Climate Change

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Talking about Climate Change....

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



You’re all going to die! Nah, I’m just kidding. Well, not anymore. I’m serious now. Climate change is happening whether you think it is or not. We must do something about this as soon as possible. Life will be a lot harder if we have Global Warming. Here is why.

 First of all, the Earth has reached its highest temperature point in 136 years. That’s really crazy. If this continues, our polar ice caps will melt. And where does that lead us to? Some species will go extinct. Think about all of the animals that could die. Not only that, but it means that there will be way more flooding, and it will cause our coastal cities to flood. Lots of people will lose their lives, homes, friends, and jobs. Global warming is a very huge problem and we have to work together to get rid of it.

 Did you know that this July was a substantial .18 degrees warmer than the previous hottest July in 2011? So guess what, if this continues, our crops won’t be able to grow. Crops can not grow when it is extremely hot. And if it comes to that, our resources and crops will become way more expensive. Then, way more crime will happen because everyone needs to eat and drink. Plus, there has already been flooding in Maryland and record flooding in China because of the heat. According to the article, “each month just gives another data point that makes the evidence stronger that we’re changing the climate’ (1). For example, this July was 1.51 degrees above the long term average. That average includes the years between 1951 and 1980. Believe it or not, at some points part of the arctic were 7 degrees above the average. So basically, most of the planet's land and ocean was warmer than normal in July. Global warming really ruins our lives.

 “The planets temperature has steadily risen in the atmosphere, according to the Washington Post (2). Temperatures have recently increased, setting record highs two years in a row, in 2014 and 2015. There is a 99% chance that 2016 will become the hottest year on record. There are ways that we can help prevent pollution though. Instead of driving a car, ride a bike, skateboard, run, or just walk. It not only helps the environment, but you also get exercise while doing it. Not only doing that will help us getting rid of Global Warming. We use many fossil fuels. If we reduce the amount we use, it will greatly help us to getting rid of global warming. We also have to stop littering. Throw away your trash. Recycle. We have to end global warming!

 In conclusion, we have to end pollution. All of these reasons help us to understand that it needs to come to an end. Global warming ruins our lives. If we don’t do something about it, say goodbye to our world.

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