The 3 Black Cats

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Finding Stormy

Submitted: October 29, 2016

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Submitted: October 29, 2016



Chapter 7

Finding Stormy!


  “Look! A note!” Star yelled, “the robot must have dropped it when it was malfunctioning.”


Misty picked it up and said, “It’s instructions.”

“Instructions to what?”


“Gina’s castle?”


“What is Gina’s castle?”


“I think that is where the robot lives. Ha ha! It needs instructions to get to its own house.”


“Well, if that is true, then we need to go save Stormy!”


They followed the instructions and they found Gina’s castle. They snuck in past the guards and saw me. They saw that I was in a cage.


“Stormy,” Misty whispered, “Me and Star are here to save you, but we have to get out of here, quick.”


“Shhh,” I said, “there are robots all around me. You two are just going to have to fight them without me, ok?”


“Got it,” Star and Misty whispered at the same time. Then, they quietly tiptoed into the room. They were behind the robots.


“Wait,” whispered Star, “Stormy, you can use your lightning bolt power from behind the bars, right?”


“Oh, yeah! I can!”


“Shhh,” said Misty.


One of the robots heard me and turned to face me and said, “What did you say?”


“Sorry, I was talking to myself,” I lied.


Then, the robot saw Star and Misty out of the corner of his eye. Then he yelled, “Hey! You two aren’t supposed to be here!”


“What? I wasn’t expecting any visitors,” said Gina as she walked into the room, “Oh, hello there, Misty and Star. Looks like I don’t have to search for you anymore.”


“So, you're Gina! Why did you kidnap our sister!” yelled Star.


Before Gina could answer, Misty and Star used their powers to take out all of the robots. I helped by using my lightning bolts.


“What the! How did you guys do that?” Gina asked.


“All three of us together is pretty powerful. You just saw that for yourself,” I said. Gina just stood there shocked.


Then, Star and Misty busted me out of the cage and I teleported us all home. Then I said, “Ahh, it is nice to be home. Thank you, sisters.”

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