bittersweet reality of a myth

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Mark Chance

Chapter 2 (v.1) - chapter two

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



“BRIIIIIIIIIIIING”, I hear the annoying high pitched bell ring, indicating my freedom. I stand and pick up my bag, pulling up my oversized skinnies as I do so for it has never occurred to me to buy pants my size or invest in a belt. I quickly leave my classroom, staring at the oh so familiar floor in the hallway. As I make my way through the hall I’m swiftly shoved into a locker by the group of football players who think it’s hilarious to pick on the lanky schizo freak who believe it or not already knows he’s a worthless piece of s**t and a burden to the rest of the world, specifically my mom, though she’d never admit that. She does around the house, more now that my dad was stationed in Iraq. Even with a broken ankle from some sort of bowling accident on “ladies night” mom’s still more useful than me.

 After quickly snatching my science text book from my locker, I quickly make my way outside so I can get home and far away from this hell hole, even though it’s just a 15 minute walk.

 I guess you’re probably wondering who I am, unless lanky schizo freak does it for you. Well my name is Mark Chance, I’m a 16 year old boy living in a fairly small town in Canada, I have blue green eyes, dark shaggy brown hair, a lanky body and a fairly plain style of oversized skinnies and a green shirt. I’m also schizophrenic and quit often I get bullied. I have no siblings, 2 parents who are happily married but my dad is in the army and my mom is a waitress but she’s currently off due to the bowling injury mentioned earlier.

 In a short amount of time I’m in my own doorstep. I put twist the key in, unlocking the door, and take it out whist opening the door.

“Mom?” I call out once inside. No response.

“Mom?” I try again while walking into the kitchen, where I find a note.


Gone out with Lori, be back later tonight,

There’s a turkey sandwich in the fridge

For you when you get hungry.

Love Mom

 I read, written in her messy handwriting. If you haven’t noticed, even my mom has a wider social life than I do. I decide on doing homework.

 It’s been about an hour and I’m finally done, so I grab my sandwich and watch roughly 3 hours’ worth of  Scooby Doo before going upstairs and falling into a dreamless sleep that goes undisturbed for a while. I suddenly wake up, breathing heavily with no recollection as to what I just dreamed.

 As I wipe the sweat off my forehead and reach for the glass of water next to me, I see something, or someone sitting at the edge of my bed. As I look up I see a pair of purple eyes, sparkling at me.

“Well hiya, Marky!” It smirks. Just as I’m about to scream, a hand flies to my mouth.

“We can’t have any of that” it cackles, “How will you expect we spend time alone if your mother hobbles in all worrisome? Now Marky, I’m going to move my hand and you won’t scream, okay? Okay!” It gleams. Yeah, no s**t I’m going to scream. Right as soon as the thing moves it’s hand, I scream my head off. I’m quick to hear a response from my mom down the hall.

“S**t! Marky! Well, I do love when you play hard to get” It winks. What the hell, honestly how does this thing know who I am?

“Well until next time” it blows me a kiss and the colourful demon crawls to my window and falls out. I quickly stand up to look out my window to find no one outside, my mom enters and begins asking me questions as to what’s wrong. Whoever the boy in the colourful pants is, I have a feeling I will see him again. 

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