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begin to fly

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



What you want to do!?!? 
I have sport's car's, jet's flying high in island that I live near by
 I can take you there, Let's go!!! 
See my friend these treasure's are stored in my miraculous imagery placed before you in formality I get what I deserve very fortunate
 Fortune is the Gold' that runs throughout this blood pouring out purity Poof! Like magic there goes the red dragon who wants to slay? 
Let's Play!!! I have many tricks one's you may know but you see my friend I am the true magician come come for all to see while I pull up and leave
 Leave you there looking where where you can't find me! Thought I was through when I'm way up there next to Ra where honey bees are flying by
 But I prefer the night, the evening news where I get down into this physical to show you how the moon is truly mystical!!! 
She gives me the sound to hear, the eye to look and the feel to know That's when the magic Begin's when you start I end, ending the night with a kiss in the midst 
I'm always there just 'fucking' everywhere nesting nurturing, communing Earth to it's true soil again.
 So the Cat emerges from my soul to capture every incident to be reported to Ra, night watcher eye opener gave me an assignment to open my portal to assist those who listen 
but hate I shall know not For I am formed out of love like magic, particles of the universe bringing forth something heavy hope you can afford to see it!!!


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