bittersweet reality of a myth

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Phoenix Blaze

Chapter 1 (v.1) - chapter one

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



I stand in the shadows, watching the boy on the wrong side of the bars that line the roof top. The peacock feathers on his pants blow in the slight wind, along with his colorful hair. 
"Ow, f**k!" he cursed out. I leaned out of the shadows, straining to see what had caused the commotion. A red mark coloured his pale palm, a burn mark. 

I gasped, drawing his attention from the students below. he turned slightly, and I jumped back into the safety of dark, hoping that my fire coloured hair wouldn't give me away. 

The bell rang, but he didn´t move yet. Who was this boy, and why did i feel he and i had something in common. Finally he came back onto the right side of the bars, and left the roof, with me following behind, after the coast was clear. 

Or so I thought. I ran into a boy, wearing a green shirt, and shaggy hair falling in his bangs, on the stair way, taking us both tumbling down the stairs. 
"F**k, I am so sorry" I said, grabbing the things that fell out of my bag, and running away once I had everything. 

I finally arrived in class, and the grumpy old teacher gave me the look of doom, as every student called it. 
´´Ms. Blaze, so happy you could join us today. I'll see you after school.´´ he said, fixing his tie. 
´´ Yes, Mr.Sanderson´´ Mr.Sanderson was a grumpy man, which is probably why his wife left him, and he always wear suits, that have coffee stains on the tie, and collar. 

Looking around, I noticed that the only seat open was the one beside the boy from the roof. I kept my eyes down, and sat beside him. 
´´See Holly, I told you. Nobody wants to seat beside a freak so they have to sit together. How sad that they have no friends´´ said Mackenzie, a bitchy girl who thinks she knows everything, and never forgives. 
´´ Real mature Mackenzie´´ I said. 
´´You wish you were us´´ said Holly. 
´´Oh yeah, I so wanna be one of those people who can't be themselves, and acts stupid for boys to like me´´ 
´'Well, at least my dad actually stayed around, and my mom isn't in a coma. Maybe then you wouldn´t be slutting it up in the bathrooms with drugggies´´ 
´´Nobody believes your little lie Mackenzie. everyone knows you made it up´´ 
´´Sure Phoenix, you believe that.´´ she turned around, flicking her fake blonde hair in my face. 

I imagined her hair burning off, unevenly, and making her bald. I'd laugh as the room filled with the scent of burning hair, stinging her eyes, and making her makeup run, ruining her fake tan. 

´´Are you doing that?!´´ someone said, a cold hand clamped down on my arm. I looked at the person the hand belonged to, it was the boy from the roof. 
´´Doing what?´´ I said. He nodded towards where Mackenzie was, when I looked her hair had burned, and was extremely short now. I hadn't imagined it. It was real. 
´´ Of course I didn't do that, how would I do that?´´ I asked, whispering fiercely. 
´´I don't know, I was thinking maybe you may have powers of a half-demon´´ he said. 
´´There's no such thing as demons.´´ 
´´You and I both know that you don't believe that.´´ 
´´I'll humor you, what do you know about demonology?´´ 
´´ know that I'm tepestra, someone who can control weather. and I'm guessing you're a fire demon, probably an exustio´´ 
´´ Prove it ´´ and thats just what he did. i watched as the sunny day turned into one the hailed snow on the windows ´´ What else do you know?´´ 
´´I'm guessing, you're running from the fallen angels, just like me´´ 
´´The fallen angels? Why should I be running from them?´´ I had never heard of the fallen angels before 
´´You don't know?´´ I shook my head no."They're angels that have fallen from gods graces. they want to return, and in order to so that, they have to hunt down the worst things ever created. Half demons´´ I could feel my temperature rising, and fear filled my heart. 

The room burst into flames. burning through desks, and making marks in the roof 
´´OUT! EVERYONE OUT!´´ yelled Mr. Sanderson. We all did as we were told, running from the room. The fire bell rung out, and soon the halls filled with students, coughing from the smoke. The chem lab, exploded then, catching me with fire and some chemicals too. Screams filled the halls. I was grabbed by someone, and taken outside. We all watched as the side of the school burned, and firemen showed up. I was taken away from the person who grabbed me in the hall, he had white hair with purple tips, and a beanie 
´´You ok?´´ he asked, in a thick Romanian accent. 
´´Yeah... thanks" I gasped out. Outside the building there was a ringing in my ears and all I heard was a faint "Bye Terri..." 
I was grabbed by an E.M.T, and taken into an ambulance, the doors closed, what was left of my shirt was ripped off, as they treated my burns, even though they´ll heal within an hour. Perks of being a half-demon.




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