Acting Tough

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Sometimes you just have to pretend to be stronger than you feel.

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



Acting Tough


I’ll try and act tough, I’ll try and be brave,

I won’t show reaction to how you behave.

I’ll make out it’s good, I’ll make out it’s fine,

A way of just stalling, giving me time.

You’re not going to see that I am in fear,

I’ll cover it up whenever you’re near.

I’m becoming adept at holding it in

And giving no sign of the turmoil within.

I will stand my ground, not take a step back,

I’m acting out courage that I really lack.

But you know I’m weak, that I am not strong,

You can sense that I’m feeling guilt all along;

You’ll take the advantage, get in that word,

The one that you know I don’t want to have heard.

You’ll push your advantage and make me retreat,

But it’s only a stalemate, not a defeat.

The battle’s not over, just one round of many

But never has there been a winner of any.

It’s getting so hard for me to pretend

But I have to stay tough for myself to defend.

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