the guest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

the real life..
the struggling life..

The guest is God

Athithi devo bhava


 “I wish to see you…”

His voice was so calm and divine.


He was coming to my room. I gave him a chair. His face seemed so tired of walking. He took the morning bus to the hill station and reached the valley and walked one hour to see me.

My mind asked many questions about that person.

He was like a person who belongs to a nomadic community.

“What can I do for you?”

While asking this I was actually confused. His appearance is just like a monk who has the perfect satisfied face. But he just took a certificate from his pocket and gave it to my hands.

A certificate from the police authority of Maharashtra.

“The above mentioned person dharaswami is a good person. He lost his possession during a serious storm in mahlweda district. So please help him and his family…”

How can government authority give such a letter?

They could really help him. Why they send this poor man to other states of India to beg for his village.

“Where are you staying?”

He was speaking to me in a tribal language.. But I could sense a little bit of hindi in it.

“bhai…ham quilon mem rahatha hei”(I stay in kollam.  - a district in kerala.INDIA-)

“kithana din”(How many days)

My hindi conscience started working.

“chaar din”(four days)

Oh four days he will be in quilon.

He was constantly speaking about his family. He had two sons and a daughter. He said to me that, they are also with him in the town. Now they are staying at the railway station.

“Shall I come and see you”


His answer was so powerful. Normally the people who approach for help, will not share any details of their location. They normally fear that their inner secrets will be disclosed.

But this man was really inviting me to his location.

“Okay.. I will come in the evening”

“dhanyavaad saab” (thank you sir)

He took back the certificate from my hand. He was turning back.

“Thum aaumga…na”

What can I say back?

With full confidence I said…

“Sure I will come”.

He might have seen a lot of people talking like me in his life time.

That’s why he questioned me.

Okay I will try to go to his place..The railway station..

After lunch.. I felt so drowsy..

Okay..i have to take a siesta..

My body was too tired of a fever..

I was undergoing through the running nose too.

When I opened my eyes.. it was six o clock..

Oh my god it’s time to reach the railway station..

“why I have to go and see that man”?

“for what”?

“will it be a true case”?

These question were forming like a big wave in my mind..

But I stood like jesus… in the stormy see.

No... Let the questions be dismissed..

I have to follow my heart and my promise.

I have to give respect to my promises and words..

It has nothing to do with whom I made my vow.

I took my bike and came to the railway station. The railway station was so crowded. It was the time DIWALI.

Yes..there is  a police officer.

I can ask to him about this person and the story behind him.

“sir would you mind …”

Actually I was shocked. He was not even looking at me.

I cannot blame him. Because of the rush, he was controlling some college and school students inside the station.

What a hell.

Why Indian railway is like this. It is praised as the best way of transportation in India. But what a poor maintenance and infrastructure in some stations. Especially the situation of hygiene.

I blamed railway and went on my journey to search that Maharashtra man.

At last I could see some nomadic people sitting at the end of the railway station. My anxiety increased. Can see him again? Or will it be a true story..

Oh my god..

I could see a lot little children in that group. They all possess some kind of certificates which I have seen in the hands of that Maharashtra man. Are these people from same village? Are they really struggling? Or are they systematically deceiving the other states of India?

My mind always questioned me.

I do not know. If I could see the same man there then I can give which I have collected for him. That’s all I want to do now.

But my search was in vain. I could not trace him. I could not see anyone like him.

Then it was 8.30 pm. Haba express reached the railway station. They all were running to the compartments. It seems like the world is going to an end.

Then also my mind constantly compelled me to look for the Maharashtra man.

It’s time..

The siren blew.

It’s time to start the journey.

The other passengers in the train looked so strongly to these nomadic people. Their faces and the gesture and posture depicted they don’t like nomadic community.

I looked again and again to the compartments.

The train was slowly moving….

The last compartment…

Oh my god can’t believe my eyes..

The Maharashtra man was…there..

sitting with his family…

He was looking outside..

His wife was also searching someone..

His children were also looking someone…

At the last moment of departure…

Oh my god what I have done..

When he approached my home itself, I could help him.

But I postponed…

Then I lost a man..

A sincere one…

It was my doubting nature collapsed everything…

My mind and body was so tired of guilt..

He was right..he was right..

I was wrong about him.

I was wrong in judging him..

This is the last moment..

I placed my face in front the compartment window. The man saw my face. He was smiling at me. He was showing the whole famiy my face.

I was crying..

But he was smiling…

At the last blink…

I have seen him .. with a “Namasthe”…

Good by my friend..

I’m so sorry to mistreat you ,doubt you..

Please come back again..

Oh please,,,

Till now I have no idea…

Why he gave a “Namasthe symbol” to me.









Submitted: October 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 RAJEEV PALAKKACHERRY. All rights reserved.

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