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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: All Star Story Writers

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I woke with my head thumping and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew that my plan would need to work seamlessly, for it to be a success. I stared at my tense, pale face in the dressing table mirror. Come on, you can do this, you have to.

My parents were already waiting for me in the Breakfast room. “Please Eemay, let me organise someone else to do what has to be done. I admire your courage and sense of responsibility, but I won’t allow you to put yourself through such a harrowing ordeal.

“No Pop, I told you last night that I would take him, and that’s what I intend to do.”

“Please Eemay, I really think you……..”

“Pop, he is my dog, and it’s my duty. I’m an adult with an obligation to do the right thing.”

He picked up his bucket sized cup of tea, and took a loud slurp. “Eemay, I’m only trying to protect you, but you’ve obviously made your mind up.”

I couldn’t face the thought of food and was sitting at the breakfast table quietly sipping a cup of tea, when Hugh came swaggering in, proceeded to pile his plate with bacon, eggs, sausages and toast and began shovelling it into his mouth, like a starving man.

“As soon as I’ve finished my breakfast, I will take the dog to the vet’s for you. It’s the least I can do.” he said.

“Hugh, I told you yesterday, and have already told Pop, I will do what I have to do as a responsible owner. It would be wrong for anyone else to take him for me, and that is my final word on the subject.”

“Why don’t I come with you, to give you some moral support,” he pressed, keen to witness the dastardly deed.

“No Hugh, I want my final moments with Icon alone, so please respect my decision. Besides, your presence would only upset him, and, in the circumstances, that wouldn’t be at all fair on him.”

A few minutes later I walked across the courtyard towards my car with Scott on his lead, putting on a convincing display for my parents and Hugh, who were all no doubt watching from the breakfast room window. I dabbed repeatedly at my eyes and blew my nose violently, before allowing Scott to jump inside.

After a few false starts, which sent me into blind panic, my ancient relic of a car, finally spluttered into life and I drove off, heaving a sigh of relief. As I looked in the rear view mirror I saw Hugh striding purposefully towards his car. As anticipated, he obviously intended to follow me, to make sure I kept my promise.

I arrived at the Vet’s promptly and led Scott inside.

“What's the name?” asked the Receptionist, consulting her list.

“It's Sonic,” I replied, deliberately giving her a false name. “I made an appointment to have his claws trimmed.”

“Oh, yes. We are quite busy this morning so you might have to wait, but the nurse will be with you as soon as possible.”

“No problem,” I replied, and sat down to wait for Pen, who arrived on time, as planned. For a split second I didn’t recognise her, it was only when she sat down beside me that I realised it was her. She looked ridiculous, a short black wig covered her silky golden hair, heavily framed glasses concealed her bright blue eyes and her face was free of every trace of make-up.

“Great disguise,” I whispered, as she sat herself down in the chair next to me, taking Scott’s lead from my hand.

I then went over to the nurse, who was busy handing out worming tablets.

“Unfortunately, I have to leave, but my friend here will wait with Sonic while you trim his claws.” I paid the fees for her services in advance and checked my watch, it was ten fifteen.

I pulled a spare lead from my pocket and a handful of tissues from my handbag, and proceeded out through the surgery doors and down the sloping ramp.

With the lead dangling loosely from my left hand, as if it had just been removed, I stuffed my grief stricken face into a bunch of tissues with the other. Walking slowly towards my car, I put on another fine display of uncontrollable weeping. Once seated inside, I continued with the pretence, my shoulders shaking violently in racking sobs. I deserve an Oscar for this, I thought proudly.

When enough time had passed to convince Hugh, who was undoubtedly watching from a safe distance, that I was struggling to compose myself for the drive home, I set off glancing from time to time into my rear view and side mirrors, for a glimpse of his convertible.

Back at the palace I parked my car and sent the ‘all clear’ script to Pen, before heading straight to my room with my face still buried in tissues, appearing suitably devastated.

Once in the safety of my room I took a red lipstick out of my makeup bag and gently dotted it over my eyelids and under my eyes, blending it carefully in with my finger

I studied my face closely in the mirror, it was perfect! I really looked as if I’d been howling my eyes out!

My parents were waiting anxiously for my return. When I re-entered the breakfast room, Pop strode across, embracing me tightly. “Darling Emmy, how brave you have been, your mother and I are so proud of you. Unfortunately, there was no alternative we just could not risk the possibility of another unprovoked attack.”

I pretended to be consumed by another episode of racking sobs, before tearfully agreeing with him.

Mum, as usual, handed me a cup of sweet tea, urging me to drink it up to help revive me from my ordeal.

Obediently, I sat down on the battered old sofa, with springs digging sharply into my bottom, to drink my tea, when Hugh burst into the room and plonked himself down beside me.

“Well done Eemay. Let’s put all this behind us, and move on with our lives.”

All signs of tension had melted from his face, his eyes sparkled and a relieved smile played at the corners of his mouth. I could not believe how blatantly evil and callous he could be, and I utterly despised him. When the time is right, I will get my own back, and publicly expose him as the cold, calculating evil villain he really is.

“Let me take you out for lunch,” he said. We could go for a nice ride in the countryside.”

“Good idea,” Pop urged.

The last thing I wanted was to have lunch with him, and, anyway, I had some serious business to attend to with Vilelet.

“I'm sorry Hugh, as much as I’d love to have lunch with you, I know I wouldn’t be much company at the moment.”

His face darkened. “Oh, I thought a ride out and a nice lunch would help take your mind off things.”

“Maybe some other time.”

“In that case I think I’ll go for a run.”

I went to my room, watching him from the window, as he set off at a brisk pace down the gravelled driveway, before turning into the track that led to the lake. I knew he was likely to be away for some time, as he regularly jogged the same route.

While he was out, I took the opportunity to contact Vilelet, opening my lap-tab and carefully composing a cymail message.



Dear Madam,


Prince Mycroscott of Excelsior has recently been turned into a dog, a King Charles spaniel to be precise. Investigations have revealed that a Cyber Spell, produced and sent by you using a copy of my personal cymail address, without my knowledge or consent, was responsible for his transformation.

Urgent reversal of the spell is now required, for which your immediate assistance is requested.

If you fail to co-operate with my request, I will have no alternative but to take legal action against you for:-

1. Breach of Prince Mycroscott’s Humane Rights

2. Unlawful use of my personal cymail address for business your purposes

I look forward to your prompt reply.

HRH Princess Eemay of Cyberia


I could not settle, my mind was in a whirl. I picked up my cyPhone and opened a script from Pen that simply said, ‘OK job done’.

Well so far so good, I thought. At least Scott is now in a safe place, well away from Hugh’s jealous, evil clutches.

I tried to focus my mind. I had to remain calm, and above all knew I must act normally, particularly in the company of Hugh.

I saw him returning from his jog, sweating severely as he made his way back up the long driveway towards the palace. I decided then and there that I would lead him on, flirt with him outrageously, and when he truly believes, beyond absolute doubt, that he is my Prince Charming, I will drop him like a stone!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hugh went straight to his room to take a shower. He stood under the fierce jets allowing the water to cool and cleanse his sweat soaked body. He could not believe his luck. Scott played right into my hands by attacking me, I couldn’t have planned it better myself.

As the cool water drenched his face, he smiled. It couldn't have been easier, he brought about his own destruction. It’s obvious, the Princess was meant to be mine all along!

Submitted: October 11, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Sue Harris. All rights reserved.


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Keke Serene

Eemay is so funny to me! A delight to read her working out schemes! :D

Mon, October 15th, 2018 8:24pm


Thanks, Stars!

Mon, October 15th, 2018 1:56pm


Hugh is such an arrogant IDIOT, the least he could do is at least show some concern or sympathy that his girlfriend had to go put her dog down (or so he thinks)! If he'd just let Scott be for a while and not made a big deal about trying to kill him, his plan might have actually worked, but fortunately for everyone else, he's got too big a head to think of that.
But, oh, what a great chapter! I was holding my breath the whole time. Eemay really saw to all the details, what with the lead and Penn and putting on an act for Hugh... she's definitely ready for the role of queen when it comes her way.
And now the email's been sent off to Vilelet- let's see what our witch has to say about the PRINCESS of the COUNTRY finding out about her scheme! (And if she doesn't cooperate... maybe Ted can buck her off again, or Drew and Ivy can show her up once more, lol!)
(Tangentially related side note- my sister and I drew a couple pictures to go with the pet stories, one of them was Ted bucking Vilelet off- did I ever send those to you? If not I'll look tomorrow (well, my tomorrow haha)(technically it's tomorrow in fifteen minutes... tomorrow when the sun is out lol) to see if they're still on my phone, some of them were pretty cute.
Anywho, all the plans have been made, the traps have been set- let's hope they work!

Fri, October 19th, 2018 6:46am


Would love to see the those pictures, Kathryn. Thrilled you're so captivated with this and found your musings between the two 'Vilelets'really funny! Still plenty of twists and turns to come!

Fri, October 19th, 2018 2:14am

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