The red room of death

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this is a horror story about a woman trying to save a loved one from her psychopathic ex boyfriend

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



I stepped inside the red room of death and took a deep breath in; the room clearly hadn’t been cleaned since his last victim was here as the putrid stench of death was so strong I was almost sick! Seeing the blood splatters on the walls and the deep scratch marks on the floor sent shivers shooting down my spine! I can still hear their screams echoing through the walls; I can see the images burnt onto my eyelids every time I close my eyes! Their tortured bodies fighting for relief as he made the final step to ending them. Seeing the pure anger on his face made me wince. That part of me may be dead but it still haunts me every day...

I walked cautiously towards the bed and ran my fingers along the covers, despite the thick layer of dust they were still as soft as ever. It was one of things he prided himself on; the cleanliness of the room, I wonder what was different this time? Suddenly the door slammed shut behind me, I spun round to see exactly what I expected, it was him! He looked the same, a bit bigger than I remembered and his breathing was a lot heavier but I know its him. Tonight this ends for good!

“What are you doing here?” he yelled. His eyes burnt holes in my skin with how intently he was looking at me. “I told you not to come back!” I couldn’t help but look at it; after what happened I’m not surprised it’s shrivelled up. The rest of him looked normal; other than the eye he could blend in with the crowd but now it makes him stand out. I still look back on the days we would spend together in primary school. How he looked after me and cared for me, I think that’s why it was so devastating that he could have such darkness in his heart, but after what happened who can blame him?

“You don’t control me anymore Charlie!” My blunt delivery startled him. He looks as though I slapped him as he staggered backwards into the shadows. I’d never spoken to him this way before but it was clear he didn’t like it. He stepped into the light closer to me now, I could feel the heat radiating from him. I felt my eyes drawn to the eye and instantly new it was a mistake, yet I still couldn’t look away. He saw me staring and reached out and grabbed my arms, pulling me close to him. Fear shot through me as his fingers clung to my wrist, I tried desperately to pull away but to no avail! “I won’t let you hurt her!” I whispered he dropped my arms clearly started by what I said.

“hurt her?” he asked, “I’m trying to protect her!” The anger rose from inside me

“The only person she needs protecting from is you!” something changed within him when I said that. His eyes turned black with anger. He turned slowly away from me and paused. I froze in fear! His breathing was heavy. His shoulders moved up and down as he breathed. I leaned up to touch his shoulder but before I made contact he spun round, fist clenched and struck me! I fell to the floor and saw a distorted image of him walking away into nothingness.

When I regained consciousness my head was bloody and my body beaten. My hands tied behind my back and my feet strapped to the chair. I wasn’t in the bedroom anymore I was in his basement holding cell. There is a fire raging in the corner from the fireplace and his closet of weapons in front of me I searched for anything in reaching distance that could cut me free from this rope. I saw nothing. I knew what I had to do! I stumbled over to the corner of the room and fell when I reached the wall. I sighed in frustration at the chair tied to my legs, but regained my balance and turned round. I plunged my hands into the fire and screamed at the excruciating pain of the flames engulfing my wrists! I pulled my hands apart with force the rope broke and fell in a heap cradling my wrists as I recovered from the pain I was feeling. Once I composed myself I untied my ankles from the chair and stood up. I briefly examined my bruises and winced with pain and anger that I was once again in pain because of him. I ran to the door and yanked on the handle. Nothing happened. I pulled harder and harder but nothing moved. I turned to the cupboard of weapons and retrieved the largest axe I could find. As I touched the handle I remembered one of the girls he used it on. She was my friend! I was the reason she died! I told him about the fight we had, I was reckless and didn’t think about what he would do. The day after I told him what had happened he led me into the bedroom telling me he had a surprise for me. That’s when I saw her gagged and bound in a ball on the floor. Tears streaming down her cheeks and her body covered head to toe in deep blue bruises. I ran to her and began untying her screaming at him for his ridiculousness. He came towards me and tossed me backwards, re-tied the rope and then paced towards me. He clenched my arm as he pulled me upwards he spun me round and took some rope from his pocket and wrapped it around my wrists. He shoved me into the corner and told me that because I was so ungrateful I had to watch. This was the first time I’d seen what happened in the room. I knew what he did but I would never watch; the most I would do was bring in the weapons and even that would haunt me. This time I watched everything I had no choice! I saw the fear in her eyes and heard the banshee like scream as the axe plunged into her chest. When he was done with her he walked over to me and told me it was my fault and I would receive my punishment later… that was the night Rachel was conceived. She’s who is upstairs. She is who I have to save. She’s our daughter!

I bring the axe down heavily onto the metal door and am grateful that this room is soundproof. He can’t know that I’m free. I swing the axe down repeatedly until finally I can break free. I step out onto the hallway and rush silently along to the stairs. I hear her pleads from the bedroom as she begs for freedom. His deep voice booms at her to be silent and I hear her cries. This is it. This is the end. He has to die!


I creep up the stairs avoiding the forth step; that one creaks. I can’t make a mistake here if I do then everything goes wrong. I reach the door and peer inside I can hear my breathing, that means he will too. I cover my mouth to stifle the sound and step inside the door. He has a drink in his hand and is staring out the window, this Is my chance! I see Rachel curled up in the corner of the room in ball of tears. inside my heart is crying I rush to her side and start to untie the rope. I raise my finger to my lips signalling for her to be quite. she nods and I grab her hand and we head for the door.

 “it’s funny isn’t it - the weather.” He says to himself he continues talking about the clouds and the affect they have on people’s moods as we dash down the hall. He always had a fascination with the clouds. Suddenly the murmur of his voice stops. We freeze on the stairs.

“run!” I whisper we race as fast as we can down the stairs. It’s not fast enough. I hear the click of his gun as he loads it. We stop suddenly. “don’t move!” I know this tone. It’s over!  I turn to see his face; his eyes are pure black (well at least the one I can actually see is). The anger on his face takes over I can no-longer see a shred of humanity left within him.

“you won’t hurt us!”  Rachel says, her voice a timid whisper.

His face turns from anger to amusement as a sick smile spreads across his face “oh Rachel honey, how little you know about me!”

Suddenly there is a flash of light and then darkness.

Nothing but darkness. I scream for Rachel but no-one answers. I make my way to a cupboard close to me where I know there will be a candle and matches. I strike the match and light the candle. As I search for Rachel in the ever present darkness sounds of stairs creaking fills my ears and the sense of fear engulfs me. My candle was a whisper of light in a world full of screaming darkness. I creep around searching for some sense of safety but a slight gasp and a heavy thud stops me in my tracks. With yet another flash of light the lights flicker on and reveal my worst nightmare! A lifeless Rachel lies in a heap on the floor with a pool of blood seeping from her slit throat. An animalistic scream emits from me – a sound like nothing I had ever heard before. I ran to her side and cradled her limp corpse. Uncontrollable tears streaming down my cheeks. My heart hurts. I am gulping in the air yet still i can't breathe. My world a fallen apart around me and I did nothing to stop it. I look up at Charlie at the top of the stairs in a ball of regret. He killed the wrong person. I reach for the knife dropped next to her body. I stand and stumble over to the stairs. I climb to the top and crouch next to Charlie placing the tip of the blade against his chest. He stares up at me.

“Do it” he whispers soundlessly

“Rot in hell!” I snap at him as I plunge the knife deep into his heart. He gasps as it enters and blood fills his mouth. He gags and chokes on the blood before letting go and riding the world of the monster that he is. I stagger down the stair case and out the door. I can’t bring myself to look at her body again. I take a deep breath of the fresh air as I step outside. I walk to my car get in and drive away. I catch a glimpse of the house in my rear view mirror and flashes of all the horrors that have occurred there are scared onto my memory. I drive until I reach my house. I am filled with dread upon entering. There are pictures of me and Rachel everywhere inside. I don’t know if I can see her face again. I brace myself and walk inside. I see her face and the tears start again. I walk directly into the kitchen and retrieve a sharp knife from the drawer. I go to my bedroom and sit on my bed. I stare up at the picture of Rachel on my night stand. “this is for you Rachel, I’ll see you soon” I took the knife to my wrists and felt the cool blade on my burns before I sliced across both wrists. The blood rose instantly and began spilling out. I smiled as the darkness overwhelmed me.

I am FREE!


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The red room of death

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