The Lolita

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

In Japan a series of murders have been taken place all throughout Japan by the name of "The Lolita" who at the end of each murder she writes a message locating her next target. Meet four characters who will uncover the truth about the murders or die with them! The end will make you fall off of the edge of your seat! Filled with cinematic writing and intense suspense will make the reader on the edge! Read this if you are a horror fan!

Part 1: Katsura

Chapter 1

“We have reports of several dead bodies in a island house in rural Japan. They appear to have been beheadded and got their insides ripped out. A message in blood on the walls said these excat same words. “My next victim is in Kyoto, Find me” the cops are investagating on the scene as we speak. Back to you Kito” The anchorman said as 17 year old Katsura Kato sat in the backseat of her grandmothers car in Kyoto.

“Katsura dear, how are you holding up?” The grandmother asks Katsura as she looked up at her. “Nothing, just texting by girlfriends” Katsura said as her brother Kyon “Yah lesbo!” He said as Katsura kicked his face into the window. “KATSURA! Why did you kick your brother through the window?” She asks Katsura as she said “He made fun of gay people, you stick up for people different from us, that what you said right” Katsura said as she smirked and continued driving. “Bitch” Kyon said as he rubbed his cheek. 

They arrived at a large house in the rural area outside of Kyoto. “What a beautiful sight grandma” Katsura said as she looked at the skyline of Kyoto with the temple showing behind the cherry blossims. “I know” Grandma said “Mokoto!” Grandpa said as Katsura looked as Kyon was playing Temple Run on his phone. “My god why do we have to move to the country and not back in Tokyo?” Kyon said in a sarcastic tone. “We are at least 100 kilometers to a big city so its not that bad” Mokoto said as Katsura stood behind as she glanced down the street. A lolita girl stood in the middle of the road with a rundown costume and a umbrella. “Funny” Katsura said as she walked inside and shutted the door. The lolita was gone.

“Hey grandma can I sit in the garden?” Katsura asks grandma as she nodded as Katsura grabbed a manga and ran out to the beautiful garden. Katsura walked under a tree as she flipped through Sailor Moon Stars manga. She felt wind around her as her hair blew around her as she looked up and seen that same Lolita girl standing under a long tree. Katsura stared at it for quite some time when she got a text from her friend as she looked back up it was further back. Katsura watched as the Lolita girl slowly walked backwards as she disappeared in the fog. “Katsura dear! Get inside there is a fog bank rolling in!” Grandma said as Katsura ran back in before the fog got closer making it impossible to see.

Inside Katsura sat watching Ouran Highschool Host Club on rerun. “God sis can’t you find any good anime like Dragon Ball or Twin Star Exorcists?” Kyon said as he flipped and stopped at One Punch Man. Katsura looked at Kyon as she just watched. The next day she sat watching all 20 episodes back to back. Katsura looked outside and seen the fog still lingering. “That is rare that Kyoto gets fog we never get fog” Katsura said as she seen a shadow in the fog. She seen a shape of an umbrella and a shape of a dress. 

Katsura closed her window with a thud as she closed the blinds. She was paranoid no doubt. Katsura never felt stalked not once in her life. She ran downstairs and seen no one was in the living room. She seen her grandma sleep walk as she seen her open the front door! “No!” Katsura said as she ran down the stairs but she was too late she walked into the fog. 

Katsura ran outside as she was now in the unbearable fog. “Grandma! Motoko!” Katsura yelled as she turned her head left and right as she ran as she seen a shadow run passed her. “No” Katsura silently said as she ran the direction of the forest. After an hour of running Katsura found her grandma laying on a tree stump. “My gosh” Katsura said as she felt someone pulling her as she was thrown and her back bent back on a tree branch. She was knocked out.

After waking up she was now in her bedroom she was stripped naked as she was chained to the wall. The lolita was in her room with a hatchet. “Who are you!” Katsura yelled “I demand an answer!” Katsura said as fog was now seeping into her room. “Find your family in 10 minutes or your life is mines” The lolita’s voice said as she was unchained. Katsura stood up her legs was wobbling. She walked from her room. 

She felt the railing of the stairs as she was feeling her way through the house as she was looking around. She was inclosed by the fog and unable to see. “Kyon! Grandma! Grandpa!” Katsura yelled as she was now on the stairs she slid as she hit her heel on the edge. “AAAA” Katsura yelled as she felt a hole in her heel and the feel of liquid on her hands. “Shit” Katsura said as she walked down a hallway as she seen red light. Then she seen a hand on her face as she was on the stairs as a voice said “Times up” The voice said as she seen her family’s heads on the ends of sticks. “AAAAAAA” Katsura said as her head was chopped off. “Found my next victim” The voice said as the bodies was left there.

“We have new reports on the Lolita murders apperentally the message was right she killed a family of four in Kyoto, there is a new message behind the disturbing head on sticks it said “Come and find me I am in Osaka” meaning that her next victum will be in Osaka, police and officals are going to Osaka to stop whoever is commiting these grusome murders.” The anchorman said

Part 2:Ringu

Chapter 2

Ringo Kinoshita was walking down a street in Osaka Ringo is 16 years old and a singer/rapper. She was inspired by Daoko her idol. She currently has over 12 million copies sold around the world including her smash hit song “Stalker” which is about her experience with stalking as a child. The story goes as follows.

Ringo was walking to an old shinto shrine in Osaka when she was soon meeting up with a creepy lolita girl standing in the shirne gate. Ringo was terrifyed as she ran back down to her parents. The lolita never has been seen again. 

Ringo was in the studio as she was rapping some sick lyrics as she was holding the beats headphones to her head “Come on boy lets get down with this shit, rapping tapping on my junk, that is what I call the flo” She sang as her editor bopped his head as he was tuning for the album called “Ghost” “Bye Ringo!” Her editor said as Ringo waved as she put on her animal skin coat.

She walked outside as she walked to her home with her parents. “Hey my star” Her mom said as Ringo smiled as she was dancing to Saikin from Daoko as she sang along as she grabbed her bento she had in the fridge. “Don’t come in my room because I am recording” Ringo said as she had milk carton in her mouth as she walked up to her room. Her room has a flat screen TV and anime dvd’s with manga along with her music studio comprised of a eletronic keyboard and a bass guitar with a microphone and a recording mixer.

She put on the headphones and turned on her recording as she rapped as she tapped the keyboard as a techno rap sound came on as she was now speeding up her words. But she failed to see the lolita girl staring at her through her window behind her. “Dama tokishiden sakin best buy” She sang as she turned and she jumped almost knocking her recording mixer on the floor. A static voice came from the mixer as she seen the lolita girl’s mouth moving as Ringo looked at the mixer and turned it up. Before she knew it the lolita was gone. 

The mixer still had the static voice as Ringo turned it up to full volume as it became clear. “I want to burn your house, I want to burn your fucking house” The static voice said “I WANT YOU!” It finally yelled as Ringo jumped back as her window flew open letting a blanket of fog! “Fog!” Ringo said as the fog was coming in too quickly! Ringo was blind of fog as she tried to reach for the window. 

Ringo was thrown back as she hit her back on the wall. It hurted. Ringo got up quickly as she seen a shadow in the fog. She closed the window finally as a loud scream can be heard around her room. She was blind she could not see 1 feet in front of her. “Hello” Ringo said as she rummage around for her flashlight. She pressed the button as she had some visability but it was limited. 

Ringo walked from her room as she felt the railing on the stairs. She knows the layout of her house as she knew where she was walking. “Mom!” Ringo yelled as a faint voice came from downstairs as Ringo jumped off of the ledge and seemenly landed on her feet. “Mom” Ringo said as she ran into the kitchen hitting her toe on the table. “Shit” Ringo said as she rubbed her toe. Then she felt liquid on the ground, hot, thick and gooey. Ringo knew what that liquid was. It was fresh blood.

“AAAA” Ringo yelled as she felt a hand around her neck as she was pinned on the wall. “Time is up” The voice said as Ringo was choking as spit flew from her mouth. “HA HA HA” The voice said as hands twisted Ringo’s neck. Blood sprayed from Ringo’s neck as the fog soon desepated. 

“Another murder happened from the lolita girl, this time it has happened in a less gruesome way! What is this murder intention to fool the people or make us play its sick game! There was a message in blood behind the severed head that is the very successful Ringo Kinoshita and the message said. “The rapper is now trapping in my sleep, my next move is in Chichibu, come and find me, you will be rapping on your graves” The message said almost the same words used in Ringo’s new single “Ghost” 

Part 3: Yukie Moriata

Chapter 3

Yukie Moriata age 17 sat on the roof of her school. She was sitting alone reading a shoujo manga. She looked out onto the skyline of Chichibu. “Chichibu such a beautiful place to be” Yukie said as she smiled as her friend came up as she was standing on the roof ledge. “Haruna!” Yukie said as her friend turned to her as she said “Lolita Lolita Lolita SHE IS COMING” Her friend yelled as she jumped off the ledge. After a second the sound of bones breaking and blood spraying from the body can be heard.

Yukie looked over the ledge and seen a birds eye view of her dead friend’s body with a pool of blood around her. Yukie vomited as she ran back out of the bathroom as she seen everyone looking at her. Such an embarassing glance people make. Suck assholes. Yukie then ran into her classroom and said “I am leaving I have a cold” As she ran back from the classroom and ran back to her house. She then seen a glimpse of a lolita girl standing behind a road sign. Yukie looked back but no one was there, “Typical jokesters” Yukie said with a smug tone. Yukie then headed into the old Shinto forest by the shrine. This is her hiding place when she skips school, no one comes over here anymore.

She takes off her bag as she sits and takes out a BL manga. She lays on a statue as she flips through the pages. Her phone rings but she just looked at the blink and she continued to read. Then Yukie heard a faint voice behind her as she turned but all she seen was blackness. Yukie felt a shiver on her arm as she slowly turned back and seen a little boy with a spear stuck in his chest. Then he looked up at her his eyes was nothing but black. “Behind” He said as Yukie then turned her head and seen a face slowly move closer to Yukie as she stood up as she ran back to her house scared.

When she got home her mom said “Welcome back, I am sorry Haruna jumped off the police and administration are investagating her actions. “Whats wrong you look like you seen a ghost? Is anything alright?” Her mom asks her as Yukie was shaking and shaking her head. Her mom called her theropist as she said “She is having a serious panic attack, maybe drugs but I think she is falling into some depressive state that may lead her to killing herself” The mom said as the thropsist nodded and he hung up.

A while later the theropist came as Yukie turned to the man “Yukie my name is Dr Kanno I will be taking care of you for a week, we just have some questions on where were you after school” Dr Kanno said as he sat on the couch. “The old shinto shrine” Yukie said as the mom was sitting across from Yukie. “Okay what else happened there?” He asks her “I seen a little boy with a spear stuck in his body and a face of a old woman appeared behind me slowly moving towards me, I ran out and I was startled to the point where I had a panic attack” Yukie said as Kanno nodded and wrote something down on his notepad.

“I think she needs to lay off the anime” Kanno said as he walked out and bowed as he seen a lolita behind him as Kanno started walking faster as he turned and seen the lolita was not there anymore. Then he felt a sharp object in his forehead as he looked up and seen a knife stuck in his head. “KEEEEEEE” The high pitched voice said as he spitted up blood. The lolita turned to the house and said “Sister” The lolita said as she started to walk to the front door. 

“Yukie what ever happened to Satomi she has been gone for a year now is that class trip still going on?” Her mom asks Yukie as she shrugged. Then a knock came at the door “Who could that be its fogging up like crazy!” The mom said as Yukie turned to the front door. “SATOMI!” The mom yelled as Yukie turned fast 

Part 4: Satomi

Chapter 4

Satomi Moriata age 16 was going on a class trip to Kyoto. Her sister Yukie waved to her as Satomi waved back and got on the bus to go to Kyoto. Satomi had many friends and couple boyfriends but she was a different person around her family. She had issues. She had a intense passion for Gothic Lolita Dresses and Gothic stuff she likes Black Butler and all goth things like Babymetal, Yusei Tekioku and Deadman Wonderland and also an american band Black Veil Brides. She had a pentagram shirt on that she got at a babymetal consert in Tokyo. The bus drove for three hours and Satomi started to get bored as she seen her friend Haruka. “Hey you bored?” Satomi asks Haruka “A little but not that bored” Haruka said “Lets do something crazy!” Satomi said as Haruka woke up as she looked up at her “Like what not making out that is plain gross” Haruka said “No scare everyone! I brought a dirty lolita dress that will scare everyone’s asses!” Satomi said as Haruka nodded “Get dressed I will be ready after you” Haruka said as Satomi was estatic.

Satomi got undressed she had the perfect body as she looked in the mirror, why am I so skinny I eat like crazy” Satomi said as she got out a brown/red lolita dress that was once white but she sprayed red paint and put dirt on it for halloween. “Perfect” Satomi said as she put on the dress and grabbed a dirty ripped umbrella from her bag as she put brown dirt on her face and lipstick. Then the bus jolted as she hit her face on the mirror.

The sound of window breaking as Satomi fell on the bathroom floor as she looked up at the window blood and pieces of glass was gone. Then she felt her face and pieces of glass was stuck in her face! Satomi was horrifyed as the bus turned over as it continued to do a tumble as it finally stopped! Satomi pulled out all the glass from her face as she had blood leaking from her face. Satomi then got out from the bathroom and seen the front part of the bus tipped over and dead students lay in awkward positions with different metal objects implanted in thier body.

Just then she seen Haruka no head as her head was on the road as Satomi put her hands up to her face and cried and cried until her tearducks stopped working. Then Satomi looked at the roadsign that said “Ikeshi” as Satomi needed to take revenge so she started her murder route in Ikeshi and then continued to Tokyo until she found Yukie and return home.

She arrived at a house in Ikeshi as she seen a family of four enjoying dinner as Satomi busted down the door as she had a hatchet in her hands as she grabbed the husband and gutted him out as blood and guts came onto the table. Then she beheadded the wife as she dug her fingers into her neck and wrote this message in blood “My next victim is in Kyoto, Find me” as Satomi slit the first boy’s neck as she seen a spear on the wall and threw the spear which poked a hole into the second boy’s chest and killed him istantly. 

At this moment she was called “Lolita Girl” as she continued to walk down the street until she got into the borders of Kyoto and seen a car drive to a temple next to the city of Kyoto. “Katsura dear can you get the bags” A grandma’s voice can be heard as a teenager by the name of Katsura Toki. “My next victim” Satomi said as she stood at the road to cause her fear.

Now lets go forward back to Chichibu where the final story begins and the final act of the Lolita Girl.

Part 5:Yukie and Satomi

The Final Chapter

“Satomi” The mom screamed as Yukie turned her head fast as Satomi walked in with the old lolita costume on. “Yukie” the voice was rasp but Yukie could make out the words “Satomi I thought I never see you again” Yukie said as Satomi took off the umbrella as she looked at Yukie with dead eyes. “Why did you kill? Revenge? Avenge? What is it! I had to go through a year of theropy to get my mind off of you dying!” Yukie said as Satomi looked at her “To avenge for killing my friends and Haruka” Satomi said as Yukie remembered her best friend Haruka who has been with Satomi all her life. “I see that but why did you kill all these innocent people who was not even part of it” Yukie asks Satomi as Satomi said “But they were, before the bus trip I looked up some intel on them and all of these families were part of the bus jacking ten days before the trip, leaving the part of they fooled with the bus to kill the kids making it an accident” Satomi said as Yukie looked away from her “Get the hell from my face” Yukie said as she was about to cry. “Yukie…” Satomi said as she was about to cry too “GET THE FUCK FROM THIS HOUSE!” Yukie screamed as Satomi cried as she ran out from the house in the rain.

“Yukie you don’t have to be so hard on her” The mom said as Yukie looked out the window as she seen Satomi run down the street as she fell “I don’t take kindly to murders” Yukie said as she closed the curtian and continued to eat.

Satomi stopped at the riverbank as she was crying as her mascera was running off from her face. Then she seen some teenagers walking with baseball bats. “Hey there is some fresh meat lets get her” The one teen said as the other spun the bat as Satomi ran back the way she came “Get her” The first teen said as she was rundown by teens as they wrapped their arms around her neck. Satomi was angry she was really angry. “Now lets get to buisness” The teen said as Satomi seen Yukie walking as the teen seen Yukie with a hatchet.

Yukie chopped off the guys head as blood sprayed on Satomi as Yukie chopped off the torso of one as she cut off one of their balls as cut their legs. Thunder rumbled as Satomi looked up at Yukie as Yukie was wearing Satomi’s new lolita costume. “Lets go sister” Yukie said as she held her hand out to Satomi as they walked in the rain “What happened to mom?” Satomi asks Yukie as Yukie said “She had a splitting headache” Yukie said as Satomi smiled “Lets be called the Twins of Lolitas” Yukie said as Satomi nodded.

The End

To be Continued in

Another time


Submitted: October 13, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Tomie. All rights reserved.

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