Uneven Debating Field

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How do you argue with that?

Submitted: October 14, 2016

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Submitted: October 14, 2016



I've read some absolutely ignorant rants against the crooked media, crooked political parties, and rigged voting machines, just to name a few. I'll get upset, start typing out a scathing response, but then I'll hit delete, because, after all, you can't debate stupid, and the fact that there are just too many out there. It makes me fear for the country's future, seeing all these comments. 


I mean, I saw one today on a right-wing site, about Mrs. Obama's excellent speech yesterday, and read some of the comments. You've got your usual conspiracy wack jobs weighing in, but then I came to "Screw (paraphrasing!) Obama!" Wow, the thought that must have gone into a comment that complex, must have taken him days. This was a story about MICHELLE Obama--you tell me, how are you ever supposed to change the mind of such a deep-thinking person?


I've decided you'll never outwit someone so clearly at almost a genius level, I'm embarrassed at my simplistic arguments, using 'facts', which are nothing more than a plot by the liberal elite to use big words and logic to confuse people, and are a transparent attempt to win the argument by lying. No, facts and the truth are only effective weapons to use against those who believe them. Silly me!

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