writer's block

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Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Submitted: October 13, 2016



Sitting in the café chair thinking, “How hard could it be, it’s just a short story.” Adrianna Macrae, a high school freshman at Whitmore. Adrianna loved to write stories, it was her passion, one day she dreamed of being an author. So she entered herself into the high school short story contest, the winner gets to have a meeting with the same publisher as J.K Rowling and pitch their short story to them. “Easy peasy” Adrianna thought “I write stories all the time.”


Adrianna wanted to write a story like she never did before, a piece of work that would really hit you, something alive, so you’re not just reading the story you’re living in it. Adrianna walked to the local café, her favourite place to write, opened her laptop and nothing. She couldn't think of anything to write about, she hasn't experienced anything like this before. Most of the time she could just opened her laptop and boom! An idea. “Maybe I’ll just go home and work on this tomorrow.”


When Adrianna got home she called her friend Marie to discuss her dilemma. “Marie I just don’t understand, I’m usually good at this.” Marie was also into the work of writing so she understood the situation Adrianna’s writer's block. They talked for hours about ideas, prompts, and even real situations to write about. Marie thought a bee story would be a a great idea for a story “Where am I, who am I, why am I so fuzzy and why can I hear a buzzing noise in the distance.” Marie started to write her own bee story since Adrianna refused to write one. While Adrianna continued trying to get the creative juices flowing by singing songs, looking at pictures, drawing and reading poems, while  Marie was making bee jokes and puns. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow Marie, I think it’s time for me to hit the sac.” Adrianna said. “I can’t bee-lieve you have to go so soon! But very well.”


Days past and the deadline for the short story was approaching, Adrianna tried everything, she even thought to give up at one point “This is it I’m never gonna be an author I can’t even write a 600 word long story without having a breakdown and writer’s block for a whole week.” Then at last she gave up, closed her laptop, she stopped going to the café after school, Adrianna was done. Giving up on this was like losing a part of herself, it may seem absurd, but it was like she had no purpose in the writing world. Going to the café wasn’t as fun anymore she couldn’t write, just drink coffee there like an average person of her age.


She went to Marie’s house for the night to get her mind off things, when she walked into the room and Marie was writing a play for her bee story. “If Only I Could Bee” Marie said dramatically as Adrianna walked through the doorway. Adrianna flopped on Marie’s bed and sighed “All I want to do is write, I just don't feel like myself, everyone around me seems to being doing something so productive. Making their life the way they see it in the future and what am I doing you ask? Well, I don’t know, it’s the last night I have an opportunity to write this story and I'm whining like a baby on your bed.” Marie looked at Adrianna and said “Instead of writing about someone or something else, write about yourself.” Then it hit her, Adrianna lit up like a lightbulb she ran to Marie’s computer, opened a fresh document and started to type, “Sitting in the café chair thinking, ‘how hard could this be it’s just a short story’.”



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