Should Schools Be In Session Year Round?

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An essay. The title says it all. If you notice a mistake please comment and let me know.

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



Should Schools Be In Session Year Round?


Should schools be in session year round?  Schools should not be in session year round.  Although some believe year round school has educational benefits, it actually prevents kids from having important opportunities, costs lots of money, it is ineffective, and is more stressful for students than a traditional school year.

What is the year round school year?  Most year round schools use the forty five, fifteen, forty-five method of splitting school time and break time.  The reason they do this is because some people believe it helps students retain information better.

Having school year round prevents kids from having important opportunities like summer camp and family vacations.  Summer camps help kids learn mental skills like friendship building and physical skills like sports.  Camp instills confidence in kids, but most camps don't work with year round school schedules.  Another opportunity students lose is family vacations.  They help families bond, help kids learn about other cultures, and give students a much needed break.  These are just some opportunities students attending year round school miss out on.

Year round school is expensive.  It costs more to cool a school in summer than it does to heat a school in winter.  Having kids in the building off and on costs more in maintenance.  Teachers and other staff members have to be paid more to stay because they want a proper summer, as well as the students.

Most people in favor of year round school year believe it helps students retain information, but it in fact makes it much easier for students to forget it.  If each break is fifteen day six times a year, there is six chances to forget material, rules, big projects, and more.  It’s like six mini school years with six starts and stops.  Waiting for students to get back in school mode many times negates the whole point of having year round school in the first place and makes it completely ineffective.

A year round school year makes students more stressed.  Stressed kid’s work is lower quality than happy kid’ s work.  During their breaks, they will think of school instead of relaxing.

In conclusion, schools should not be in session all year round.  Despite the belief that it has educational benefits, the real benefits lie in a traditional school year.

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