Teddy Bear

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A teddy bear tells the story of someone to who he has been given as a gift to.

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016



So here I lay, alone  gathering dust in a desolate attic. Alone with my memories. Yes, I still remember it that day. The day we had met.
He had taken me with him. Your eyes filled with tears when you saw him arriving. You kissed and hugged.  But no-one expected  what was yet to happen. You were already a few weeks together, but had known each other for some time. Having said goodbye, you took me with you. You took me to your room and we stayed there all night. You looked so happy. You were smiling the whole evening. You constantly blushed and smiled when he sent a text message. I remember the days when you took him to your room together to talk about anything  you talked deep into the night and fell asleep in each other's arms. I saw it on your faces that you both were happy. You both fell asleep  with a smile on your faces, usually he awoke somewhere in the middle of the night, he usually took the blankets to cover you and just as he was about to cover you,  he looked at you and smiled, "you're the best thing that has ever happened to me "he would whisper in your ear," I will forever protect you from evil, just so that you can be happy. " then he covered the two of you with the blanket and held  you tightly, but still soft enough for you to not awake,  as if there was someone that  wanted to steal you from him. Do you remember that night, when there was a clear sky and you lying with your head on his chest had fallen asleep watching the stars together? I can still see it before me, the expression on his face describing how much  he enjoyed it and how he carried you inside and put you in bed. I still see him leaving a card next to me and putting a chain around my neck. On that necklace hung a locket in the shape of a heart. A heart on which was written 'my dearest' and inside  it was a picture of you two together that read on which was written "forever I will protect you from evil, just for your happiness," and then he lay down next to you. Around 8:00 he woke up and left the room. I could smell that he was busy in the kitchen. When you woke up, somehow instinctively you looked at me and stood up, came to me and took the necklace off my neck and opened the locket. After you had read it your eyes sparkled with the sunlight. When he came in with your breakfast and said 'happy birthday' ( it was your 22nd birthday, that you had apparently forgotten) you looked dumbfounded. He put down the tray with your breakfast and came up to you to give you a hug for your birthday and when you finally realised what was happening and all that he had done (the gift, the necklace, breakfast, ...) for your birthday, you flew into his arms. Surprised by the intensity on which you flew onto him you both fell together onto the floor and started the most passionate kiss ever seen. Yes, you were probably the best couple in the world, even though sometimes you had a fight ( but always found a way to settle the argument). Others would have never found a solution to their relationship problems, but you both figured it out and each time your relationship would grow stronger and stronger.

 I remember that night when it all came to an end. The beautiful song had ended and gave way to the blues. The doorbell rang, you had been up all night waiting for him, you were happy when you heard the bell as you thought the it was him ringing it. You opened the door and I heard you talking to someone. When you came back were your eyes were filled with tears. You lay down on your bed face down into the pillows where he usually lay and started to cry. You kept asking  why.  You stayed in bed a couple of days weeping until you realized that your behavior was not how he would have had wanted it. You pulled yourself a bit together, got dressed and went to dinner and took me with you. The place where we went was where he had taken you out the on the very first date. It was in a park you sat down on one of the benches. And cried a little. The people passed without looking as you sat there on that bench crying for a couple of hours. I would have loved to hug you, but I couldn’t , I just couldn’t.
The next day you were dressed completely in black and after breakfast you took me again with you. We got in your car. When we had arrived you took a deep breath and we got out. You sat down on one of the chairs in front of the coffin and you stayed there long after the coffin was put into the ground. Then we got back in to the car. When you talked to me you knew I could not answer, and yet you said: "You're the last thing I have left of him, and I'll protect you forever from evil just because he now resides in you. "As you said that you did not see the truck coming from the right until it was too late to brake. And then everything went quickly. I see you laying there in the hospital, suffering. I was still soaked with blood and I saw how you depended on your life support system. I told you, even though I knew that you still couldn’t hear me, that it wasn’t  for me that you had to keep fighting, I told you to go where your heart belonged. And I think you heard me, because after I had spoken those words, there was a long beep. And even though people had tried to get you back, you were living with him happily together somewhere that a mortal soul would never find . And here I lay in the attic gathering dust. Downstairs your parents and family are still mourning. They have just brought me here. I the symbol of your love, the teddy bear that you had received on valentine.

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