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Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



Tilly and I
got a bus
to the seaside;
it was her week off
of work
and I was off
for the day.

Did your mother asked
where you were going?
I said.

I said I was going
to the seaside
for the day
with a friend,
Tilly said,
not exactly
a lie that way.

I smiled,
but if she knew
she'd blow her top,
I said.

Best she doesn't
find out then,
Tilly said.

We watched
the passing scenery
from the bus window.

When we got
to the seaside
we got off the bus
and went down
to the beach
and lay down
looking at the sea
and the waves
rushing up the sand.

Shame we can't
get a room here
for the week,
Tilly said,
we could make love
as often as
we liked then.

Your mother would
get suspicious
if you were here
for a week
in a b&b;
with a friend,
I said.

Yes she would,
Tilly said,
she'd be down here
on the next bus
searching for me,
going to the b&b;
I would have to tell her
and see who I was with.

I nodded.

She smiled.

We lay there
for awhile,
then got up
and off to get
a bite to eat
at some cheap cafe,
wondering what
we would do
for the rest of the day.

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