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Happy Halloween! Trick or treat! The streets are full of people in strange costumes.

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



He moved down the busy street. The Halloween night was full of people. Everyone he passed was in fancy dress. Children paraded the pavement, knocking on doors, dressed as witches, wizards and Ghostbusters.

‘Trick or treat!’ They would shriek with menacing delight in the hope of confectionary or cash.

Adults in costumes of Dracula, werewolves and Darth Vader headed to the pub for a few festive drinks. He laughed to himself. What a special night. For him this was the best night of the year.

'Love your costume' a teenage girl dressed as a zombie called.

He smiled as she passed by with her friends. He waved his meat cleaver in her direction. She laughed and wished him happy Halloween. Her costume was more elaborate than his. She had make up to give her skin a lifeless colour. Her clothing was torn as though she was a victim of the zombie apocalypse. Compared to that what did he have? A bloody cleaver, blood splattered across his white overalls and across half his face.

Frankenstein's monster stumbled past, rocking from side to side, arms outstretched. The monster's mobile phone rang. Frankenstein pulled his phone out and answered it.

'Yeah, I'll be there in a few minutes. Get me a pint.'

Frankenstein gave him a thumbs up in approval of his outfit.

Trick or treat?

A little girl, no more than six years old, held out a plastic bucket. She was dressed as a witch, complete with broomstick, pointy hat and rubber nose. Her mother stood beside her, smiling in approval.

‘Don't you look scary?’ He said.

 ‘I’m a witch.’ She cackled. ‘Trick or treat?’

He pulled a crumpled five pound note into her basket.

‘Buy yourself something nice.’

‘Thank you.’ Beamed the girl.

Pop music blared from the pub up ahead. Revellers in Halloween fancy dress gathered in the doorway smoking cigarettes.

‘Happy Halloween’ they shouted as he passed.

‘Happy Halloween’ he yelled.

He waved his meat cleaver. The group cheered in reply.

He walked on. He smiled to himself. He looked at the cleaver in his hands. His thoughts went back to the events of earlier in the evening.

They wouldn't find the bodies of his victims until hours later. He smiled. The police would ask if anyone saw anything unusual that night. It was Halloween. The street was full of strange creatures and horrible monsters.

The real monsters, the ones to really be afraid of, came out that night and moved in plain sight.

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