The Labyrinth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A man who studies the mind soon finds that his own mind withholds its secrets from him.

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



It was late, much later than he had intended. He gazed at the stars above as he drove, sighing at how tired he was. He had been up most of the night finishing his paper, one he had done countless hours of research for. He was the leading researcher on dreams and repressed memories, he had been working closely with several patients the last few months hoping to finally unlock the key as to how the brain can block unbearable memories. Everyone always knew why, a thought, an experience, that was just too painful for the brain to hold onto. A labyrinth of neurons and secret passageways, a gateway to a world unkown. It fascinated him. AT least his day was over, and he could return to the love of his life. Even through his exhaustion he smiled at the thought of her.

He loved her with every fiber of his being, every neuron in his own labyrinth lit up at his memories of her. He truly loved her. He gazed at the stars as he always did, something about the universe calmed him, allowed him to forget work and get lost in his own thoughts. He wished he could travel the stars with her, it was a childish thought, but he didn't care. He had always been a dreamer, and she was often in his dreams.

It wasn't long before her turned into the parking lot at the apartment complex where they lived. The beep of his car alarm going off as he locked his car, making his way inside. Finally reaching the apartment the silence tugged at him. It was night and the lights were off, but something…..something was different. He didn't know what, but he brushed it off. It was late and he thought his mind was playing tricks on him. He hung his coat up on the rack next to the door before he began reaching for the light switch. The lights flicked on, and his heart stopped.

There on the floor, face down, was the love of his wife. Surrounded by blood as she lay unmoving. He could not process what he say, his mind almost not allowing it. Who would do such a thing, how could they do such a thing? Finally trying to shake what he saw, the deepest part of his heart hoping it was a ghost. He looked again, and he knew, it was real. He immediately dropped to her side as he rolled her over, the blood getting on his hands, he was screaming for her to wake up as he began to cry at the sight of her. She did not respond. He quickly ran for the phone, dialing 911 as he pleaded for them to hurry. Someone had broken in and harmed her, had killed her. His mind still unable to retrieve such a thought, who could do such a thing?

He ended the call, praying to hear the sirens, praying they might rescue her. Still he held her, rocking as he hope she would suddenly wake up and be ok.

She gasped.

He watched her in shock, as she began to breath. Had she been breathing slowly this whole time? He wasn't sure and in the moment he did not care.

“I'm here! I'm here!” He coddled her. Wanting her to know that he was there and everything would be ok. She was alive and that all that mattered.

Her eyes widened at the sight of him.


He was confused, she seemed shocked at the sight of him.

“It's me, the police are coming, help is almost here you're going to be ok!” He cried with joy that she was awake. His mind unable to process the emotional range he had felt in such a short span.

“I'm sorry….”

You have nothing to be sorry, about. You did nothing wrong.” He began to grow more confused as something itched at him, like a small thought at the back of his mind, fight its way through the labyrinth.

“I did not mean it to happen…...”

“This? No one meant this to happen. Save your breath, you'll be ok.”

“No….” she choked, trying to retain her breath. “I did not wish to make you so upset. I never meant to hurt you so.”

“What….what are you talking about?” The clawing at the back of his mind grew stronger, like an entity in the fog, it was there but not seen so easily. He felt like something was there, buried beneath the surface of his thoughts.

“You don't remember?” She saw the truth in his eyes. He had no idea what had happened.

“Remember? What what? I would remember someone doing this to you?” His mind reeled to make sense of things. The blow to her head must be making her confused. That's it, she was hallucinating. Making things up.

“You. You did this…..when….I told you the truth. I am so sorry.”

His heart stopped for the second time. He couldn't grasp it. He did this? There was no way-

The memories came to him. He was getting ready for work that morning, and she had seemed so different since she came home from work the night before. So different. He finally tried to get her to talk with the spare time he had before he was to leave, and she had told him.

She had been with someone else. Someone else had touched, someone else had held her heart, and her body, as only he had held them. He began to cry, began to hate herself as she turned away, sobbing at the truth. He had grown infuriated, the rage broke loose. How could she? He loved her. He had grabbed something, a thick glass bottle that was a window decoration. He had grabbed it, and struck her. It was then as the blood began to pool, he cleaned himself, brushing his suit off. Before he grabbed his keys, and left for work.

He had done this, she had cheated on him, and he had taken his revenge. His labyrinth had buried this from him, had hidden away the very reality he held so dear. He soon became the subject of experiments, as he sat in a white walled room, as people questioned him as to how his mind has been able hide such things.

He had become lost in his own labyrinth.

© Copyright 2020 Rizzo7890. All rights reserved.

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