Mary the puppet... (just the start)

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Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



“Oh no!” My dad left me alone, to cry salty tears onto  my emerald dress i thought about dropping the yellow flower he gave me. My blond hair flew in the cold air, my sad blue eyes opened. “Who are you stranger with the red rose in hand?” i liked her at first sight “i want to be your friend Lets play!” I hugged her, but then it all fell into my abyss “ i created this world” “here i am father waiting silently” i hummed to myself I cried salted tears of loss “why did you leave poor Mary alone?” i heard someone say my name. I walked cautiously up to the house. All the children rushed up i noticed “her” at the back looking sorry for herself. I pushed through the sea of girls to the back she ran kicking up her red skirt with her. The blood-red rose from her hand fell, the place fell into my black abyss. I heard an endless song around me: “welcome to her world lying in ashes, oh why did you leave poor mary alone?” the song spun around my head. “Take me with you i want to go home”. My tears were falling, oh why so painful. I did nothing, so why do you hate me so much?” . My abyss fell into flames, “My beautiful canvas became your cruel answer, and now flames control my heart” I tried to control it but nothing worked my eyes now glow red, flames everywhere. I didn’t see my life now, all i saw was my old friend who went evil.... I sat in my sea of fire, no way to run at all… “ But little Mary’s melting in her abyss alone!” i heard my friend far away, she cried salty tears. I couldn’t control my tears, “ i’m coming, father…” “i’m tired of being the puppet of this world….”


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Mary the puppet... (just the start)

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