An Old Friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Love Struck
Trixis friend has returned and decides to live with her for a bit. They laugh and share old memories. But thing take a turn for the worst... What happens? Read the story and find out.

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



I wake up to see I'm back in my room. I go to sit up but I'm struck with a pain in my head. I lay there and wonder was it a dream or is this all happening? Wait is Dimitri here or was that a dream too?
I'm barely able to say his name what happened to me?
I hear the door to my room open with a squeak. Who could that be? I slowly turn my head only to have it meet a cold cloth. 
"Morning Trixi. How are you feeling"
"D...Dimitri're r...r...really here" I try talking again but I'm having so much trouble.
"Shhh Trixi please don't strain yourself. Try to eat" 
He says this well leaning forward and kissing my head. 
I have no energy to react so I just lay there looking up at him questionably.
"Ah sorry" he says as his face grows red and he turns his face away.
I giggle as I eat the food he brought me. Still embarrassed he gets up and walks over to the photo albums that I hadn't the time to pick up yet.
I use all the strength I have left to get out of bed. I fight past the pain in my head trying to walk over to where Dimitri sat looking through the albums.
I sit on the floor next to him but don't say a word. Questions start to flow into my mind. Why did he kiss my head? Why did he say sorry? Does he like me? 

I look over at him to find him staring back. Surprised I quickly turn my head. But it was too quickly. The pain struck  me by surprise.  I almost fall over in pain when I feel someone's arm gently wrap around me. I look up to see Dimitri but before I had time to do anything he picks me up and starts walking towards the bed.

"Dimitri what are you doing" the words just flew out of my mouth.

"You need your rest please sleep now" he say this and puts me down on my bed. 

He turns to walk out of the room but the letters flash into my mind and I begin trembling again. I reach out and grab him hand.

"Please stay in here" noticing what I was doing a release his hand a quickly turn my head.

"Alright Trixi, I'll stay in here" he says this well walking to the other side of the bed and sitting down.

I was to tired to say anything and I closed my eyes and let sleep fall over me once again.
I wake up to find Dimitri asleep next to me. Did he stay with me the whole night? I look down at his face and begin to smile. He looks so peaceful sleeping and kind of cute too. I get lost on thought staring at him face.

His eyes open and he looks up at me
"Trixi? Your awake"

I snap back into reality 
" Yeah I just got up. Did you stay here all night?"

"yeah I promised I'd stay with you" he says smiling as he sits up. 

Then his expression changes and he looks more serious. He turns to face me looking straight into my eyes.

"Trixi have you heard from Laurance yet?" 

Completely surprised by the question my vision  begins to blur and I start to cry. It's been so long since I've heard from him and whenever I here his name the promise returns to my mind.

"Sorry I didn't mean to...."
"No it's fine I just didn't expect you to ask. No one has mentioned his name for years it's kind of surprising"

We sit there talking about it for a while until the phone started to ring. 

Oh one minute I'll get it" I jump out of bed and run to the phone.

"Trixi!? Is that you?"
"yeah who's this"
"It me Laurance I'm heading home I'll be at your place tomorrow"
He says this and hangs up. I don't know if I should be happy to hear from him or mad that he's been fine and hasn't told anyone. 

"Who was that?" Well I was on the phone I didn't realize Dimitri standing behind me. 

I didn't know what to say and I began to stumble on my words " w....was Laurance"

Dimitri looks as surprised as I am to have finally heard from him. 

"He said he is going to be here tomorrow"

"What else did he say?"

"Nothing he just hung up after that"

"Hmm.... That's weird I guess we'll find out everything tomorrow"

The rest of the day we just stayed at home watching movies and talking. It has been three days since Dimitri came and now Laurance is coming too.

It's nearly night time and we haven't said a word about Laurance to each other. But I think it's because we both just cant find  the words.

I decided to order pizza for supper that night and Dimitri happily agreed to this. Well we waited for the pizza to be delivered we decided to finally go through and pick up the photo albums.

"Haha, Dimitri remember this it was when I made my girls only fort" I said happily laughing 
Dimitri replies with a smirk on his face " yeah I remember you got so sad on lonely you invited Laurance and I to join the club"

"Hey! I just thought you guys looked sad so I let you join" I protest 

We laugh and turn to each other to say more horrible come backs when our eyes meet. 
Dimitri begins to lean it towards me and I find my body moving on its own leaning towards him. Our faces are only inches away from each other and I can feel the warmth of if breath on my lips. 

We are both brought back to reality by the door bell. Dimitri and I awkwardly back away from each other and I get up to answer the door.

"I'll pay!" Dimitri yells 

"Alright thanks" I say as I grab his wallet and open the door.

I beautiful women around our age stoop outside the door smiling at me. 

"Hello Tr..... I mean here's your pizza"  she say hurriedly and gives the pizza and receipt.

"Um... Thank you" I say questionably before giving her the money and watching her leave. I closed the door and head back to the living room with the pizza.

"Pizza Delivery!" I yell  cheerfully before sitting down on the couch. 

Dimitri hurries over and jumps on the couch causing me to fall and sit on the floor. 

"Haha my couch now Trixi" he say teasingly

"Fine take it" I say we'll grabbing the biggest piece of pizza. "Wow cool look Dimitri it has a T on it"

"Oh cool it just meant to be yours I guess haha"  he laugh before reaching over my shoulder and grabbing some pizza. 

We laugh and each pizza most the night before noticing its 12pm.

"Time for bed, I'm really tired all of a sudden haha" I try heading the fact that I suddenly feel very ill after eating all that pizza.

"Night Trixi. I'll be on the couch sleeping if you need me" he says before turning over and pretending to sleep.

I go into my room to get ready for bed but I suddenly get really dizzy and fall to the floor. My vision blurs and everything slowly goes dark as I see Dimitri rush to my side well calling my name "Trixi! Trixi what's wrong".


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