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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: All Star Story Writers

Chapter 37 (v.1) - HUGH MEETS PADDI

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018




I had been declared ‘fit as a fiddle’ by Dr Jeeves and was waiting with eager anticipation for a script from Pen, clutching my cyPhone with white, tense fingers and pacing my room.

Why hadn’t she contacted me or replied to my scripts, something must have gone wrong. I went over to the window and peered out, chewing on my thumb nail anxiously.

A few moments later she roared up the driveway, skidding to a halt on the gravel surface sending up great clouds of dust into the air. As she got out of her car, I could see from her expression that something had gone dreadfully wrong.

Seconds later my phone rang. “Are you on your own I need to see you urgently?”

“Yes, come straight up, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“What happened, you look as if you've seen a ghost,” I said, hugging her to me.

“Not quite a ghost, more of a German Shepherd.”

“What on earth do you mean?”

“The spell has certainly transformed Scott, but not in the way we expected, he’s now a massive German Shepherd. Vilelet has obviously messed up big time and I came straight over to explain. I’ve left Scott in the Hotel room.”

I started to shake with intense anger. That stupid witch, I'm not surprised she messed up, her workshop is in complete chaos. All she’s bothered about is making money.”

“I think we should both go and see her,” Pen suggested. “But first we need to fetch Scott and take him - well somewhere. Got any suggestions?”

I racked my brains and then had a sudden flash of inspiration, it was just so obvious. “He can come back to the palace.”

“What do you mean? We dare not put him at risk of Hugh’s evil scheming again.”

“Well he won’t be at risk will he, because Hugh thinks Scott is dead. After everything I've been through recently, what with supposedly having taken Icon to be destroyed, and then my fall from Calista, no one is going to object to me taking in another rescue dog.

“You know, I couldn’t think of a better solution,” Pen said. “I'll go and fetch him.”

“I'm coming with you,” I said, reaching for my jacket. “I've just seen Dr. Jeeves, and he says I’ve made a really quick recovery.”

We arrived at Cyber Hotel and went straight to room 25. Scott was fast asleep on the bed, and I was shocked and upset at what I saw. A monstrous dog with thick black shaggy fur looked up at me with despondent sad eyes. “Oh Scott, I give you my word I will sort this mess out, just bear with me. It’s that stupid witch, she must have got the DNA samples mixed up or given Pen the wrong spell. Anyway, I have decided to take you back to the palace with me.”

Scott started barking manically. “Don’t worry, remember, my parents and Hugh think you’re dead, so no-one will be suspicious if I take in another rescue dog.

After the time he had spent at Baskerville Kennels, suddenly the prospect of returning to the palace in the big comfortable kitchen with Nettie, filled him with pure joy.

We made our way through to the reception area, and over to the desk to settle the bill and return the key.

Taking the room key from Pen, the receptionist paused and stared in disbelief, her mouth gaping. She was clearly shocked to see her with such a giant of a dog, when she had booked in earlier with a cute little spaniel.

As we walked towards the exit, she continued to stare in complete astonishment, her eyes as round as saucers, as she watched the enormous animal walk calmly bedside us towards the exit.

On the journey back, I gave Scott a good talking to.

“Scott, this time you need deceive Hugh, try to charm and lure him with a ‘gentle giant’ approach. Make a friend of him, so we can use it to our advantage. I know it’s difficult because of what he tried to do, but this is really important.”

He remained defiantly silent.

“Please Scott, I need you to do this for me.”

He then answered with one reluctant, deep bark.

When we arrived, we all made our way over to the kitchen. Nettie immediately trotted over and proceeded to sniff Scott eagerly. It was obvious she recognised something familiar about him, and wagged excitedly at having been reunited.

“Oh my goodness,” exclaimed Roxie, clearly dismayed. “Not another dog, and just look at the size of him.”

“He’s a rescue from Baskerville Kennels and he's such a big softie I just couldn’t resist him, and Nettie needs a companion, I know she misses Icon.”

“What’s his name then?” Roxie enquired stiffly.

I hesitated as I hadn’t thought of a new name for him. “I think I'll call him Paddi.”

“Well, I'm going to need a bigger kitchen at this rate,” Roxie muttered testily, hurling vegetables into saucepan like missiles.

Hugh came into the kitchen in search of a snack, and was clearly surprised at the scene that greeted him.

“Oh Hugh, come and meet Paddi, he's a rescue, and will be a perfect companion for Nettie,”

He huffed, raised his eyes to the ceiling and grumbled, “Whatever.”

Scott padded over to him and sat down at his feet.

“Aren’t you going to stroke him, he obviously likes you,” I encouraged.

Hugh reluctantly stroked his huge head, and Scott immediately jumped up, planted his huge paws on his shoulders, and starting licking his face furiously.

He pushed him to the floor, trying to wipe saliva and drool from his face with his sleeve. “At least this one seems friendly,” he said.

Yes!” I thought.

© Copyright 2020 Sue Harris. All rights reserved.


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