighting it out next to them. Aki punched Haruka in the mouth as teeth and blood shot from her mouth. “Asshole!” Aki yelled as Aki roundhouse kicked Haruka but Haruka blocked it with her arm. Haruka flipped Aki over and broke Aki’s wrist. 

“AAAAAA” Aki yelled as Ichigo turned as Hanagaki slapped Ichigo as he flew on the ground and got up like Jet Li. Ichigo kicked Hanagaki two times after the other also like Jet Li. Jet Li was Ichigo’s master and role modle. So Ichigo twisted Hanagaki’s neck as blood sprayed from his neck as Ichigo was covered in blood. Aki body kicked Haruka in the chest as Aki was limping down the street.

Out of breath Haruka pointed the machine gun in Aki’s direction and held the trigger. Thousands of bullets implanted into Aki’s body as blood and guts spraying from her body. Aki’s body was shaking like a mental patient having a seizure. The final bullet shot through Aki’s head as a giant gaping hole was now in Aki’s head. Pieces of brain flew from that hole along with her cornea in her eye and some bone fragments. Aki was dead on impact. 

(Three Students Remaning)

Ichigo kissed Haruka as they were kissing for quite some time as they heard a weapon reloading behind them. It was Naoki Kato(Boy 5) as he pointed a Uzi at Ichigo as he said “Bye bye” Naoki said as he was about to pull the trigger. Then without hesitation Haruka fired the Uzi from Aki’s hands as Naoki’s body shook as blood and brain flew from the body.

(Two Students Remaning)

The Final Chapter

It was Ichigo vs Haruka as Haruka turned to Ichigo as they both looked down at their hips as they quickly pulled out two handguns as they both pointed the guns at each other sideways like a gang would do. They had a bit of staring at each other as they both had the dead eyes as Haruka was staring right at Ichigo as Ichigo was gripping on the handle of the handgun. Haruka then reloaded her gun while having it pointed at Ichigo as Ichigo did the same at the same time the cartrages fell with a CLACK! Then at the same time the same sound of CLICK CLACK can be heard as Ichigo smiled as it was now even more staring as Ichigo then put his hands behind his back actually one hand as he had the other pointing at Haruka. 

Just then Haruka shot at Ichigo as Ichigo quickly fired two rounds at Haruka as it both hit her shoulder as Haruka did not feel anything as she hopped on the ground as she grabbed another handgun at was laying next to Naoki as Ichigo then pulled out another handgun from his belt behind him as he fired the two guns. Four rounds both hit Haruka in the chest as her body shook as she was still alive. Ichigo without remorse as he jumped in the air as he pointed the two guns and fired at Haruka as all the bullets he had in his gun shot right through her back and the final one in her neck.

Ichigo then hopped down as he threw both of his guns at Haruka’s seemly alive body as Ichigo grabbed a samurai sword that was stuck in Hanagaki’s back as he seen the teacher Blink standing in the window as Ichigo sliced Haruka’s head off as he opened her mouth as he grabbed a grenade from his belt and stuck it in her mouth. Blink had a shocked look as Ichigo pulled the pin as he threw her head to a gas tank next to the school. A loud BOOM can be heard throughout the island as the school building exploded in millions of peices as Ichigo walked to the helicopter pad as he started up the helicopter as he flew from the island without looking back. The rode back to mainland in Tokyo.

The Year was 1998

Epilouge:Two Years Later

A group of students were sitting in a classroom as they were looking at each other as they both had collars around their necks as they looked around as the kid Shuya Nanahara looked around as he grabbed each other’s collars as they heard a helicopter as they seen a older man walk into the classroom “Kitano!” A girl said as the others gasped “Oh hello, actually you can call me Blink, and welcome to the new Liar Game “Battle Royale”” Ichigo said as he smiled as the students had shocked looks.

This begins another story for another time.

Remember these kids

To Be Continued in Koushun’s Takami’s Battle Royale



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