The 3 Black Cats

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Battle Time

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



Chapter 2

Battle Time


It’s breakfast time and we are eating my favorite cat treats that we bought last night.


“These are cool. I like the shapes,” said Star.


“Yeah, Stormy. Good choice,” Misty said, “they’re good.”


After breakfast, I wanted to practice using my powers by having a battle. I asked Misty and Star if they wanted to and they both said they did. We went over to our battlefield, and we got in position. Our battlefield is very special. It makes it so we can’t get hurt even if we did get hit.


The way to win is to get as many hits as you can on the other players before the timer goes up. There is 2 minutes on the timer.


“Stormy, you can count down this time,” said Misty.


“Cool, thanks. We can start when I say go. 1… 2… 3… Go!” I yelled.


And we were off. Misty immediately turned invisible, snuck up behind Star, and got 3 hits off her. Star tried to dodge that by running faster than her. I teleported everywhere, just like lightning, and made rain over them and got them wet. That made it so they walked slower. Star ran as fast as she could at me but I dodged it by teleporting behind her and getting 5 hits off her. Next, Star ran really fast at Misty. Misty tried to dodge it but she was too late and Star got 2 hits off her. Then the timer went up. The game was over and I had won.


“Nice job, Stormy! You won!” Star yelled as we left the battlefield.



“You did great out there, Stormy,” said Misty.



“Thank you!” I replied to both of them.


Now, since the battle was over, it was time to do something else. I asked what we were doing tomorrow…


“What are we doing, tomorrow?”


“Well, it’s a surprise. I’m going to have to wake you up a little earlier than normal tomorrow, okay?” she asked.


“Okay, fine with me.


Then we all walked away to go do something else.

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