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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic



It’s an early morning. The breeze is so wonderful. Two boats are coming through the deep ocean. We can see the happy faces of the travellers. Why they are so happy?

The happiness is the result of hope. They are planning for a new life. A life without fear and war.

“alexi , are you ready?”


The heart beats seems to be so loaded with boat machine sound.

An old guy was giving the instruction about how to survive in the sea. Suddenly it happened. A big black boat approached them. The firing sound was so heavy. Silence of the ocean cannot afford that pistol sound. How hard it is. The passengers got the instruction to jump and swim back to the shore.

“alexi.. jump…do not hesistate ….jump..”

She was crying to him. That is Aleeya the mother of Alexi.

“Ma.. I cannot swim..”

“you jump.. otherwise..”

“Ma.. I am standing with you”

“alexi…look front..our cousins are waiting for you..they will carry you..”

“hey alexi..jump into the water”

That was the voice of a male .. which seems so strong and hard..

Alexi gazed at him. Yes, it is his uncle.

Aleena embraced him. Her face became like a motherbird and alexi felt that he was the most dearest child in the world. The surroundings were thundered by sounds machine guns.

Aleena pushed alexi in to the water.

With a loud voice.. alexi fell into the water.

Uncle Youseph swim to him and tried to connect a life saving jacket to his body.

“Now you are okey alexi..”

“No.. no..  I am not okey…”

He cannot breathe now. The water was so cold. Uncle Youseph tried to lift his body to a suitable position to breathe well.

Now alexi can see her mamma..

“hey .. mamma come on.. jump..”

Alexi’s voice was so powerful.

“Aleena come ..lets go…”

Youseph insisted her to jump in to the sea.

But aleena did not move a step.

What she was doing. Yes, there are some inevitable steps we have to take in life. May she is trying to take hard step to stay in the boat and being caught by the killers.

The black boat, it is so close now. Alexi could hear the commanding voices and microphone sounds from it. Alexi thought that it was a saving ship send by someone. He had already studied a story in his 4th standard – the story of saving ship always wandering the ocean. According to the teacher it was send by the mother Ocean. Teacher always taught alexi that ocean is a mother. Alexi now experiencing the salt taste and the waves of the ocean.

“soon.. catch my shoulder”

Youseph seemed so angry to him.. alexi could not understand what is happening. Youseph and the all the group in the water were swimming so hard to reach the shore. This is the same shore where they have begun the journey. Why are we going back?. Why I cannot travel ? why  are we being driven out to backyard again? Little alexi was so confused.

“alexi.. hold your breath”


“just hold your breath..”

Alexi does not know what to do. He tried to inhale more oxygen to his body. The firing sound was now too close. When uncle Youseph took a deep leap in to the under water, Alexi’s eyes were wandering for Aleena.

It seems so hard for alexi to hold breath in the deep waters. He was shivering like little lamb.

“alexi we have to take more oxygen”


“otherwise they can find us”

Alexi looked back. The boat in which his mother stood was so far way now. Alexi saw her mother standing alone in the boat. He thought that she is waving her hands to him.

“yes.. I can see her.. mamma” he cried out to her.

“alexi.. don’t”

Youseph without giving much time to alexi dive again to the deep waters….

Now alexi saw the floating bodies of the fellow passengers above his head.

He could see his little frieds Rahma and Salman floating above his head.

“is it shore”

Youseph was looking aroud. He could not see anyone. The police were firing at those who try to swim back to the shore.

“I cannot see her..where is mamma”

Youseph was holding him so tight..

With full strength he swim back again to the shore..

Alexi saw a speed boat approaching them. It was a small boat. But how fast it is. Uncle youseph was trying to hide his face and the face of alexi ino the deep waters.

But.. with in seconds…

Bullets pierced the face of Youseph. Alexi cannot see anything now. His eyes completely filled by the blood of youseph. He cannot even see the water itself. But he heard the sound of the speed boat so close to him. Light slowly disappeared from his eyes…

The sun was going to take bath in the sea. Evening is so beautiful always. But alexi was in a deep sleep. Raindrops were so kind to him. Raindrops touched his eyes. Alexi slowly opened his eyes. He was floating above the sea.

“Yousepha….uncle Yousepha…”

He looked around.. nothing …only …waves…

“Mamma.. where are you…..”

Alexi looked at the sky. Oh yes the moon is trying to smile at him. This is the same moon, who always made companionship to alexi to have supper and night. Alexi was so reluctant to take supper. So Aleena gave him a friend at night. That friend was in the sky. The perfect moon. Aleena always said to alexi that he is the perfect moon.

Sun went down..

A big silence in the sea..

Alexi felt that his stomach is going to burst..

It was his 3rd day at the ocean…

Next morning the shore received alexi..

His small body was coverd with a red t-shirt. Near to alexi’s body, the remaining of the broken boat.






Submitted: October 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 RAJEEV PALAKKACHERRY. All rights reserved.

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