Phone Against Life

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A Short Story
By: Maya Vines
Ring Ring. There went the drab black house phone. In a blink of a second I was meditating about when I would get my very own phone. The phone I imaged was a saint with a pretty screen and the golden color of the inside of an orange. I walked over to the window and reflected on my cold surroundings.
I had eternally wanted a phone, and with my report card, I was sure to get one. I thought of all I would do, first, I would get all the social media apps I could visualize, then, I would be posting pics ASAP, finally getting a rewarding seat with all the popular girls. It was a thought that encouraged me tendency to feel sad. Why should I have to try so hard to fit in with the blonde preppy girls with their sparkling new iPhones? But then again, I could just picture myself sitting in a shimmer pink convertible with the top down, my hair curled and wind-blown, and of course, my phone and new advanced friends.
Then I saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the neighbor of mine, Khloe, sitting on her pastel porch swing. She saw me looking and glared at me and rose up like my moms pineapple upside down cake, slowly and gracefully, and progressed back inside.
I gulped and restlessly glanced at my own reflection. I was a squirmy, perky, tea drinker with brunette hair and braces. My friend Jyn eyes me as a calm daring person. Once, I had been dared to eat a petrified worm, and within a second it was gone. It's not a story I normally whip out to everyone since I am a new student at my school Vicksburg Academy. But, not even a daring person, like me, would ever walk ten inches towards Khloe. Yes, you've guessed it. Khloe is someone all girls dream of being one day. However, she lists everyone in groups. She has a group for the people in oversized glasses and bitten nails, and ones with swinging new looks and cotton hair ties with teeth so perfect I question the Bible.
The rain pounded like jumping snakes, making me snap back into reality. I grabbed my report card and anxiously waited for my parents to drive up. As I ascended outside, my Mom raced up the chalk drawn driveway. What if Khloe had seen my little sisters drawing? Whatever, the rain scrubbed most of it away. My phone was all my brain could think about. Mom swung her legs out of her black flustered car and I heard her leather heels hit the pavement. She gazed at me with a knowing smirk. When she noticed the smile warming up on my face, I sprung into her arms and brought out my report card.
She muted her call and said, in hushed tones as if she was reading her book again about how to talk to your teen daughters. "I am so proud of you Iris! I knew you could do it."
I looked at her back, even more anxious and still fingering the report card. "Mom, I am going to take full responsibility for my phone," I replied.
Mom didn't look to convinced and like she totally failed to remember our momentous deal. If she was an emoji, she'd be the one with the question mark on top of its head. Then she breathed out, "Oh" like she finally recalled our contract that she had be sign. Mom finally agreed that I would have it tomorrow when she set it up. I was so looking forward to celebrating with her but she continued on her conference call. That was literally the only time I loathed phones.
I went up the boring cream cheese colored stairs leading to my room, and emailed Jyn from my Ipad. "Guess who just got a phone!" Then, she replied with her biting attitude, "Let me guess..." Literally, I can count on Jyn to make my day. I jumped on my bed and let the covers soothe me till I fell asleep, dead as a doornail.
The next morning I started my day off with green tea and a plaid skirt along with a long-sleeved white shirt. The window was open and let in the scent of the flowers blooming. My mom came hobbling into the kitchen with one shoe on and told me to be quiet. Of course, another conference call. I kissed her and took my piece of toast that had popped out with its perfect hardened center and drove to school.
"Hey," Jyn said to me as I hopped out of my car, which is a navy blue Honda Civic. I stuffed the rest of the toast in my mouth and proceeded in her direction. "Guess what? We have to pair up with our new partners today in physiology, meaning I have to spend an hour with Khloe whining about her nails every instant she types something."
"Give her a break," I said rolling my eyes. I mean, come on, Khloe is pretty delusional but she gave me half of her big chocolate chip cookie from 2x Chewier and Bigger. Maybe it was the wrong thing to reply though, considering Khloe bullies Jyn. "Whatever, I'll catch up to you at lunch," Jyn replied in a hesitant voice.
Everything was the same like the day before, all my pointless classes making my eyelids twitch, and all the clone popular girls, the ones with their new phones. Today I felt totally confident in my class with them, I mean, I was getting my phone, so why wouldn't I? I tiptoed to the sit where Khloe's best friends, Makenzie and Catherine were, and hurriedly sat down before the bell rung. "Hey," Makenzie said in a who are you voice. "Hello, it's just really glacial over there, I hope you guys don't mind me sitting here," I said pathetically. They looked from one another unwholesomely and just turned to face the board.
Oh shoot, I thought to myself, I had totally forgotten it was Jyn's birthday. That's why she was acting so unfit, well, I guess she thought I was acting awkward. I took out the bag of pretzels, her favorite, and saw my corny note I taped to the bag. "Like pretzels, we will always be twisted together, happy birthday." As I was about to put them in my bag, Catherine tapped on me and screamed, "Oh my God, I love pretzels, could I have some?" Okay, let me tell you, I was so confused to what was going on. Was she talking to me? She had drool running down her rosy lips. I questioned on whether I should give her some but it seemed like Jyn wasn't cooked on being my friend at the moment, so I handed her the whole bag. She responded, "You are now my bestie."
When I walked to my car, I felt proud. That didn't last so long. I heard footsteps getting closer and saw Jyn. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY," I said super loudly. She asked in an eager tone, "Did you get me a present?" Then I acted like I had to think about it and like I totally recalled deserting it at home.. The truth was I felt like driving away, I could feel the tensions growing. I replied, "I left it at home, silly me, but, I'll bring it tomorrow." Great. Like I needed more problems. Catherine came over with a note stuck to her hand. "OMG, I loved your letter, I mean, you are stunning, I don’t even know you and you got me an early birthday present, you're so savage, thank you." Then she sashayed away and I was left there looking utterly stupid.
It just hit me that Catherine's birthday was two days from today. Jyn looked at me and started laughing. "How desperate are you?," then she walked away. I drove away so fast a jet wouldn't be able to keep up with me. Mostly from embarrassment and even though it's kind of crazy to be thinking about, I couldn't wait for my phone.
I pranced all the way to the front door and rung the doorbell. Yes. I forgot my key. My sister came to the door and unlocked it. I bolted through not even asking how her day was and searched around to see if my phone was anywhere. I probably looked so hopeless. My sister gazed at me as if I were a hobo on the street. I saw it on our marble countertop. It had a purple case. I literally started to tear up, not because the note next to it said I had to wait till 6:00 to get on it, but because I was so happy.
Ring Ring. Was that the house phone or my phone? None. It was the doorbell. I took an exaggerated breath, so my sister answered.
Then, I heard a scratchy voice that belonged to nobody I've ever communicated with. Khloe.
"Hey," she jumped, "I was just about to invite my friends over to chill at the pool with me and Catherine said I should invite you. Do you want to come?" Did she know I had my phone? Karma.
"Sure," I said. Catherine flipped her blonde pony tail and walked away. She left with a devious smile on her face and I was a bit scared. Was this a setup?
"Hey," Kayla answered, "You didn't ask mom, I'm going to tell on you and you won't get your moronic phone." Talk about jealousy.
"Then I'll take my phone," I replied. Okay, I might sound like I was going crazy and starting to be a bit naïve, but, it was a chance to fit in and I had to go for it.
Clothes. What was I going to wear? Defiantly not sweats and not a one piece. I had to look like I was totally geared up. I put on my purple and blue polka dotted 2-piece and threw on a white tank top with sparkling gray water shorts and my new Chacos. I walked over alongside my sunglasses, towel, and my phone.
"Hey," Catherine said excitedly, "I just got here, you look great." I was glad to apprehend my hard work paid off. Catherine and I entered through the white-painted gate and laid our stuff down on the unique chairs.
"Hey girls," Khloe called. I casually sat down and Catherine picked up a conversation about what she was planning to do for homecoming. Blah. Blah. Blah. When was it ever going to end? Then, that's when I remembered my phone. It read 6:00 exactly. YEAH. I swiped the screen and faded into a new world.
"You look like you've never seen a phone before," Makenzie said. Makenzie? When did she get here? I fabricated a smile at her and then Khloe came out. Everyone undressed and got in the hot tub. Let me tell you, it was so relaxing.
"Do you really like Jyn?" I felt as if I was hit in the chest with a bullet. I could barely speak. What was I supposed to say? Things got honestly awkward.
"No, not really," I said with a not too convincing lie, "She's just always following me around."
"I would drop her," Makenzie said in a wacky voice.
"Yeah," replied Catherine, "She is too skinny and geeky."
I felt like I should have gotten hit by a bus on my way back home. Jyn is my friend, I should have stood up for her. But, hanging with the popular girls makes me feel way more confident. Well, not the confidence I needed.
"Where were you?" Asked my mother. I glared at Kayla and my mom sent me upstairs to bed. I dragged myself on my bed and started to think about the discussion at the pool again. I guess I'm just a crummy person.
I got up extremely early and had a hot cup of plain black tea and a perfectly coated chocolate donut. Nobody was up so I took my phone and drove off. I walked up the stairs of the darkening school and found my locker. Who knew Jyn would be there waiting?
"Hey," she muttered normal as ever.
"Hey," I whispered back. Did she know what occurred at the pool? I pulled out the bag of popcorn I had stopped to get and gave it to her.
"Thanks," she answered.
That's when misfortune came in our direction. "Hey Iris," Khloe spoke, "Come over to my place when schools over, we need to get ready for homecoming."
"I can't, I already have plans with Jyn," I replied not too apologetic.
"That's too bad," she said in the most artificial voice. "Well, I tried to help you, but now I guess I'm going to have to make it harder. Jyn dear, Iris doesn't like you, so you should get lost."
Jyn looked at me with puppy eyes and ran off. "Why would you do that?" I screamed, "You've always been so mean to her."
"Hey, watch it, I did you a favor," she spit. "Here, give me your number." She took my phone and totally went through all my stuff. Please. Like I would answer any of her beastly texts. She told me she downloaded this app so we can face time and I just snatched my phone from her glossy pink nails and left.
When I got home, I clicked on the app and it turned out to be a video. I pressed the start button and saw Khloe, Catherine, and Makenzie's face. It was a cruel stupid video. They said everything they hated about Jyn in it and at the end was a recording of what I said at the pool.
Oh my gosh, what was I going to do? They were going to play that video at homecoming when Jyn would be with her boyfriend Ryan. I jogged over to Khloe's house and put my foot down. I told her mom. Her mom was very angry and upset and apologized and slammed the door. Did I feel bad? No.
Her mom and mine had a talk and I got my phone taken away yet I heard Khloe got way worse. I told my mom they were the ones recording me but she just sharply spoke, "This is what a phone does. Social media is for people to post things about hatred and all. What you said was wrong." Like I needed another lecture.
Jyn ended up still going to homecoming. She showed me her pictures and sent it to my iPad like she typically did. Everything was turning back to how it used to. It took some weeks for Jyn to forgive me but after she said those words, I never said anything bad about her again.
I learned that life isn't just on a phone. It's out there waiting in the world, and if you don't live life to the fullest, you've missed out on the biggest opportunity. You don't need to have a phone to fit in, and you don't need blonde preppy girls to make you feel good about yourself. Just be you, because trying to abide someone else is going to negatively impact someone you love.
If you're reading this right at this moment, I am most likely drinking tea. My sister is somewhere being annoying and mom is on a conference call, but, I am perfectly fine with that because you can only live once.


Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016




This short story is about Iris, a young lady who battles to see what she has before her and when she is befriended by well known young ladies she feels that she is superior to everybody, particularly with her new phone. What she doesn't understand is she's hurting herself and everyone she loves too. She comes to understand that being popular isn't all as great and acknowledges what she never knew she had.

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