Keep a secret

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Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



If your heart is not in it let it go

If your feelings have changed let them know

If you wanna move on let it show

Don't let it grow or move too slow

When its done its done can't change the past or

Recreate the future to make it last

The more time spent planning your escape

Will cause your emotions to go up in flames and disintegrate

Every time they're near you wanna go far

Can't understand why they wanna be everywhere you are

Need a moment to breathe, airs getting too tight

Wanna elevate yourself and drift off to new heights

The frustration, the all builds up

You're running on empty because you kept your mouth shut

You failed to tell the one person who had a right to know

That you want out but are scared to let go

You feel the best thing to do is hold it all inside

You don't want to hurt them so you sacrifice your pride

You sacrifice your happiness, you sacrifice your time

But why, when it can be over in a few spoken words?

There's power in the tongue if you just make yourself heard

But you can' you won't...and you'll always regret

That you let your heart keep a secret

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