Empty Promises

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Your empty promises became your defeat.

Submitted: December 30, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



Tears web your eyes as you see them saying their vows. The one girl you truly love, and with whom your heart lies, is there, claiming another guy as her husband; tying a knot with somebody else. 

You knew you could have been the one saying the words that bonded your life with hers for eternity. But you sit there with regret eating you, and you shoot envious glances at the guy who has her heart with him, and has succeeded in keeping it safe. 

You had her heart within your hands. She had let you snatch it from where she wore it on her sleeve, and she had believed the promises you made of keeping it with you forever. But you failed. You failed to keep those promises. You betrayed her. 

You still remember the look of betrayal and hurt that was etched upon her face when she saw your fingers loosen the grip on her heart and as it fell to the ground. The pain that took over her made your heart squeeze itself painfully until it ached physically. You were too proud to acknowledge that. Too full of yourself to accept your feelings for her. 

And you watched another guy enter, pick up those pieces and glue them together, unafraid of the wounds the sharp edges of the scattered pieces could have given him. He had the courage to endure the pain the leftovers of her heart had caused. That guy succeeded in winning her heart. 

Your empty promises became your defeat 

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