My celebrity girlfriend

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i looked at the time and saw that it was 7:15am. "yea" i said to myself.
"don't wanna go late to my interview"

my name is idris mustapha. i graduated from one of the best university in nigeria as a mass communication student.
over the years, i have been seriously looking for job but all to no avail.
well, thank god that i have been called for an interview in one of the biggest movie producing company in nigeria known as mohek producing company.

i was very happy with myself as i dressed in my white cloth (ironed), black trousers, black tie and a set of black shoes. no doubt, i was looking gorgeous.

i arrived at the company and asked somebody who directed me to the place where the interview is taking place.

"hmm, oh god, give me this job" i prayed as i sat down on a chair looking at the rest people who was there before me.. i was a little bit scared because some where dressed in more astonishing outfit more than me looking very serious.

"well, the lord is my strength" i assured myself.
one by one, they walked into the office of the manager of the company. in not less than 15 minutes, they where out.

"next" a voice shouted from the door.
it was y turn for the interview. i stood up, said my prayers and went inside
to be continued

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Chapter 1

Submitted: October 14, 2016

After the interview with the manager of MOHEK PRODUCTION COMPANY, i got home hoping and praying seriously to get the job. The movie i... Read Chapter