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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A collection of short stories, inspired by idioms and commom phrases.

Table of Contents

"the happy day"

the happy day = a wedding, or marriage in general Read Chapter

"be hard hit (by something)"

be hard hit (by something) = to be adversely affected (by something) to a degree; to suffer financial losses (as the result of something) Read Chapter

"hard in the eyes"

hard in the eyes = unattractive; ugly Read Chapter

"a hard pill to swallow"

a hard pill to swallow = something, especially a fact or piece of news, that is unpleasant or difficult but which is unavoidable or must be accepted Read Chapter

"white lie"

white lie = a harmless or trivial lie, especially one told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings Read Chapter

"harp on the same string"

harp on the same string = to dwell tediously and repeatedly upon a single subject or topic. Likened to playing the same note over and over again on a harp Read Chapter

"shoot yourself in the foot"

shoot yourself in the foot = to harm yourself in some way by doing something stupid,
to make a silly mistake
Read Chapter

"hash slinger"

hash slinger = a cook or a waitress, especially at a diner or cheap restaurant
(“hash”, in this sense, refers to a dish or stew of chopped meat and vegetables, not hashish)

Read Chapter

"once in a blue moon"

once in a blue moon = when something rarely ever happens Read Chapter

"have enough on (one’s) plate"

have enough on (one’s) plate = to be sufficiently busy or preoccupied with work, problems, or difficulties as to be unable or unwilling to cope with anything more Read Chapter

"cold shoulder"

cold shoulder = it is used to express dismissal or the act of disregarding someone Read Chapter

"a bit beyond (one’s) ken"

a bit beyond (one’s) ken = beyond one’s ability to understand or make sense of the subject matter or task at hand Read Chapter

"have a fable for (something)"

have a fable for (something) = to have a strong preference, affinity, or weakness for something Read Chapter

"let (one’s) guard down"

let (one’s) guard down = to stop guarding oneself against trouble; to relax one's vigilance Read Chapter

"put on hold"

put on hold = to postpone something; to stop the progress of something Read Chapter

"kill time"

kill time = to do something to amuse yourself while waiting for something Read Chapter

"have a handle on (something)"

have a handle on (something) = to have a firm, clear understanding or determination of something. Read Chapter

"have a hankering for (something)"

have a hankering for (something) = to have a very strong, persistent desire
or craving for something
Read Chapter

"one cannot love and be wise"

one cannot love and be wise = people often fall in love with someone with whom they are not compatible or behave foolishly when they are in love. Read Chapter

"head in the clouds"

head in the clouds = acting on whim or fancy,
living in a fantasy, and oftentimes a lackadaisical manner
Read Chapter

"lay eyes on"

lay eyes on = to see someone or something Read Chapter

"be sacrificed on the altar of"

be sacrificed on the altar of = to be destroyed by an activity, system or belief that is bad but more important or more powerful Read Chapter

"a fool’s errand"

a fool’s errand = an attempt to do something that has no chance of success Read Chapter

"on the edge"

on the edge = very anxious and about to become distraught;
on the verge of becoming irrational.
Read Chapter

"have a heart of glass"

have a heart of glass = to have or be in a state of extreme emotional fragility or susceptibility, one that is easily influenced or affected by others Read Chapter

"have a thick skin"

have a thick skin = to be insensitive to the needs or concerns of others, to be slow to take offense Read Chapter

"a bone of contention"

a bone of contention = an unresolved problem, dispute, or disagreement, a matter of disagreement, something that people argue about for a long time Read Chapter

"open (a) Pandora's box"

open (a) Pandora's box = to start something that causes many new and unexpected problems Read Chapter

happy juice

happy juice = liquor, beer, and wine Read Chapter