Final Judgement

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A woman, driven by vengeance, tortures her daughter's murderer.

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



Final Judgement  

By Joseph Logsdon

Close to losing all sense of calmness, Mike continued to stare into the darkness, entirely unaware of his surroundings. He tried to move his arms, only to find them tied to a chair, useless beyond description. It appeared, tragically so, that the more he tried to resist, the more fearful he became, and the more fearful he became, the more he wished for a better life. Mike attempted to scream for help, much less successful than he hoped he would be, due to the fact that he was alone, in almost complete darkness, without anyone to rescue him. He started to breathe faster and faster, almost losing consciousness in the process. He pondered his predicament, not even remotely close to finding a way out, or even a way to prevent himself from succumbing to his immense fear. Absent of some miracle, there appeared to be no way of escaping.

Anna pressed the gun against his back, hungry for blood and vengeance. The gun was her tool, used solely for the purpose of intimidation, rather than for the purpose of attack. Anna tried to regain her composure, unfazed by the mixed emotions within her heart, which continued to edge against the very fabric of her mind, relentless to the very end. She looked at the floor, bereft of any type of sympathy or kindness, motivated solely by the need to exact vengeance upon him, her daughter’s murderer. Exhausted of all other options, she slapped him over and over again, insistent on gaining as much information as humanly possible.

“I could do it here, right this second, before anything could be done,” she said, holding the gun against the back of his neck.

“For the last time, whatever you might think, I didn’t kill Jenny,” he cried, almost begging for his life.

“You’ve lied many times, over many different issues and things, in order to keep me, a mother and wife, someone who wants justice for her daughter, who wants things to finally end, after so many nights of uncertainty, from getting the full truth. The night she was murdered, a night I would like to forget, there was a sense of doom within my heart. It spread to every part of my body, throughout my very soul and mind, virtually no end to its madness. It really does haunt me, even now, three months after her death, when things are bound to get out of control,” she said, anger in her voice.

“I swear to you, by all things decent and moral, that I did not, regardless of what my intentions might have been, harm Jenny. We were driving together, happy at the beginning, but in the blink of an eye, just out of the blue, everything suddenly changed. We argued, things got out of hand, and before I knew it, she was out of the car. I said to her, ‘Unless you’re planning on freezing, you should get back in the car.’ She turned away, finally stating, ‘I’ll never love you, neither in this life or the next.’ With nothing left to be said, I drove away from her, my heart utterly broken,” he said, tears in his eyes.

Unsatisfied with his answer, Anna proceeded to raise her hand in the air, only seconds from reaching a breaking point. She looked down upon him, sympathy all but absent from her heart, possibly even from her very soul. Filled with rage, she slapped him three times, three turning into four, with many other slaps just around the corner.

“Sometimes I cry and weep, other times I just sit and stare, stripped of all words. The things that you’ve done to me, this pain that you’ve stirred in my heart, will go on forever and ever, never to be silenced,” she cried, striking his left eye.

“Honest to God, it’s the truth,” he cried, clearly desperate.

Anna pressed the gun against his head, unstable in just about every possible manner, her eyes constantly moving back and forth, from almost all directions, to the point where everything appeared to be blurry, without detail, almost entirely deprived of warmth or feeling. She squeezed his throat very tightly, unapologetic in her behavior, as he started to scream for his life, his very existence, which continued to be attacked over and over again, several times without justification. 

“The next time you lie to me, for any reason at all, good or bad, you’ll receive a bullet in your head. The night she died, you decided to take her to a party, hosted by John Rogers, who was also my former boyfriend. You got into the car, the two of you together, and drove into the night. Not long after that, no later than midnight, her body was found in the woods, shot to pieces by six bullets, all of which came from the same gun. The gun was missing, gone forever, along with all of the other evidence. What happened to it?”

Mike’s lips started to quiver, a sign of nervousness that ripped away at his soul, not once allowing him to receive any peace. He tried to move his body forward, exhausted during the entire attempt, which only made it harder for him to gain any momentum. He didn’t have the will, let alone the strength, the brains, or even the courage, to fight against his restraints. He stared at the floor, bound by his commitment to destroy, if at all possible, the complete truth.

“For the most part, I’ve been telling you the truth, right up to the point where I pulled the car over, half out of my mind. We sat in the car, her crying, me trying to comfort her, for the purpose of calming down. At first, it was going rather well; that is, until that lady showed up, one gun in each hand,” he said, struggling to speak.

“Lady? What lady?”

“She looked thirty, possibly forty, with brown hair, blue eyes, and most of all, she had a tattoo on her arm, possibly the tattoo of a snake. It was rather strange, unlike anything I’d ever seen before, and believe me, I’ve seen some strange things. She wanted Jenny’s necklace, the one she’d been wearing all her life, never leaving the house without it. The woman said, and I quote, ‘That necklace is mine, all mine.’ Jenny, not being the most passive girl in the world, refused to comply, resulting in the gun being fired. She fired with no soul, without the slightest sign of mercy, until the gun had been completely emptied,” he cried, a tear coming out of his eye.

Anna suddenly crept away from him, unseen within the shadows, silently lurking towards the corner, where a small radio could be found. Mike began to weep, bothered by many different things, her gun only one part of various problems. Music began to play, music of the most brutal quality, its only purpose to disturb his very state of mind.

“Lies, lies, inside and out, nothing but lies,” she hissed, once again pressing the gun against his head.

“The police, with their phony tactics, their corrupt way of doing things, would’ve blamed me. I took her body, blood on all my hands, rain pouring down, and dragged it into the woods. I just left her there, pale as a ghost, worried strictly about myself, my own safety, instead of what was best for everyone involved. It’s the truth, the honest to God truth,” he said, completely breaking down.

Silence suddenly filled the room. There was a clicking sound, one which seemed so subtle, so weak, that it barely appeared to be a major issue of concern. Suddenly, not even two seconds later, there was a banging sound, its power similar to an explosion. Mike grabbed his arm, astonished at the sight of his own blood. Under a great amount of pain, enough to make any man cry for help, he screamed very loudly, furious at what she had done to him. Anna took a step back, one hand around the gun, the other hanging loose, fervent to attack him with brutal force.

“I could kill you right here, in this very room, at any given time, at any given moment, for any reason I choose. It would be wise, wouldn’t you say, to be perfectly honest with yourself. We’re connected, two sides of the same coin, eternally doomed to suffer the loss of the one we love. Now, the way I see it, either you admit that you killed her, murdered her without mercy, or you can die here, death and emptiness for company,” she hissed, seriousness in her voice.

“I’ll never admit it, guns or no guns,” he replied, finally turning his head towards her, clear defiance on his face.

Out of patience, Anna raised the gun in the air, both eyes fiery and full of contempt. Mike turned his head towards the floor, content with the decision he had made for himself. She felt herself squeezing the trigger, a slight hesitation still present, but as the darkness consumed her, no mercy could be found. There was an unstoppable anger within her heart, hatred of unspeakable proportions, which continued to manifest within her mind, within her very thoughts, until nothing but bitterness remained. The gun was fired repeatedly, mercy and virtue the least of her concerns. The bullets impacted him over and over again, six times being the total amount. Anna kept firing her weapon with passion, reckless passion that drove her to a very dark place, from which there could be no return. Mike gasped several more times, distraught as he choked on his own blood, before finally, once and for all, losing all life within his eyes.

The room was quiet, silent enough to hear the slightest sound, even the sound of an insect, or even worse, a spider. His body, currently limp, no longer active, remained perfectly motionless. She turned away from him, denial written all over her face, along with many other intense emotions, over half of which remained embedded within her mind, certain to be remembered for the rest of her lonely, miserable life. The world, formerly a very dangerous place, seemed brighter, while at the same time, the exact same time, there also appeared to be a lingering darkness. The darkness remained with her, in search of the perfect moment to strike.

Famous for interrupting at very inappropriate moments, the radio made its way back into the room, a deep voice coming through the speaker. The announcer, his speech dry and stiff, proceeded to discuss various topics, crime and assault being two of them. His voice grew louder, more vibrant, as he went through the various assaults that had been committed.

“Just yesterday, at around midnight, a woman, her name unknown, history unknown, identity unknown, all unknown, proceeded to rob a local grocery store. According to witnesses, the few who saw her, she had a tattoo on her left arm, later identified as the image of a snake. Should you receive any information about this woman, such as her name, her address, date of birth, any detail at all, be aware that she is armed, extremely dangerous, and has already killed several people, two of them in this very community,” he said, a great amount of authority coming from his voice.

Anna dropped the gun, twenty times more distraught than before. She gazed at his eyes, those dead eyes, anxious to receive some type of forgiveness for her many, many sins. She fell to her knees, guided more by guilt than actual regret. She had killed him without mercy, in cold blood, all for the purpose of attaining vengeance. She placed her fingers around the gun, one moment away from making her final decision. She gazed into the darkness, guilty for all to see and witness, with no possible way of escaping her fate.

“All the time, from the first moment, the truth resided in you,” she whispered, her fingers slightly loosening.

The End


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