Leaving an abusive relationship

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A quick note about how it feels to leave an abusive relationship thinking you got away and realizing that you haven't

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



There are many of us out there. By us, I mean "the us" that left someone we all know we shouldn’t have been with in the first place and just realized it way too late after losing too much of ourselves. So we leave we get away but in the end, we don’t do we? Depending on the amount of crazy we just left some of us never get away. Some of us are stuck, stuck watching over our shoulder, stuck having to close online accounts stuck in hiding. When we do have social media we have to use a fake name and hope that we blocked the right people hope that we won't be found. We lock down our account tight no one but friends can see anything and we think we are safe. Then one morning we wake up and we realize our own personal hell has started all over again. They found us... We don't know how we don't know who betrayed us or if they are just that crazy that they can find us no matter what we do. The messages start we block them the statuses start we block those knowing that they are still there not taking any relief just because we aren't able to see them but we know they are being written, In the end, our blocking amounts to nothing cause they go and make another facebook account they add us again they message us they post about us we try so hard to ignore it, we lose weight we look over our shoulder, even more, we cry we wonder again why we were so stupid to be with this person in the first place, we develop anxiety disorders, panic attacks , depression. We wonder why this is allowed in this world why are we allowed to be targeted like this why will no one stop it? We see the news stories of girls killing themselves after online bullying it's all over the news "harsh anti -bullying laws" are apparently everywhere but does anything happen? People hear these news stories they stand up to fight then forget and move on, and us the ones being targeted are left to deal with the problems, the everyday panic, the stress, and pain. Finally, we give up we close our accounts again we know this doesn't make it go away. No cause they usually still find out our phone number, they get cozy with anyone that we talk to, they find out where we live, We think we can get a protection order that will help us, But this would be our second or third one now they have gotten smarter they have learned what they can and cannot say what they can and cannot do what can get them in trouble and what they can do to teeter on the edge of not crossing that line.We try any way we are told what you need is a prevention order go to court and get one... Where are we now? Stuck helpless cause we don't have the time or the money to hire ourselves a lawyer that in the end can't help you with online harassment unless the harasser admits that they wrote the comments themselves. Did you know that? That almost everything online you can get away with if you refuse to admit that you yourself posted it... We try a new account a new fake name we think we are safe and the circle repeats itself. We are found agian.. our hell has returned, Now there are those out there that say we are exaggerating that say a social media site for example facebook is against bullying it has high standards to keep people feeling safe, it's a lie countless times people like us have reported them their numerous fake accounts their posts written about us and what has facebook done for us?
" we have reviewed your report and it doesn't go against our community guidelines thank you for reporting we take reports very seriously.... blah blah etc etc "
Social media is an unsafe place for people like us. Facebook is a great place for anyone wishing to emotionally harm another human being all you have to know is how to correctly put your wording and your safe to harass and abuse another day

What I say to all of "the us" out there the us that read this and slightly tear up and feel that twisting turning nervous feeling in your stomach... You are not alone there are many of us out here suffering each day, wishing that the next day will be better that someone will finally just give up and leave them alone

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