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this is a book about funny things. Is it really funny, or is it just cringe worthy? That is for you to find out

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016




Chapter One


Hello my name is Jacob.  I bet you came into this story because you were wondering if it were even funny.  Is that true?  I think it's true.  Now in this book there will be a story.  The story will be based on my life.  Not the sad times and not even the happy times.  Just the funny times.  So one day I was going to school and I saw Benny trip, and I decided to help him up.  When he got up he told me that he would pay me with a joke and the joke was...

he said he would tell me later.

So I left you on a cliffhanger did I?  Well this was the most intense cliffhanger you have ever seen right?  Wrong.  That was the worst cliffhanger ever made in the history of booksie.  So I shall now go on.  You know the squiggly things in the movies when someone enters a dream?  Well pretend that is happenning right now.

(harp playing and squiggly lines squiggling.)

and the joke was "your life", said Benny.  And then Benny ran over to his petty low math class.  "Did Benny think that was a funny joke?"  I thought to myself.  "because that was just sad".


Chapter Two


The next day I went to go to the lost and found because the previous day I lost my wallet.  When I looked in the lost and found, I could not find it.  Then I thought "this is college."  I thought.  "no oen would return a wallet full of money."   The only solution was to go through everything I did that day.  


Well right now in the story you are propalbly thinking that I am going to run through everything that happened yesterday.  Well I am not.  I am just going to tell you about benny again because... well that is the only thing that I told you about in the previous chapter.  Sorry for the inturruption.  Back to the story. Oh ya and did I tell you that... JK I would'nt do that to you.  Once again, back to the story.


I thought of when I helped Benny up because that was the first thing that I did that day.  I went to the once agoin petty low math class and found Benny there being taught by Mr. Sandwich.  I pulled Benny out of the class and pressed him against the nearest wall.  "Did you steal my wallet?"   I asked.  He said "no I just borrowed it to buy some things at hte local Toys R Us.  I laughed and said tell me what you really did with the money in my wallet.  He stared at me and said, "whats so funny?"  I said, "wait you're not joking?"  "No i'm not.  I got some sick barbie and ken dolls."  Said Benny.  " This is rediculous."  I thought.


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