492 words of dogma

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An unwanted journey, based a lot on what I heard daily growing up in south west London

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



A lot of people asked me a lot of questions. I’m here in my black suit, with my white tie, still don’t quite know why. May as well say it was probably to demonstrate that I got power to those guys sitting in an ivory tower telling me a lot about the choices I have to make just to stay alive.

I met them at four by a room I barely knew. A haze around my eyes made it even harder to identify. A lot of people asked me a lot of questions and I couldn’t give an answer worth recollection. Regardless I had to answer to someone. My sins weighed heavily on the air, everyone felt the pressure, the whole room moved slower because of this. 

I walked forward, and I kept walking forward without slowing down. It’s like the distance just got further away, like every step I took required two more just to keep pace with myself.
I’m slowing down against my will, everyone else is too.

Two figures at the other end of the hall go faster than anyone else. I can’t figure out why. They are the fastest men I’ve ever seen.

I’ve stopped moving at this point. I see people come towards me, slow down, stop beside me, yet still come out at the other side. Now there are uncountable numbers of the same people all standing beside me frozen in unmeasurable state of motion.

A door now stood in front of me. I don’t know when it got there; no one stands beside me anymore, just the two fast men, either side of the door I was about to enter. I wonder were the boss was, probably behind this door, but I was begging internally that I wouldn’t have to do this right now, not that I’d ever want to have to return.

The boss was sitting there. He had clearly been waiting for me. Fear overtook my heart, my hands; My lungs. My breathing became shallow, and my heartbeat intense.
The boss was here, looking right into my eyes.
It took more power than I thought I was capable of to maintain my gaze.

Before I knew it, I was sitting down and the boss stood behind me, asking me a question of which my answer was not worth recollection.

Now everything around me was moving at a speed I was unable to process; the boss still stood behind me, slowly breathing, he asked me the same question.
I answered again and this time there was no movement.

My eyes turned to face him, but my eyes went somewhere else.
Back to where I was born...then all the way through right to this moment.

Something was stuck in my neck, but I couldn’t move. Everything was going so fast, my future fading faster than my memories of the past.

Finally, everything came to a stop,
me and everyone else.
I think I just died.

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