The Hidden Truth

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Julia, a high school girl who falls inlove with her friend Alex and everything seems to be perfect for both of them.But as days pass by, Julia starts acting weird which makes Alex wonder what is going on until he discovers "The Hidden Truth"...

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



The Hidden Truth

First day of school, also known as the most exhausting day in life. Waking up early in the morning, forgetting 3 months of joy, excitement and adventure during summer and preparing for another 9 months of pain, torture and hard work. But that was not the case with Julia. She was the only person feeling fresh and excited for school, well every nerd would feel the same...

"HEY, HEY! LOOK WHO'S BACK, THE NERD," shouted Anna. "Shut up Anna, I'm not a  nerd, just a billion times smarter than you lazy ass." Julia and Anna were best friends since forever and knew every single thing about each other. "Well hello there.. Look at your hot husband coming straight towards us Julia," said Anna. "SHH.. You dumb, we're just close friends you already know that," Julia replied. "Wow look at you 2 pretty ladies standing and talking to me." "Alex shut up, can you not flirt for once please?" said Anna. "Well i don't really mind, it's cute anyway," answered Julia with a smile on her face as her cheeks started blushing. Julia and Alex met 2 years ago and started getting closer to each other as time passed. "I'm so glad that we just have 9 months left to get rid of this messed up school forever,finally!" said Alex.

The first day of school ended pretty well, Alex, Julia and Anna kept chatting about what they did during summer, he started cracking his usual,endless silly jokes which somehow made them laugh crazily. Days flew fast and things started getting serious between Alex and Julia. On a fine night after partying and enjoying to the max, he asked her to be his girlfriend.

"WHAAT?? NO WAYY, AAAHHHH! And what did you say back to him,?Anna asked with excitement. "Well.. I blushed heheh and told him yes" answered Julia. "Awwww, I'm really happy for you guys, may both of you have a wonderful life together," said Anna and they both went to sleep. Few minutes later...
"ANNA, ANNA, ANNA...Wake up!" cried Julia. "W,What's wrong?" answered Anna. "I miss him so much..." said Julia with a sad face. "You crazy? I thought something serious happened in here, you scared the hell out of me, he literally just dropped you back home 2 hours ago. Now shhh let me sleep!"

Like any other relationship, things work almost perfectly in the beginning, but then in most of the cases they slowly drifting apart and become awkward. For 3 days Julia have not spoken a word, called or even texted Alex. He started worrying, trying to speak to her, ask Anna about her, but every time he tried Anna just refused to speak out a word. Julia suddenly disappeared from school for almost 2 weeks without anyone knowing what was the reason. As for Alex, he spent every single night under the control of deep thoughts, stress and depression.

Julia showed up again in one morning and as soon as Alex noticed her, he rushed and gave her a tight hug."I'm really sorry Alex, but there were few serious matters going on within the family, that's why I wasn't able to talk to you.." said Julia quietly. "It's totally fine dear I can understand, but is everything alright now?" replied Alex with a worrying face. "Yeah everything is alright thanks a lot darling."

The next few weeks passed greatly but then Julia started not showing up again and came back with another reason forcing her to leave for a while. Few months passed and the same situation kept on repeated again and again. Alex kind of got used to it but eventually could not take it anymore.

"What is wrong with you Julia, you have been doing the same thing for a couple of months and every time you come up with some weird excuse that I'm supposed to believe, just tell me the truth please...What's going on?" "Alex, can we talk later about this please? I'm not feeling well." As Julia was about to leave when a hand caught hold of hers, she turned back and saw Alex bending down on his knees and saying, "Julia I've been waiting for so long,struggling to sleep every night, thinking of you the whole time...This all happens because I really love you and I want to stay with you for as long as I'm breathing...Did I hurt you? annoy you? are you mad at me? I'm ready to do whatever it takes just to make you happy. I love you Julia" "I'm sorry Alex, I..I just cant," replied Julia as tears flew down her eyes and walked away.

"Are you mad!? The whole school was looking at the way he bent down on his knees for you, not even 1% of the guys nowadays would even think of doing that you know..." said Anna with anger. "Anna, I love him so much but I can't just tell him the truth. No one except you knows about it and I cant simply reveal it..." replied Julia.
"Girl you should, eventually he will figure it out and you'll have to face that. So what I say is that you to get up, be strong enough and just tell him, and yeah we should probably go, class is about to start."said Anna as they both walked their way to the class.

Biology class was going on and it was usual that students there were bored, feeling sleepy and very quiet. Sometimes the teacher felt as if she was explaining to walls. Suddenly... "JULIA!! SOMEONE CALL FOR HELP, CALL THE AMBULANCE NOW!" Alex starting screaming and crying for help as he saw Julia lying on his arms unconscious. Minutes later, the ambulance arrived and picked up Julia. Alex refused to stay at school and got inside the ambulance with her. He never left her hand until she was taken to the emergency room. Few minutes later Julia's parents showed up along with Anna and saw Alex sitting hopeless right next to the room waiting for any doctor to come out with some news. Anna sat next to him, held his hand tightly as she trying cheering him up. "She'll be fine, don't worry Alex,"Anna said with a soft voice. An hour later, one of the doctors came out. He told them that Julia is fine and gave them the permission to see her one at a time so Alex entered first. The moment his eyes saw Julia tears started flowing down and rushed towards her, kissing her forehead and hands.

"Alex, I was afraid to tell you the truth. The truth which forced me to stay away for weeks away from everyone, isolated in this place and then come up with silly excuses just to try making you feel better. Alex I love you more than everything in this life, more than my own soul and i always wanted to enjoy every moment with you, but reality is forcing me not to do that. I've been hiding this from you the whole time, but I guess now is the time for you to know before it's too late. Alex, it's killing me... I'm dying from cancer." Silence filled the whole room, Julia could see tears falling down his eyes like a waterfall as he stood shocked in front of her.

"Julia...why did you hide it from me? You know how much I love you and will always do, no matter what happens."  "B,But Alex.."  "Shhh, Julia you are my only forever love and I know that you are a really strong girl and will get through this situation. Just remember that you will always be my one and only...By the way you have to get ready because soon you will be my eternal love, my wife, my everything and we will enjoy every moment together, side by side sweetheart. I have to go now so that you get as much rest as possible, sleep well my beloved princess." she held his hand and squeezed it, " Alex, I love you...Please don't leave me." "I will never do, my love." He kissed her forehead and walked out of the room.

As he walked out, he saw the doctor in charge of Julia, looked at him in eye, took a deep breath and said, "Doctor, please cure cancer..."

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