Paul Fenn`s Journal 1: The tertiary

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Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



Friday, June 10

The Prologue


“Get back In here!” my father shouted at me from inside the house “now!” I was sitting in a tree in my yard watching it rain.

“Would you shut up dad!” I yelled back at him “I’m trying to have an opening scene here!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” my dad came out onto the back porch and looked up at me through the rain he was in a bathrobe. My name is Paul, Paul Fenn, you may not know who I am now, but one day my name will be burned into history. Now if you listen carefully, you just might-

“Excuse me, Mr. Hedrick” I didn’t notice the woman walking towards our house from the street, my twin sister Crystal was following her. Apparently, dad hadn’t seen either.

“Paul get down already!” dad said hurriedly “before she thinks you're some monkey!” I hopped out of the tree shielding my notebook from the rain with my sweater. The woman had an all-business expression on her face; wearing a dress skirt, her long black hair combed back, I recognized her as Mrs. Krayn the guidance counselor. The complete contrary of my father. Rocking a bathrobe, his auburn hair a mess and he hadn’t shaved in at least a week. “I thought the school was over,” dad said extending his hand to Mrs.Krayn.

“I caught your daughter here and few other delinquents vandalizing school property” Mrs. Krayn didn’t shake dad`s hand. I stole a glance at my sister Crystal; emo as always she had the whole pale skin and purple hair thing going on with her favorite red sweater and skinny jeans to match. “expect a court notice, since she will be sued” Crystal popped some gum into her mouth.

“Great” dad said “now get off my property” Mrs. Krayn scowled at him before turning and walking back towards her car.

“what did you do?” I asked Crystal as she walked past dad and me towards the front door

“I didn’t do anything” she claimed angrily opening the front door and walking inside. We stood in silence for a few seconds until dad remembered.

“Would you get inside already!” he shouted.

Alright, opening introduction try two: My name is Paul Fenn. My twin sister Crystal and I live with our father Richard Hedrick, which probably means our mom is going to come back one day as a psychopath like they do on the TV shows but that’s beside the point I’m starting to keep a journal of my life to record my biography. I walked into the house taking the notebook from inside my sweater, I could see Crystal making herself something to eat in the kitchen island

“Hey Crystal,” I said walking onto the island “why were you vandalizing the school?” dad came inside and closed the door behind him

“Great question!” dad sat on the couch in the living room “what the hell?”

“Would you two back off!” Crystal snapped “I just felt like it okay?” she stormed back outside leaving her unfinished sandwich on the counter

“That happened,” dad said slowly “wow I sure hope that’s just a phase,” I stood there quietly for a few seconds, something was off Crystal hardly had a temper the only way to really get her mad was to question her sexuality or something.

“I’m going to go check on her,” I said placing the notebook on the counter and walking back towards the door.

“Take your shoes off before coming back in here,” dad said “it's getting muddy out there” it didn’t take long for me to find her, she was at Elderwood park, it's just down the street, she was sitting on top of the jungle gym

“What do you want?” she asked grouchily watching a teenage couple cuddling on a bench across the street “cant you see I’m busy” She`s probably still broken up about Daniel.

“You know” I climbed onto the jungle gym, almost slipping a few times but made it after a few seconds “after this summer we have high school and after that is well, the life you know?”

“What’s your point” Crystal demanded

“I want to enjoy my time as a kid, you know?”

“Stop saying ‘you know’”

“You know what I mean!”

“Are you not listening?”

“Just listen!”

“I’m trying to get you to listen!”

“To what?”

“I don’t know anymore!” Crystal crossed her arms staying silent for a minute or two before speaking again “sometimes I wish we could stay like this forever….. you know.”

“Then write with me!” the idea just clicked in my head.

“Do what?” I explained my idea of recording my life in a journal so I could look back and remember everything I do “what does that have to do with me?” she asked

“I’m going to publish weekly updates online!” I  said, “if you write some of what’s happening with you then we can turn it from a simple autobiography to a full out story it’ll blow peoples minds do you have any idea how popular it’ll be!”

“Who would want to read about our lame lives?” Crystal asked

“We can spice it up a bit” I laughed.

“Yeah sure let's try it.”

“Good, we’ve got lots of time,” I said just noticing that the rain had stopped “let me explain.”

1: Every night we record the important events of the day in a journal (new notebook every week (dollar tree $1 buy five a the start of each month))

2: Sunday night I (Paul Fenn) will take both journals and write a chapter of the story from the material and anonymously publish it online for all to read.

3: I will be the main protagonist of the story, you will have a supporting role.

4: The story will be titled ‘Paul Fenn`s Journal.’

5: I`m a genius, I know


Obviously, the only reason I want her recording her life story is so I can find out what’s happening with her. I probably won't be using much of her in the actual story, but she doesn’t need to know that.


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