The Tenth Finger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A demonic force destroys a family through a body of a puppet.

Part I of the Hell Emissary series

Submitted: October 12, 2016

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Submitted: October 12, 2016




Amy rushed towards the stall, in love with what she saw.

“A puppet! Mummy, Mummy! Can I have him? Please?” she screamed.

Engrossed in another stall, her mother didn’t notice at first but when Amy kept screaming and bugging her, she finally took notice.

“Hmm? Oh, how cute, a puppet. Fine sweetie, you can have him. But only if you promise not to be rough with him, Especially since it’s only got 9 fingers.”

“It does? Oh, Don’t worry Mummy, he’ll be fine.” said Amy. Amy’s mum handed over the money to the man minding the stall and handed the puppet to Amy.

“I shall name him Nobert.” she proclaimed.


The dark force within the fabric body stirred, it knew. The tenth finger was near.


When Amy and her mother made it home, Amy’s father was waiting for them. Bursting in through the door, Amy cried:

“Daddy, Daddy, look what Mummy bought me!”

Her dad scooped her up into his arms and inspected the puppet.

“How cute! You can make this things dance you know. By pulling the strings. I can teach you how later. How much did you bug Mummy this time?”

“Not that much” Amy replied. “Unfortunately he’s missing a finger.”

“I can fix that tomorrow.” Amy’s mum replied. “If you leave him out here in the living room overnight, there will be no way I will forget. Ok?” Amy nodded profusely and jumped out of her father’s arms to give her mother a big hug. “Thanks Mum” she said softly.

“Anytime, munchkin” came the reply.


Perfect, it thought. Another family to destroy.


After the mood had settled down and Amy had gone to bed, the atmosphere in the house changed. Amy was the first to notice. As she struggled to get to sleep, she heard a soft pit-pat sound outside her door. What came next was frightening. Nine short taps on her door. No more, no less. She had no idea what was coming next.


The taps are part of the process. With the new dawn, the death begins.


Amy woke a little later than usual only to find her mother out to buy a needle and thread to sew a replacement finger on the puppet. After a while, having a bit of practice with moving the puppet with the strings, there was a knock on the door. Amy’s dad answered it only to find a police officer standing there. Amy couldn’t hear the conversation but the expression on her dad’s face change from its usual happy state to sad. The police officer left and Amy’s dad walked towards her with tears streaming down his face. He sat down on the couch and held his face in his hands.


Intrigued, Amy put down the puppet and sat on the couch next to him.

“What’s the matter Daddy?” she asked. “Where’s Mummy?” Her father was slow to respond.

“M-Mum-Mummy’s dead. She was hit by a drunk driver when she...when she was coming out of the store. She…the ambulance was too late… She’s dead.” Tears started to roll down Amy's face.

“So Mummy’s gone to heaven?” Amy asked.

“Yes munchkin. Mummy’s gone to heaven.” He then reached over and pulled Amy in close and they sat there for a long time.


Yes, heaven. The dark force swirled in the puppet, feeding of the two humans pain.


While they were sitting there, the puppets painted mouth started to shift into a more sinister grin and its eyes briefly flashed red, unseen by anyone.


The next few weeks went fast for Amy. Her mother's funeral came and went. Relatives stayed and offered their prayers. But Amy took no notice. All she wanted was her mummy.


Nobert was a comfort to Amy in this time. His smile seemed to make everything that was bad go away. She played with him regularly, Nobert knew how to cheer her up. For her dad, this was a tad disturbing, something about that grin.


The little one liked him. This intrigued the darkness as he bided his time.


One night, a month after her mother’s funeral, Amy was in bed, restless, unable to get comfortable, just like the night when she heard the nine taps at her door. A storm was raging outside, causing lightning to briefly light up the room. She opened her eyes, she thought she could hear something. Like tiny footsteps. The sound stopped and she closed her eyes again. A few minutes later, a massive thunderclap sounded outside, causing Amy to sit upright in bed. But what she saw made her scream.


The lightning that followed lit up her room and splattered across her wall in a red, blood-like colour were the words: DADDY’S NEXT.


A scream brought Amy’s dad running. When he burst through the door, Amy was sitting up in bed, tears rolling down her face, pointing at the wall. Only there was nothing there.


The blood writing worked. The grin on the face grew more sinister. The male was next.


The next morning, Amy and her dad discussed what happened last night. Amy described a soft noise before the lightning lit up the room. They searched her room but got nothing. They also searched the rest of the house but also got almost nothing. Almost. The puppet had moved slightly. Amy left it in a chair in a corner of her room. The arms had changed positions.

“I think this thing needs to be put somewhere else, ok munchkin?¨ said Amy’s father.

“Ok” came the soft reply.

“Bye Nobert.” Her dad made the puppet wave as he put it in a cupboard under the stairs.

“I got to go to work now munchkin. Aunt Lizzy will be here soon ok? Be good” Her father said.

“Ok Daddy” said Amy. “Have fun Nobert.”


This prison could not hold him. He had the strength he needed.


A few hours later, as Amy was playing a game of Scrabble with Aunt Lizzy, a knock sounded at the door.

“Daddy!” yelled Amy and ran to the door.

“No, it’s too early” said Aunt Lizzy. When Amy opened the door, a police officer was standing there, just the same way as when Amy’s mum died.

“Hi sweetie, is there an adult here?” said the policeman.

“I’m the one looking after her tonight. What seems to be the problem, officer?” said Aunt Lizzy.

“I am sorry to report that the girl’s father is dead.” The smile quickly faded off the man's face. “He was killed in a random gang attack in the downtown area. I’m sorry.” Tears started welling up in Amy's eyes.

“Has he gone to heaven too? To see Mummy?” Amy asked in a small, worried voice. Aunt Lizzy put a hand on her head.

“Yeah. She has.”


If you could see inside the cupboard storing Nobert the puppet, you see the grin on his face turn more sinister, even fanged teeth starting to appear, his eyes glow red and a new finger start to sprout out of where the tenth finger should have been.


The death of her father, for Amy was all too similar to her mother’s passing. Relatives came and went. As did the funeral. All the while, Aunt Lizzy looked after her. Nobert faded out of her mindset. She turned to other toys for the comfort she needed.  


He had the strength. The end was here.


Aunt Lizzy noticed strange happenings around the house, like something was increasing in power, in force. Objects would rattle, like the knife's in the kitchen, flowers would spin in their vases and little red dots would appear on the stairs, directly above the cupboard underneath.  


One night, three months after her dad’s funeral, Amy lay wide awake in bed. Her heart almost stopped. Again at her door she heard the soft nine taps. But it didn’t stop there. After the taps she heard a deep, warped voice, just outside her door.


Amy, I destroyed your family


That was followed by small footsteps and the sound of someone rustling around in the kitchen.

The voice came again.

Amy, I have a butcher’s knife

By this time Amy was starting to freak out, looking for a place to hide.

Amy, I’m coming up the stairs

Amy was too terrified to scream. She scrambled out of bed, into her closet and gently closed the doors, trying to breathe quietly.

Amy, I’m outside your door.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. It sounded like someone was hacking down the door. A splintering noise made Amy scream.

Amy, I’m in your bedroom. Where are you?


Whimpering, Amy tried to cover herself up in clothes but as she did, the closet doors started to creak open. Standing there was Nobert, with a blood-stained butchers knife in his good hand.

“Nobert?” said Amy.

Why are you hiding Amy?” said the puppet, it’s mouth moving in time with the words.

I got rid of Aunt Lizzy. It’s just us now.” Amy, starting to shake now, trying to find something behind her to defend herself with.

Don’t bother Amy.” said the puppet.

Come to Nobert.

“No, you killed everyone” she whimpered.

No. Not everyone. Not yet.

The last thing Amy saw was the puppet, her beloved Nobert, lunging at her, knife up, letting out an awful scream.


Amy’s uncle walked up the path to the door of Amy’s house with good intentions. He hadn’t heard from his wife since he left on a business trip and she left to look after Amy. He was also intrigued about this nine-fingered puppet he had heard about. He knocked on the door and got no response. Lizzy’s car was still in the driveway and he found the door was unlocked. He let himself in and searched the house for signs of life with no luck. But then he got to Amy’s room. What he saw made him turn away and vomit in the hallway.


There on Amy’s bed, sat Nobert with the butcher's knife in one hand and in the other, Amy’s severed head. And a full tenth finger on his hand.


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