What Hides in the Light

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A young girl who languishes in a state of darkness, when she is suddenly thrust into the light and meets a young man claiming to be her lover. Is the young man for real, or is it all just lies? Will she be able to survive what the light hides within it?

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



The darkness enveloping me was cold, the coldest I had ever been, at least that was what I thought. I had been floating in this artic emptiness for what felt like my entire life, it was my past, it was my present, and it was all I could see my future being.  Seeing as darkness was all I knew, I was quite content to float in my solitude thinking of many different subjects. When suddenly I felt this warm hand stroke my cheek in what could only be a loving manner. At least that is how I took it, what did I know of love? I had never felt warmth before, yet it was so familiar to me, when it pulled away I reached out to stop it. But my hand merely passed through more cold nothingness, the warmth I had felt was gone. I must have imagined it, I told myself, surely in such a place as this warmth could not, and never would exist. Feeling somewhat sad I returned to my cold solitude and stared into the nothingness that incased me like a box with no opening and no direction.

Wake up…” a voice whispered in the dark.

Stirring at the sudden sound I called out who’s there!! But my voice did not carry far.

“Wake up.” The voice called a bit louder.

Turning my head around I searched the darkness for the source of this invasive voice, but of course I found nothing.

“WAKE UP!” the voice shouted, but it did not sound angry, it was almost a desperate sound.

At the third shout I felt again the warm hand, but instead of stroking my cheek, it grabbed hold of my wrist and start to pull me up. I could feel myself being pulled through the darkness, but instead of being afraid, I felt comforted. In a strange way I knew that wherever I was going was where the warm hand had come from, and I wanted to know where it was taking me.

It started to become lighter, the darkness began to melt away, the cold that had for so long pervaded my body started to become warmer. Suddenly I was surrounded by light, so much so that it blinded me. Turning my head away I started to become aware of objects now inhabiting this new space. Blinking my eyes to clear them I could see a small table to my right, on it sat a small vase of brightly arrayed flowers.

“Good morning, Beautiful.” The voice said again, as the same hand gently caressed my cheek.

Turning to face the voice I suddenly realized that I was no longer alone, beside me sat a young man, his brown eyes looking at me with a mixture of compassion and concern.

“Where am I?” I surprised myself with the raspiness of what I took to be my own voice.

The young man smiled pleasantly, his eyes sparkling with bemusement. He reached out with his hand again and placed it on my cheek in a comforting manner.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe now.” His voice was like smooth honey, warm and sweet. “You had a bit of a spill down the steps and were unconscious for a short time.”

Still unsure of myself or what was going on I found myself being drawn into his soft eyes and I felt safe. Relaxing back onto the bed I asked him again, “Where am I?”

Giving an amused chuckle, he responded, “You’re home.”


“This is our home together, we have been living here for five years.” He said.

Not fully comprehending what was going on, I just laid there with a dumbfounded look on my face. Turning my head back and forth I looked around the room, but nothing was familiar to me. I turned back to the young man when I heard pleasant laughter coming from him.

“You did take a nasty spill, and the doctor said that you might have some memory problems when you woke up, but that you should regain them within a few weeks.” He told me in an informative manner while he grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze.

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember who you are.” I told him apologetically as I scooted back on the bed so I could recline against the headboard.

He gave me a sad look and smiled slightly as he continued to hold my hand, “My name is Andrew, and I’ve been in love with you since the moment I first laid eyes on you.”

At a loss for words I just sat there not knowing what to do. Eventually he stood up and made for the door at the other end of the room. “I’ll go get something for you to drink and let you take all this in, ok.” He said before he walked out shutting the door behind him.

Now that I was alone I could study the room more in depth. The bed I was laying on was a simple spring mattress on a wooden bedpost with a headboard also made of wood. The walls were covered in wallpaper that consisted of pastel pink stripes and little blue flowers, it covered the entirety of the room except for the ceiling and baseboards that were painted a soft white. There was a small dresser facing the bed on the left side with a crystal vase containing dark purple violets, but other then that the room was quite spare.

There was a window to the right where soft light streamed into the room lighting it up as if it was late afternoon. As I was waiting for Andrew to come back I found myself drifting back to sleep, my mind trying to bring me back to the cold darkness this unfamiliar life had been born from.

“Wake up.” A voice said near me.

Opening my eyes I saw Andrew leaning over me, a soft smile on his face again. “How long have I been asleep?” I asked suddenly aware that the light in the room had shifted and it now looked to be late evening.

“Only a few hours.” He said in that same soft voice he had been using since I woke up.

“Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?” I was feeling a little disoriented from everything that had happened.

“I like watching you sleep.” He said as he reached out and stroked my hair before sitting down in the chair by the bed. Then seeing the weird look on my face, he smiled and gave a small laugh, “It’s just that you look so peaceful, I hate to wake you.”

“You know, you’ve been touching me an awful lot.” I came to the sudden realization, first the stroking of my cheek, then the holding of my hand, and then the touching of my hair. It was like he couldn’t stand not to be in contact with me.

“Is it so wrong to touch the woman I love?” he said with his ever-present smile on his face.

Putting a small smile on my face, I started to move my legs over so I could get out of the bed. But before I could go any farther, Andrew put his hand on my leg to keep me from moving. “What are you doing?” he asked in a concerned voice his eyes clouding over in worry.

“I just wanted to get up and move around. Maybe go downstairs for a change of scenery.” I said in a placating manner hoping he would let me out of bed.

“No.” he said forcefully, then in a calmer manner once he saw my shocked look, “You should stay in bed and rest. I don’t want you to hurt yourself again.” He grabbed my shoulder and gently pushed me back down on the bed. Then pulling the sheets up under my chin he ran his hand over my hair in the same loving manner he had before. He flashed me a sweet smile, “Now stay in bed and get some rest, I can show you around tomorrow.”

After that he left the room, leaving me in near darkness in the small room that seem as if it had been put together hastily yet in a strangely loving manner also. I listened until I could no longer hear his footsteps, then I carefully swung my legs over the side of the bed making sure I didn’t make any noise.  I realized for the first time what I was wearing, denim shorts with a striped short-sleeved shirt. What I soon noticed however was that there were no bruises on my legs or arms, which if I had fallen down the steps as Andrew had stated earlier I should have at least a few noticeable on my skin. Thinking back to when he had stroked my cheek, I suddenly realized that his hand hadn’t been warm; in fact it had been quite cold. And the first voice that had told me to wake up, I had just thought that it had been Andrew, but when I ran it through my head some more I realized that it wasn’t. True the voice had been warm and familiar to me, but where Andrew’s had been warm, it was not familiar to me. I now realized that this is not where I belonged and I needed to get out of here as fast as I could.

I heaved myself up off the bed making sure it didn’t creak when I did. I silently walked over to the door and slowly turned to knob, only to find that it was locked. Why would the door be locked? I wondered. Going over to the window I realized that I was at least on the second floor, but what was really interesting was that the window could not be opened. It was a single pane of glass with two wooden lines going up and two more going to the side. Now realizing that Andrew was not who he said he was, I was starting to panic. Sitting back on the bed I tried to breathe slowly to calm myself down, once I had accomplished that, I set about trying to find a way to escape.

Suddenly coming up with a plan, I moved the dresser away from the wall and took the vase off of it. I placed the flowers on the floor and then tipped the dresser over until it fell clashing to the ground. I quickly picked the vase back up when I heard feet hurrying up the steps to the room. Standing to the left of the door I watched as it swung open and Andrew rushed into the room. Seeing the dresser on the floor he quickly looked to the bed to see where I was, but before he could turn to me I brought the vase down over his head. He crumpled under the weight of the crystal, not waiting to see if he was still breathing, I rushed around the door and out into the hallway.

I noticed immediately that the rest of the house was not much of a house at all. The downstairs curtains were dark and pulled closed over the windows casting the rest of the room in deep shadows. There was a ratty couch sitting slumped by the far side of the room with a small coffee table in front. Other then that there was no furniture to be seen, the walls were painted a dark grey color that only furthered the look of gloom about it.

I raced over to the door, but found this one also locked. I quickly looked over to the window and pushed the curtains out of my way. Outside there was nothing but dark trees and dark roads; it looked like I was in the middle of nowhere. My heart racing I looked for something to break the window with. I had hardly turned around when I saw Andrew stagger out of the upper bedroom.

“Hello Beautiful.” He said his smile placating. Holding the back of his head he began to walk down the steps.

“Who are you and what do you want with me?” I tried to scream at him, but it came out in a breathless plea.

“What do you mean? I’m Andrew, and we’re madly in love with each other.” He said as he reached the bottom of the steps. He gave me a concerned look; looking every bit the part he was trying to portray, except for the now visible hysterical look in his once warm brown eyes. “Just come back to bed, you’ll remember it better in the morning.” His hand reached out searchingly trying to get me to walk back over to him as he was slowly making his way toward me as if I was a cornered animal.

“No. I’m not in love with you, and I don’t think I ever was.” I whispered loudly still not able to find my voice. I slowly backed away from him searching desperately with my eyes for anything that could be used to protect myself with. But there was nothing in the room I could use.

At my statement Andrew stopped his advancement and just stood there looking at me strangely. His eyes clouded over and he had a deep frown on his face, suddenly his head jerked to the side a couple of times. In voice as cold as the darkness I had awoken from he said, “You love me. I know you do, and if you just go back to your room and rest, you’ll see, we were meant for each other. We belong together, Sweetheart.”

He started to walk closer to me the same cold empty look in his eyes. When he was almost close enough to grab me I rushed to the side in an attempt to go under his arm and escape back to the stairs. At the last minute though he managed to grab the back of my collar and pull me back towards him. He put his other arm around my waist and with the first one he tightened it around my neck. His mouth was now close to my left ear; I could hear him breathing heavily.

“Let me go!” I cried suddenly finding my voice.

 “Shhh…” He whispered in my ear stroking my cheek with his thumb. “Why are you doing this? You know I love you,” his arm tightened around my neck causing me to gasp a little. “Just calm down. We can work this out, we’ll be together forever, you’ll see.”

Arms still around me he started to push me forward toward the stairs, as we moved I tried struggling but he was too strong. He managed to get me up the steps, but just before he pushed me into the room I summoned all the strength I had and kicked back with my foot getting him squarely in the shin. Crying out in surprise he loosened his hold on me enough that I was able to break free and rush to grab the vase that I had used earlier.

“You’re not going to leave me like the others!” I heard him yell behind me just before he grabbed my hair and slammed my head into the door. As I fell to the floor, my head spinning, I could feel him get on top of me pinning me down.

“I have always loved you!” He shouted as he slammed my head down on floor again. “We were meant to be together!” he started to rave, his calm demeanor vanishing altogether leaving behind a crazed monster.

As my head continued to connect with the floor, his words suddenly came back to me; he had talked of others. He’s done this to other women! Where are they? Are they dead? Will I die here, alone, not even remembering who I am? These thoughts flashed through my mind as I struggled to stay conscious.

He finally stopped slamming my head into the floor; in the brief pause he leaned over and gave me a deceptively soft kiss on the forehead. “Don’t worry, Sweetheart, I forgive you. Once you see that you truly do love me, we can go back to the way things were.” He whispered lovingly in my ear. “We can go on picnics in the park, we’ll get engaged under the stars, and then we’ll marry in the spring when the flowers are blooming.” He carried on, but I had stopped listening. The vase I had been looking for was lying a few feet in front of me. If I could get Andrew off of me and grab the vase, there was a shot that I could live.

Summoning every last ounce of strength I had left, I turned my head toward my attacker, “You’re right. I do love you Andrew, I’m sorry for trying to escape. I was just scared of the love I felt for you, seeing as it’s so strong.”

I could feel him starting to get lighter on my back, “You mean it?” he asked hesitantly and almost childlike, a crazed look still hovering in his face.

“Of course, Sweetie, I love you. I’ve always loved you Andrew, I want to be with you, forever.” I tell him in a placating manner.

I feel him finally get up off of me and I slowly begin to rise up, “I knew you did, you just had to see it for yourself. We’ll be so happy together.” He says gleefully like a child who got the present he wanted for Christmas.

‘I love you’ became my mantra to him as I brought my legs underneath me and stood still bending over at the waist. As he went on about how our lives would be perfect together, I quickly picked up the crystal vase in front of me without him seeing. Turning as hard and as fast as I could I slammed the vase into the side of his head. His head snapped to the side and his body fell back against the door.

As he crumpled to the floor, he started moaning and without thinking I slammed the vase into his head again and again. Breathing hard I looked at his prone form lying in the fetal position half in the room and half in the hallway one thought went through my head, I made it…

My strength suddenly giving out on me the crystal vase slipped from my hands to clatter onto the floor and roll off. And as my body fell to the ground I finally slipped back into the cold, empty darkness that wrapped me in soothing isolation from the nightmare the light had brought me.


~ * ~ * ~


I lay in the darkness letting it drift me along, time had no more meaning to me, it was as if Andrew had never existed. Here I was safe, no one could hurt me, and I felt peace envelop me. I could stay here, like this, forever.

When suddenly I felt the same warm hand reach out and grab my wrist and start to pull me up. Panicking I jerked back, No! I won’t let it happen again. I failed, Andrew came for me! Even here in my sanctuary, I was no longer safe! I screamed but there was only darkness to hear me.

Wake up!” the warm familiar voice said to me.

Suddenly I was awake again, but instead of being in the room with Andrew, as I had expected, it appeared as if I was in a hospital. And sitting next to the bed was not Andrew, but another young man who had twinkling grey eyes and a good-natured smile.

“Good morning, Clara.” He said, his warm hand lightly holding mine.


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