Political Theatre of the Absurd VI: I'm Rubber and You're Glue, Whatever You Say Bounces Off Me and Sticks to You

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The sixth entry into the "Political Theatre of the Absurd 2016" essay series. By the way, Donald J. Trump is an insecure, pathetic, little punk.

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



Political Theatre of the Absurd VI:

I'm Rubber and You're Glue, Whatever You Say Bounces Off Me and Sticks to You

By Aaron Aaronson


Donald Trump. What is there to say about Donald Trump that hasn't already been said? And I am under no illusion that anything I would say here would possibly change anyone's mind. In truth, with any of the Political Theatre of the Absurd essays, the goal was never to do so, just to comment on the absurd idiocy of the 2016 presidential election. And it is absolutely no misstatement that I truly was absolutely sick and disgusted by all I was commenting on to the point that I truly was completely done with these essays after my last one. And I swore to myself I would write no more.

But, defying a super computer designed with the sole purpose of creating infinite, random possibilities of things to comment on, I just keep finding, even after all infinite random possibilities had been dismissed as a topic forum, statements and actions within the proceedings providing a glaring, blaring horrific, absurd flash of sliced and diced reality, that, in the end, I couldn't help myself, and so, with much chagrin, I now present to you "Political Theatre of the Absurd VI: I'm Rubber and You're Glue, Whatever You Say, Bounces Off Me and Sticks to You".

Oh, I'm Aaron Aaronson by the way, author of only "Political Theatre of the Absurd V: Final Thoughts", not Xavier Cockroachal Damon who was the author of the first four. And I freely admit that the one essay I wrote really wasn't even my essay except for a like one paragraph commentary on someone else's article, but I tell you, that alone very much led me to get out of the political commentary game and want to move to some rural log cabin in the middle of some forest so that I could bury myself beneath it so as to at least retain the dignity of dying with my sanity. But, I did not do that, I wrote this essay instead. Though, I'm sure there are many out there who would have much preferred I had pursued the other course of action. So, Xavier Cockroachal Damon, worry not, no need for you to come out of deceasement yet again, nor shall I, at least for the moment, join you within it. So, without further extraneous adieu, I now present to you, "I'm Rubber and You're Glue. Whatever You Say Bounces Off Me and Sticks to You". Xavier Cockroachal Damon, rest in peace, and I hope to make you proud.  

Actually I probably will, for I will write it while really fuckin drunk.  

"Go fuck thyself motherfucker!"…  

"Um, Xavier, writing the essay here, so come on, shut the fuck up dude."...Anyway, dramamine roll please...  

Have any out there noticed an unimaginably and absolutely irrational tendency as of late regarding Donald Trump to launch attacks at Hillary Clinton that make the least amount of sense of anything in recorded history? By this I mean the way he has lately taken criticisms directed at him and just used those very same words to attack her even though any person with any wits whatsoever could see they are the absolute antithesis of her character and conduct, and to take it further, completely contradict the condemning Republican attack line portraying her as a robotic politician always following script?  

Now, there has been commentary leveled at Trump by other politicians from both parties, the media and Clinton herself which are presented based on Trump's own words and actions, and are an entirely fitting commentary. He has been called "Unhinged", they have said he doesn't have the temperament to be president, and he has even been referred to as mentally ill, crazy, to use a colloquial, non-politically correct term.  

But, Donald Trump then takes these exact same phrases and hurls them back at Clinton while at his rallies, even though, um, please, can a single person out there even attempt to suggest they would have the slightest modicum of a chance of even being a misinterpretation of her personality?..."That Hillary Clinton sure is crazy. Crazy like a donkey."...I mean, say what you want about her, but how can anyone within the political world who has the slightest momentary glimpse of reality possibly believe these particular character criticisms could possibly be fitting to be aimed at her?  

I mean, Trump saying Hillary Clinton is totally unhinged. Um, excuse me, I thought Hillary Clinton was the most hinged person on the planet, all doors she walks through falling to the floor out of jealousy at her presence. And I sort of thought that, that was the beyond inane, absolutely idiotic argument of Trump's beyond sycophantic, so long as money in wallet, surrogates who all chime things such as, well I would rather have Donald Trump showing himself as a real person rather than Hillary Clinton's staged, rehearsed show. But, you see the irony with that, don't you, people you denigrate for only ever displaying staged, well rehearsed presentations could hardly be considered unhinged, now could they? Hillary Clinton is about as unhinged as a bank's vault room.  

Then came the comments as a retort to various criticisms from multiple sources that Trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. His counter-argument '" She doesn't have the temperament to be president! Hah, take that. Rubber, glue, rubber glue, what the hell you going to do? This is me, Donald J. Trump telling you that you are the one who doesn't have the temperament to be president you lying, ugly, crooked bitch whose ass I'm going to throw in jail along with all your lawyers."

Yes, Donald Trump did expand on his comment he would hire a special prosecutor to have her jailed, even though him doing so goes entirely against the constitution, to then say he would also have her lawyers jailed. Which goes against, well, it pretty much goes against, um, you plan to jail her lawyers too? And as for sounding off that Hillary Clinton doesn't have the temperament to be president, so help me, Mr. Trump, if you believed you were making your plea to be crowned buffoon king of the last several hundred milllenia, believe me Mr. Trump you definitely won, but won, how are you the only one, who actually believes you won your fidgety, interruptathon, incoherent, egotistical, self-serving above any and all, performance at the first debate, and you do realize don't you, that immediately after stating you have great temperament and that your temperament was probably your strongest quality, you did sort of angrily cut the debate moderator off. Um...eh...

But do you even have a single example of Hillary Clinton losing her cool? And, again, I thought your scum surrogates were always putting her down for being robotic and un-emotional. And to make your case, you do what, bring up the email controversy again. Um, Mr. Trump, looking back at commentary from previous essays, the commentary in this one, and many other comments I did not detail, I really think you might need to take a remedial English class. You know, say what you want about the email controversy, personally I think it's a ridiculously overblown much ado about nothing compared to so many, many other issues and events concerning the election, but if you want to see it as an irredeemable crime, and fully believe the "lock her up" chants, well, you still kind of have to admit that there is no conceivable way her actions could be criticized for a tack of "temperament". You want to use a word such as "judgment", hey, go ahead, or, there are other words many would disagree with using that would at least make an appearance in the realm of possibly being fitting, but "temperament"? I'm sorry Mr. Trump but your understanding of anything other than the most basic vocabulary skills is woeful.

You know, it was postulated in an earlier essay that your run for president was possibly just to prove you can still be successful even if never maturing mentally beyond the fourth grade. But did you in fact actually graduate beyond the fourth grade? I begin to wonder. I know it's on record that you graduated the Wharton School of business, but very reliable sources have told me, and many people are saying, that the diploma is a fake, believe me. So come on Mr. Trump, it's time for you to come clean with the American public, unless of course, you're trying to hide something that is. You know, the way he acts, he sure does seem like someone with something to hide. And a lot of people are saying, very reliable sources are saying it's a fake. So I challenge you Mr. Trump to prove it to the American public. So come on Mr. Trump, produce your 5th grade end of the year report card. Do that and this sordid conspiracy of cover ups, the resolution of which is so vital to the well being of the public, can finally be put to rest and the country and campaign can get back to what I want to talk about, the issues, the things important to people's daily lives. Do this one simple action for the public's well being and the issue will be, once and for all entirely dropped and I promise I will never say another word about it.  

Though, just want to mention, I've already been told by very reliable sources, and many people are saying, the 5th Grade report card is a forgery. Believe me.  

Now Trump's statement about Hillary Clinton being crazy. Um, o.k., now you see, you really can't expect, if your arguments are to have any credibility whatsoever, to just shoot back the exact same commentary aimed at you, when all your supporters and surrogates have launched the exact opposite criticisms at her, because when you do that, they sort of don’t in any way shape or form add up whatsoever. And, really, for those of you still clinging to that idiotic notion he has spouted about surrounding himself with all the best people, um, he is, in his mind, surrounding himself with all the best people currently, and he isn’t listening to a fuckin word they say when it actually matters. They are all just there to clean up his mess after the fact. As for his supporters, the degree to which you allow whatever passions within you to overcome the slightest flicker of a thought within your head and follow hook, line and sinker the rancid bait, eating up his words as legitimate debate and follow the words of the obvious sociopathic, perpetually, blatantly lying demagogue, let me say this "I hope the day is treating you well random stranger and kind soul. I have a proposition for you. My name is Chaz Heemageri and I have recently come into ownership of funds totaling $43,000,000,000 U.S dollars but my bank will not allow me to deposit it because my second cousin once wore orange shoelaces at a RUN-DMC concert while protesting the use of chemical additives in corn pudding. If you can assist me in this matter I guarantee I will split half the proceeds with you. Kindly email me for the details at your earliest convenience."

Now, the comment about half of Trump's supporters being a "basket of deplorables" and Trump harping on the "irredeemable" part of the commentary. Clinton did say she regretted the generalization of saying half. But, really now, there are a Goddamn great number of Trump supporters who no one would question are deplorable, except, of course, for other members of the deplorables gang.

I mean, no secret is made about it, factions of the KKK greatly praise Donald Trump. Mr. Trump, please meet David Duke, ever heard of him? Huh, wait, no, you haven't, yeah sure, you're unbelievable. And you do have countless legions of Trump supporters, spouting outright hatred and bigotry that would make slave owners from before the Civil War cry themselves to sleep at night out of guilt. These are not people engaged in the discourse of ideological squabbles about the best way to run the country, voicing policy that I freely admit differs extensively from my own beliefs, these are motherfuckers who want to kill or run out of the country every motherfucker who doesn't appear to be the exact same motherfucker they see when looking in the mirror. But, really now, look in the fuckin mirror, you're a fuckin deplorable. You won't see that truth of course, because you are, as said, a deplorable.

But for all those of you who ranted and railed at the idea she was signaling you out by making that comment because "How dare she make that comment that I'm a deplorable, I am in no way a deplorable, just someone who believes in conservative values and thinks the country is headed in the wrong direction and the country can do better. How dare you say I'm just like that obvious racist, misogynist next to me, waving the Confederate flag, chanting, all Mexicans should be driven from the planet, while we, kill all the faggots, start a true holocaust on the Jews and actually finish the job, put them niggers back into slavery where they belong, and put all the bitches back into the kitchen because that was where they were born and so that is where they should stay! Hey, where the fuck is my dinner bitch?" I'm not that person at all. How dare she." Um, that person next to you, um, that sort of was what she was saying. But her comment truly was only a political gaffe for the backlash she should have known "politically" it would create for her.

But, wait, time-out, I thought it was because of such things you so admired a certain candidate, wasn't it? That he just speaks his mind. And for not being PC? But, of course it's a good thing to not be PC "Except when you're not being PC to me. Waaahhh! Cry, cry, cry! Mommy I'm so upset now I need a cookie." But, you hated "the bitch" because she did not do these sorts of things. "Sexism" can anyone say? Certainly not "The Deplorables" because "The Deplorables", as already mentioned, are, in fact, deplorable. But each should look in their own mirror to judge their own beliefs and actions, not the one you have become inescapably trapped within by others words. And if when you look in that mirror and you see someone, dressed in Nazi attire, and seig heiling you and you smile back, eh, you're sort of a fuckin deplorable.  

Of course, there are some still Trump supporters politicians who aren't the bigoted, racist, xenophobic, moronic, douches, they are instead those seeking to gain entrance into a new political establishment to take the place of the old establishment, um, establishment, establishment, and for all you fuckers, go fuck thyselves motherfuckers the most. Because if you still have a functioning brain within your head, and yet you gloss over all Trump's antics, and a much more so fuck you to his various campaign spokespeople, whores of the political system, who, if he loses will jump to the ship of the next candidacy that will hire them to spout their bullshit words of praise based on nothing. You know, for all Trump's beyond disgraceful qualities, it's those that surround him that still know better who truly disgust me. Rudolph Giuliani not a part of the list, because, dude, you've totally gone off the rails and into the deep end of delusional, egotistical stupidity.  

But, does anyone else out there see the ridiculous irony of all of it? Trump, goes around railing against the political establishment and rigged contests and the like, that he is his own man, telling it like it is, but then he surrounds himself with political hacks the gullible will actually believe are loyal to his cause, but really, wake up, if he loses, in the snap of the fingers, they would latch onto a completely diametrically opposed candidates so long as it would put money in their wallets or purse. Those you hear telling you the truth are all just political sluts.  

You see, Trump saying Clinton is crazy, well, completely fuckin stupid. I'm so sorry if I offended your blind patriotism to a xenophobic, narcissist bigot but what, of all of what has been your prevailing attack line could possibly lead to a denouncement of her as "crazy"? Could Donald Trump have that criticism hurled at him? Well, in case you haven't been paying attention, let me fill you in, the answer is, hell the fuck yeah!  

I'm not about to recount all the words and actions making that last statement a fact, want a sampling of some of the evidence, hey, read the previous essays, the best way to do that is to buy the book they appear in "Welcome to the Idiot Box: Stories, Essays, Self-help Wisdom". Call that shameless self-promotion, you know, it's not, because I know damn well, none of you motherfuckers are actually going to buy the damn thing. But, it will be free at Amazon October 24th-26th. Refer to that as shameless self-promotion, well, buy it for free during those days, guess what, I won't make a fuckin penny. So a graduate of the "Idiotic Self-promotion Institute" I suppose I am, a competitor I suppose to "Trump University", because we both offer the same thing, absolute and total, in no way beneficial complete shit. The difference being I am freely admitting my supposed higher learning institute is complete crap whereas Donald J. Trump is robbing you blind, down to your last dollar in a con-man ruse that was in every way a deception to screw the little man out of his money so The Donald could make more. Argue this, well, Donald Trump who is on record as saying he has one of the greatest memories in history, in court records cannot remember the names of or even recognize any of the pictures of any of his "handpicked" instructors at the pseudo university.  

Um, yeah...  

You know, for all of those out there still so enamored with Trump because of his non-politically correct rants and actually give him credit for every time he crashes through any possible non-breakable wall of decorum or decency and excuse away all his antics because you believe he is just "telling it like it is" or praise him for not being a politician, he's speaking his feelings, not his mind, and you relate to that, well, here goes. You are just those complaining that why don't you have gold belt buckles on your plane you don't even have, because a battered ego so deprived of the nurturing so needed, so deprived due to the horrors of the alternate reality Obamaworld you see within your head, where all that is and should be in your mind was so deprived for the benefit of the rights of others, other than yourself.  

News flash. This is the world. And where you're living is the United States of America. And guess what, you're not the only one living within it.  

The truth is, you're still the same bigoted, racist prick you always were, only now, you've come out of the closet because some inane clown with ridiculous orange hair led you to believe it was perfectly acceptable for you to hold and voice those opinions. And no, I am not telling you that Ronald McDonald told you that it was o.k. to do so. What Ronald McDonald said was "Buy my fuckin happy meals, buy my motherfuckin happy meals motherfuckers. Buy from the dollar menu, buy so much you'll get morbidly obese and die because I hate you all to hell motherfuckers!" Now it is disputed in the media whether Ronald McDonald did in fact make this statement. But, believe me, he in fact did. I know this because I was there. Now a perfectly legitimate question would be, what was I, a vegan doing hanging out with Ronald McDonald. To this, well I really can't say, you know, I was really fuckin drunk. But, I really should return back to statements made by a different Donald clown with ridiculously bad hair, statements that cannot be, yet ludicrously still are denied, because they were recorded, captured for posterity, to be referenced back to when dissecting the hopefully post-mortem autopsy of a bumbling bufoon's failed presidential run. Though, for those of you interested, I will soon be releasing the Ronald McDonald tapes because I was secretly recording him. "That's right bitch! I'm gonna bust you so far open all your cow murder factories of annihilation gonna be permanently closed motherfucker!" Um, o.k., consider that a preview of the tape because I did say this on it. To which Ronald McDonald responded "But I am Ronald McDonald and I only want to be fondled." To which I said "Dude, you're really freaking me out here." To which I then thought to myself, 'Really, what the hell am I doing hanging out with Ronald McDonald, I could at least be hanging out with Grimace or something.' At which point the Hamburglar ran in and stole all my shit. To which Ronald McDonald replied with a giddy chuckle, "Ha, ha, ha, you fell right into my trap. The evil league of the golden arches strikes again!" And then, um, wait, I may possibly be getting somewhat off topic here. So back to the point of the essay, the words of a different Donald clown.  

But, before I do, I will say this, Mr. Trump often rails against the damage done by political correctness, and let's be honest here, this is only ever done to attempt to redirect criticism away from his indefensible comments, and you, Trump supporters, whoop it up and whoop it up and love him for it. But you know what, he's right. But, just not in the way that you think, he's right because of you. He's right because his inarticulate musing, boorish statements and behavior drew all you motherfuckers out of the woodwork and into the open. Whereas before Trump, so many of you would hide behind a facade of societal norms, only voicing your opinions to like minded fellow thinkers out of a fear of a societal backlash. Now you parade down the streets, past NAACP chapters with AR-15s, wearing fuckin Confederate flag painted robes, screaming "We aint racist. We're just doing it because we hate them niggers."

And, really now, would racial situations be any better if the KKK manifesto it put out declared "Gosh, we so do love all our colored skin of a skin color different to our own wonderful people, let us all coexist in peace and harmony. Hey, my brother, aren't we all brothers, brother." Or, some anti gay, anti LGBT hatemonger spewing out political speech of "Hey, all my fellow gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, it doesn't matter who you love, all that matters is that you do love. So I love you too brothers and sisters. As I just loved that transgender person up her ass to teach her to adhere to God's law. Wait, did I just fuck a woman or a man up the ass? Um, ah, not important, what is, is that you know, I do so love you transgender brother sister or sister brother. Whatever you prefer. Christ, what the hell did I even just rape? Anyway, love ya, you wonderful, beautiful people who I love the most for having the courage to walk the path that God truly did intend."  

I mean, isn't it actually better to know who your enemies are? I think that may be the only possible benefit of the Trump presidential run, exposing a portion of the population for who they actually are. Yes, no way to deny, there is a portion of the electorate who immediately latched onto his candidacy, unarguable alt-right bigot, racists whose comments posted on sites like Breitbart news, who, Trump hired its former executive chairman to be CEO of his campaign, would even make Hitler cringe. But, of course, on camera, these people always deny racism has anything to do with their words and actions even though with some, clearly visible are the numerous swastika, portraits of Hitler and "88" tattoos.

And as for the whole "88" thing, I'm sorry but that has to be the most goddamned pathetic exercise in abject stupidity ever perpetrated within this perpetually stupid world. "88, H H, H is the eighth letter in the alphabet, so 88, H H, Heil Hitler." I mean, give me a motherfuckin break. But try this out, in language you should be able to comprehend "6 25", Fuck You. And, just got to say, um, Pepe the frog? Are you motherfuckin kidding me? I mean, look, I got absolutely nothing against frogs. Nothing against you personally Pepe, but, I mean, you know, the fuckin swastika had this iron death power sort of magnetism to it as a symbol but you motherfuckers are marching behind the banner of fuckin Pepe the frog? And that Trump add showing him with his ridiculous hair, all the other buffoons and then Pepe the frog added in, um, have I maybe stumbled upon the true reason for the Trump presidential run, take into account all the chatter he may, because of it be attempting to create his own media empire, that maybe all this chaotic incomprehensible idiocy was just to create a new T.V. show "Donald Trump's Alt-right, Neo Nazi Sesame Street"? I don't know, to be perfectly honest I really don't want to. So to all the Trump supporters who proudly fall into this fold I'll just say this. "6 25". Fuck You!”

But look, back to the original point of the essay. Could Donald Trump possibly be choosing worse and less fitting lines of attack against Hillary Clinton? Hey, hate her if that is what you are hellbent set on doing, but don't you think that just maybe you should be hating her for reasons that could at least feign the presence of possibly making an appearance in reality? Can you at the very least admit these arguments completely contradict every shred of commentary ever leveled at her? But, you know what, I'm well aware it would never make a Goddamn bit of difference what The Donald ever said, did, or will do. All would be golden to you. You just see him sailing over the arches, because in his eyes, sentiment you believe true, for The Donald, "I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you."  

"I am the clown of happy town. So turn upside down that upside down frown, as I fill your arteries until they're brown. You are all so going down motherfuckers! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! The Joker aint got shit on me motherfucker!"  

Dude, Ronald, shut the fuck up. The point of this essay was to detail the words and actions of a different Donald clown with ridiculously idiotic hair. You're sort of trying to steal the spotlight, even though the whole point of the essay had nothing whatsoever to do with you, still, you're trying to turn the attention back onto yourself. Hmm...That seems like what a certain other Donald clown currently in the news so often does. Who could that other Donald clown be? I don't know. Talk amongst thyselves...  

Um, you do realize Donald Trump actually publicly took credit for Mike Pence's vice presidential debate performance.  

Again, talk amongst thyselves...  

Oh, just have to mention, though not really keeping with the focus of the essay, just feel the need to point it out anyway. Russian parliament and Putin ally Vladimir Zhirinovsky stated that "Relations between Russia and the United States can't get any worse. The only way they can get worse is if a war starts," .  

"Americans voting for a president on Nov. 8 must realize that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary it's war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas And Nagasakis everywhere," In other words, if you vote for Clinton there will be nuclear war but a vote for Trump will mean love will rule eternal. Oh Saint Trump, thank you so for descending from the heavens to rescue the world from its crapulence. Oh, and when the U.N. rights chief criticized Trump for being a demagogue, Russia went to the U.N council to complain with absolute indignation for him saying that and that he had no right to say that about Trump. Oh, and when John Podesta's email was hacked, a message was posted from his twitter account announcing he had switched sides and to "Vote Trump". Which, you know, he didn't actually say, and, yeah, still too early in the investigation, to, you know, say it was Russia who hacked it, as has been the case for all the other campaign cyber breaches. But still, you know, they were kind of behind all the others. You know, those comments being made about Trump and Putin being in bed together, well let me just say these latest pieces of information certainly put to rest that crazy talk once and for all.  

Of course, Trump and Putin in bed together, well, they weren't exactly resting if you know what I mean. Wink, wink...They were plotting out ways that they, together, could fuck the world straight to hell.

Oh, just another brief comment on something else that deviates from the main focus of the essay, Donald Trump said at a rally in Ocala Florida about ISIS "They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States, because they’ll take over not only that part of the world, they’ll take over this country," Um, yeah, sure, a likely scenario considering they're failing miserably at actually taking over that part of the world and their attempted caliphate in the Middle East has them almost entirely removed from power in any parts of Iraq and they are completely bogged down in Syria. Sure, a comment like this from Donald Trump is in no possible way blatant fear mongering to scare people. I think the new Donald Trump campaign shirt should be one of those old "I'm with stupid" t-shirts, only with the finger pointing upwards to the wearers head. And Donald Trump should be required to wear it at each and every one of his rallies.  

Gonna throw this commentary in here too. You ever notice how the right wing, whether adamant Trump supporters or not, but all conservative media figures, bear in mind "media" does exist in written form and on the radio as well, but, especially Trump supporters, condemn the "liberal media" for supposedly being Hillary Clinton surrogates, marching in lockstep with her so she will gain the nomination, denouncing this as the media playing its sinister role in an electoral conspiracy, um, but they spout this shit even on Fox News, and maybe once or twice I imagine on "Breitbart Media". Um, the media source whose former executive chairman, Stephen Bannon is now the CEO of Donald Trump's campaign. But how exactly is it the right wing media and all the Donald Trump cheerleaders within it, Fox News of course being head of the cheerleader squad, are somehow exempt from being classified as "the media". And you do realize, don't you, that in all your pathetic arguments, that Fox News greatly outnumbers any other news network in viewership. And of course, Roger Ailes, who was chairman of Fox News is now an advisor to Donald Trump's campaign. And Roger Ailes was forced out of his job at Fox News due to sexual harassment claims by numerous female employees. And Donald Trump defended him as being unjustly accused by a bunch of liars who Ailes had done so much good for and that they were ungrateful. Anybody see a parallel to another story about a Donald clown currently quite prominent in the media? Hmm, talk amongst thyselves...

When you are "the media" you really should not have the liberty to denounce "the media" as "the media" just because you disagree with "the media" and are angry they are reporting on the stories that they are, rather than the ones you want them to, to reinforce your personal ideological goals, because when you categorically denounce each and every story by "the media", guess what, look in the fuckin mirror, you are unquestionably "the media" as well. But of course you're just "the media" who tells things the way you want to hear them. Like it is, right? And, um, o.k., I'm moving on from this because anyone who can't see the point I'm trying to make, well...go jerk off while watching Sean Hannity and listening to audio of Rush Limbaugh, while telling yourself how perfect you are.

But we're not done yet!

O.k, just one last thing I'll comment on. Donald Trump, at a rally, mocked the NFL for its efforts to reduce concussions. "Uh! Uh! A little ding in the head you can't play the rest of the season,” he said. Um, o.k., that is admittedly an odd choice of a comment to end the essay with. Though, to be perfectly honest, it's an even odder comment in general. I mean, what in hell could that possibly have to do with the freakin presidential election that you would rant about it at a campaign rally, interspersed within all your other gibberish? And do you actually have the slightest clue about the possible deleterious effects of concussions or the increased danger and severity when a player continues playing and takes another blow to the head after sustaining a concussion before it has had time to stabilize. Of course not, because that would involve a little thing like researching a topic before speaking about it, and a little thing called facts which you of course choose to never concern yourself with unless they are facts of your own creation. But really Mr. Trump what could possibly be your point in making that comment? Trying to show your toughness or something? Problem with that is you would have no way to have any first hand knowledge of what that ding to the head would be like because you would never actually put yourself in any situation where you might sustain one. And why, because you're nothing more than a loud mouthed, wannabe bully who can only bully with his money, inane, temper tantrum throwing, childish punk.

This just in, Donald Trump just tweeted "That Aaron Aaronson is nothing more than a loud mouthed, wannabe bully who can only bully with his money, inane, temper tantrum throwing, childish punk."

Touche Mr. Trump, touche.

But hey, whatcha gonna do, because in the world of Donald J. Trump "I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you."


The End

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