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Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



Nima's mother
has gone,
her nagging tongue
gone with her.

Nina sits
and watches
the passing traffic
from the hospital window.

She wishes
Benny was there,
wishes he
was coming today,
but she knows
he works
in the week,
and so won't
be able to come.

It seems a long week
when he doesn't come.

She wants
to meet him
in London
if she can get
the doctor's permission
for a day release.

She wishes
it could be
for a weekend again,
but her mother
has probably
put her spoke
in the wheel
and the doctor
will only allow
a day release,
her being
a recovering
drug addict
and probable suicide.

That last weekend
with Benny
was a laugh.

The landlady
coming the door
and Benny just
in his underwear,
and the sex good .

Now nothing,
just the nurses
and the doctors
sniffing around
like hounds.

She is so
sex starved
that at night
even the plump
night nurse
seems sexy
and desirable
to a small degree.

She feels
like a small ship
on a wide wild sea.

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