Chapter 14: CYBER SPELL

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: All Star Story Writers

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Hugh was in fine form!  After Eemay’s explanation of the ghostly sightings, he had been both shocked and concerned. But, having now had chance to reflect, he felt positively triumphant. With my mental power and sheer determination, I am the only person to have defeated the Corridor of Fear. I will go down in history as the only true survivor.

“Prince Hughchube, do come in,” Vilelet invited. “How nice to see you again, and so soon.”

He handed over the lock of the small plastic bag. “Freshly cut by myself at three twenty five this morning. I take it you got my message giving you the cymail addresses you need?”

“Oh yes, I now have everything and will get to work straight away. Oh, except for your choice of animal.”

“I have decided on a Springer Spaniel.”

“Oh, are you sure, they can be quite a handful you know, terribly head strong and energetic?”

With his patience in short supply, he snapped. “Well, can you come up with a better suggestion?

“Let’s see,” she pondered. “As we are dealing with royalty, what about a King Charles Spaniel, they are nice and small and easy to control, what do you think?”

“Sounds fine to me, just get on with it.”

“I will send you a cymail when the spell is ready, and will then wait for your further instructions. One last point before you go, you will need to carefully consider the timing for delivery of the spell, think about when he is most likely to be alone, to open new messages.”

On the journey back, Hugh thought over what Vilelet had said. Like himself, he was sure that Scott would check his messages regularly throughout the day and evening, but decided that some-time during the evening would be the safest time for transformation to take place when, hopefully, he would be alone in his room.

As soon as he returned, he picked up the timetable that Eemay had given them on their arrival, which reminded him that he was due to attend The Royal Diversity Performance with her the following evening. This meant that Scott would have the evening to himself, and because his car was in for repair, felt certain he would take the chance to chill out in his room, catch up on some business issues, and maybe contact a few friends.

Yes! He shouted. While I’m out enjoying myself with Eemay, Scott will be in his room transforming into a dog. With Scott disposed of, the Princess will be mine!

At that moment, he received a new message from Vilelet. It read . . .

Spell is ready to send, have successfully copied the sender's cymail address, and will send the spell through via a message entitled “It’s a dog’s life”.

Brilliant, he thought, laughing wickedly. He will certainly find out soon enough what a dog’s life will be like!

Without delay, he replied to Vilelet, telling her to send the spell through the following evening at nine thirty.

She replied . . .

“No problem can do as instructed but only if I am paid, in full, in cash beforehand.”

That witch thinks of nothing but money. But I’m almost there, he thought, as a great sense of satisfaction fuelled his determination.

Excited at the prospect of attending the Royal Diversity Performance with Eemay, he decided to put everything else temporarily out of his mind. After another journey to pay Vilelet her fee and check that everything was on track for the spell to be sent through, he focused entirely on his evening out with his Princess.

He chose a cream jacket, white shirt with a black bow tie, and black evening trousers. After showering and shaving, he changed for the evening, glancing in the mirror to admire his reflection. His dark eyes smouldered, his tanned face glowed and with his perfectly groomed dark hair, everything about him contrasted starkly against the fluorescent whiteness of his shirt, emphasising his strong handsome features.

At seven o’clock sharp he confidently set off to meet Eemay in the Grand Hall, eagerly looking forward to the star studded event, and to meeting the celebrities personally.

He intended to do everything he could to charm her, and draw her ever closer to him.

Submitted: October 13, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Sue Harris. All rights reserved.


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Keke Serene

Hmmm, perhaps the ghosts have something to do with Hugh's accident in hindsight! I'm so curious.

Thu, October 11th, 2018 8:47pm


Keep your mind open, things are not always what they seem!

Thu, October 11th, 2018 1:57pm


Wow, classic Hugh, lol, more proud of surviving the Corridor of Fear than worried about the ghosts- typical!
And haha, obviously if you're going to turn a prince into a dog, you'd better turn him into a King Charles Spaniel... Vilelet might be evil, but she does have a sense of humor!

Sat, October 13th, 2018 10:33pm


Ha, I guess she does! Things are about to get really interesting!

Sat, October 13th, 2018 4:02pm

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