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This is a story about a creature of God who is alone in this world.

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



Hi, my name is Noddy and I lived in a park below a bench because my mom born me here in the park and she leaved me after my birth. I am alone but my friends come here to meet me. I have lots of complaints to the Lord about my life but I am still happy that I have some good friends and they regularly come to meet me talk to me and spend time with me share their daily activities. The most important complain to Lord is why he leave me alone, why he don’t give me also a family like my friends. Bruno is the reason for me to forget all the worries of my life; he is my best buddy because he lived here in the house near the park. Rest of my friend come mostly in evening with one of their family member but Bruno comes alone sometimes. We share each and every moments of our life. I always wait for the evening time since every of my friends come and we talk while whole day I sit alone and silent under the bench or have to go for search of food in the streets and behind the restaurants. My life is very hard according to me but I think there are lots of life same as me so I adjust myself with all. All my friends are very lucky so that they got families who love them and I feel myself lucky because I got those friends. My friends daily activities make me happy and every day I wish or I believe that someday I also got a good family. Today is Sunday and today some new guys also come in the park so it will be special days for me and my friends. I eagerly waiting for evening today, my friends also come little early today. Finally the time comes and my friends start coming one by one with their family members. All family members sit together and we sit together in some other place in the park except Bruno family member because she is a girl, she sit alone in the park and do some work in her tablet which she always bring with herself. Today we all guys sit together and I call to start my friends their daily activity first I call Bruno to start. As Bruno started we all very carefully listen to him but suddenly my eyes are getting stuck in a new member in the park, which is a girl and she is damn beautiful. When Bruno realizes I am not listening to him he asked hey Noddy what happen. I answered guys you all have to turn around and have to see back there our park’s new member. Everybody starts watching her like never seen before, she also watches towards our group. Her family member is a boy and he joins the group of all boys then she sit alone near her family member. I don’t feel good that she sit alone out there, so our group decided to invite her to our group but nobody have this much dare to talk to a girl. Then everybody tell me to go to her to invite because I am the only one who is alone, without any family member. Everybody think if this invitation creates any trouble then Noddy is the only one who can run from there while everyone are with their family members so they can’t run from there. Finally I go to her to invite her to our group and to do her warm welcome to our park. I said hello miss my name is Noddy and I lived here in this park and sitting anybody alone in my park not feels me good so I am here to invite you to our group except me everyone has a family member and a home just like you so you don’t have to worry about that group guys. Every one there are waiting for you to join our group so please come to us and sit with us. She then stands up and without saying a word move on that place where everybody is waiting for her in the group. Noddy is still standing there because he can’t believe this will happened. It’s the first time of his life when he is talking to a girl and response comes good. Then Bruno calls Noddy to come in the group and make her comfortable. Then Noddy started the conversation with introducing everybody there with their names. Then Bruno asked her name and very beautifully she replied “my name is Salina”. Then Noddy to make her comfortable asked a question about her story but Salina is not able to understand what Noddy is talking about. Then Bruno let her understand that what Noddy mean. Bruno then tell Noddy story that he is the only member here in group who is without any family member. Salina feels very surprised for Noddy. She then said I can’t even imagine the life without family members. Bruno then again told her that Noddy is alone here and we all are his friends and we daily share our daily activities with our family members so that Noddy never feel alone here. And every new member in our group share his story ho they joined their family members. After listing this Salina agreed to tell her story of joining her family members. She started with a bright smile in her face that she feels proud to tell her story. Salina said I feel I am the luckiest in the world to get that family, actually I am the 8th birthday gift of my family member and I spent 4 years with him. I lived with my 6 brother sister in our house and one day my family member’s parents come to our house and choose me for him, that day was the greatest day of my life. My family member takes very sweet care of me and my health and my hygiene and of everything. In fact I am his birthday gift. She said he played with me he study in front of me he eats with me. These talks make Noddy little sad so he just stand up and walked some steps away from the group. In group everybody understand that what makes Noddy sad so they all decided to do something special for Noddy and Salina also take part in it because she know of being alone is the hardest thing for a dog. And when our all friends have a good family with them then it will be little more hard to show happiness in front of them. Salina can feel Noddy’s sadness and loneliness. So all the dogs of the group planed very quickly something for Noddy and then Bruno calls Noddy again. Noddy then joins the group again and Bruno told him to sit in the center of the group. Noddy asked why in the center then Bruno replied no questions just sit in the center because it’s very important for you to sit in the center right now. Then Noddy is surprised and without asking some more questions he just sit in the center. Rest of the dogs in group sits in their two back feet around Noddy in a circle. Everyone start watching in the sky and together in the same rhythm of voice they started talking to Lord. They say “Hey! Lord today we all dogs wish for the same wish together for our dear friend Noddy, we wish Noddy get a very sweet family as soon as possible, so please Lord do some magic for our friend and vanish his loneliness from his life forever”. All the family members that is humans who are sitting beside the park are getting surprised by watching this activity of their dogs. For them it is like all dogs are surrounded one dog and barking together while watching the sky like wooofff wooofff wooofff wooooff. One boy of them said they must pray for something together, I also pray that wish of those dogs comes true and every humans sit there said Amen. These moments are the happiest moment for Noddy he feels very good that time. And now the time comes to say goodbye to everybody, Noddy thanks each and every dogs in the group and at last he thanks to Salina. Noddy said thank you Salina to come in this park today, if I got any family you are the most important reason for that because your story make Bruno and my other friends to pray for me so thank you so much. Salina said I wish that happy moment of getting a good family come very soon into your life. After that every dogs go back to their home with their family members. Noddy just comes below the bench and very happily falls asleep while thinking himself with a good family.

Today it’s a fresh day for Noddy; he is very excited from the time when he wakes up in the morning. He follows his daily routine as usual so first he do some exercise by running in the park here and there. He runs more than usual days in excitement. After completing his exercise it is now his breakfast time so he has to go to search for the food in the street. When Noddy is on the way he realizes some silence in the road. He found no humans in the streets. But still he is searching for the food in the dustbins or in the streets. Noddy lived a very hard life everyday he has to struggle for food daily and as compare to struggle the amount of food is very little. Noddy is finding food everywhere but today he doesn’t found anything to eat. He feels tired then, and decided to come back to park for taking some rest, and after taking rest he will again go to search food. Noddy is starving very badly with hunger because its first time when he don’t find anything to eat. It’s become afternoon now Noddy still have not a single bite of food.  Noddy feels very exhausted today he even don’t understand why it happens with him, he had not that experience in his life. He can’t tolerate this hunger anymore so he again stand up and decided to go little far this time for searching food. Noddy feels strange about today while searching food. He found everything is quite today every street, every road, every restaurant, and every compartment all are quite like there is nobody living. At the same time Noddy is not able to understand what’s going on that place. But for now he had only one thing is in his mind and that is some food. After some time walking alone he found two guys at some distance and he decided to go nearby them so that he can understand what’s happening in the city. Noddy riches near them and stand little far from them and try to listen very carefully what they are talking. With their conversations Noddy realizes something happen in the city which they termed as ‘curfew’ in which nobody comes out from their home. Noddy is starving very badly now because it turns to evening, he is losing his mind and can’t think about what to do so he turns back to his park. After reaching park he drinks some water from the collected water in the park and very sadly watches his own face in that water. Noddy is very sad from his heart and after watching his face continuously in the water he started crying. As he cried his drop of tear fall into the water and create a long circular wave in the water, Noddy very curiously watch that wave. Today Noddy’s friends also not come to the park and in Noddy’s life its first time when he feels so alone nobody to talk and no one to share his feelings. He feels himself a very sad, alone, helpless and hungry today. In few minutes its rain started to fall. Noddy is still sitting there near water and watching that rain drops fall on water and that waves too. Noddy’s tears are mixed up in that rain but he still sad and crying. Noddy was thinking that when he wake up in the morning he thought it will be the best day of his life but he realize this was the worst day of his life and he is never ever going to forget this day.

After half an hour later, a girl of age 17 come there in the rain at that park and sit in the bench and start crying. She also looks sad actually very sad. She first cries for some time and then started talking alone in the park. It looks like she is complaining something to God. Noddy also listen very carefully what she is talking about. The girl is asking from God why he done this to her. She very loudly and boldly shouted in the rain with watching upside to the sky. Noddy feels he is not alone there who is sad someone is also sad like him and Noddy feels sympathy for that girl. Noddy then goes there to the girl and sit near the bench. Girl is busy in crying so she doesn’t know someone also present there in front of her. This scene is very touching when a dog and a young girl both are crying alone at the middle of the park in the rain both have their own reasons but both are sad. In few minutes when girl do her face up then she found a dog is sitting near her. Girl very easily recognize that dog is also sad. That girl is very kind and her kindness shown by her activities. Girl then starts talking to Noddy. Girl started with her name that her name is Alice and she lives just in few meters away from this park. Alice said that she is very upset and sad today because she lost a very big project of a seminar for which she is preparing for last two years. Just because of some political issues she lost career today. She said that’s why I am here alone to ask God why he done this to me why he choose today for the curfew. Alice is angry with the God. Alice again then look at the sky and ask why God why you choose today if you wish then you can do this some other day or may be tomorrow. Then again Alice continue with Noddy and told her you know I spend my two years just for today but this curfew ruined my all hard work and my dream. I am very sure about it that I must get this project but never think of what’s done with me. After completing all her talk to Noddy she again starts crying. Noddy feels very sorry for her and to make her stop crying he licks her legs. Alice then said awe dear dog don’t worry I am just sad but its ok I am fine. Alice then pick Noddy up to her lap and asked what happen to you dear why are you sad. She said I told you my whole story without asking yours and I am sorry for that. Noddy in her lap feels very comfortable and secure because it is his first time in life when someone hold him in lap so he react very gently and show Alice his sadness in his eyes. Alice without wasting time understand that dog is sad but she don’t know the reason behind it so she put her hand in his head and said dear dog I wish I can understand your feelings right now. Then Alice took out a burger from her bag and give it to Noddy and say dear dog may be hunger is the reason for your sadness so eat this. Noddy start eating the burger and after eating completely that burger Noddy want to say thanks to Alice so he lick Alice’s chicks. Alice giggle and say ok ok dear dog I know you are saying thank to me so it’s ok you are most welcome. It looks like both become good friends because Alice find a dog whom she told all her story and Noddy got one who feed him and took him to lap. Alice then said dear dog you are very sweet and call you a dog is not good so from now I will call you Noddy. And in this way that dog who is without family got the name “Noddy”. Alice then said dear Noddy I want a friend like you who listen all my worries and support me always and stay with me always, so do you become my friend. Noddy then think she is the one whom God send for me as my family. To say yes to Alice question of becoming her friend he bark two times wooof wooof. Alice said thank you so much I am happy now for getting a sweet friend and this happiness is much more then the sadness of loosing that project thank you so much Noddy. Alice then said I promise you I will take you to my home very soon and till that day I will come to feed you. Noddy again lick her chicks to show her happiness. Alice then took her down to the ground and said ok my dear Noddy its been too late I have to go home my parents are waiting for me and we will very soon. Noddy replied Alice with barking two times wooof wooof. Alice then go from that park and as she go from there Noddy starts running from here and there with happiness and bark with all his effort. This night Noddy sleeps like never before.

Next morning Alice come with some bread and other eating stuffs for Noddy and call Noddy. Noddy runs very speedily to come to Alice and start licking Alice chicks by jumping here and there. Alice loves him by moving her hand in his head and all over his body. Alice then give Noddy that food to eat and Noddy eat that all food and then they play ‘go and fetch’ for a while after that Alice said Noddy that there is a good news for you my dear Noddy. Noddy very excitedly bark two times wooof wooof. Alice said I talk to my parents about you and they are ready for taking you to my home with one condition that you are my responsibility. Noddy can’t believe that this is really going to happen with him, he just see upside to the sky and bark like he is giving thanks to God about Alice. Alice then said Noddy that she will come at evening to take him home, Noddy start licking Alice to show his happiness. Alice said ok ok my boy I will come soon to take you with myself but now I have to go to office for my project work. From the time when Alice go from park Noddy eagerly waiting for evening and feeling very excited. Finally the time comes and the eyes of Noddy want to see Alice as soon as possible. When Alice come Noddy just run to her and jump to her lap like he is saying take to me home very soon. Alice said lets go dear Noddy this is going to be a big day today for you because you will meet some new humans today, Noddy replied by barking two times wooof wooof and show his excitement. Noddy is very much happy and excited for getting a family.

After reaching home Alice said Noddy here we are, this is my home sweet home while coming inside the home. Noddy bark wooof wooof and he watch each and every home appliance like he is trying to understand what these things are. In few minutes Alice mom and dad come there then Alice introduces Noddy to them and them to Noddy. After watching Noddy Alice’s dad said what a cute dog he is and her mom said oh my god this dog is so dirty fully covered with dust and mud. Alice said don’t worry mom the first thing I do is cleaning, mom then said ok then don’t be late go first bath him. Alice then take Noddy to the wash room, Noddy is very curious about everything he even don’t know what’s going to happen next with him. When Alice take Noddy near to the bath tub full of water Noddy become scared and bark to show his scare of water it is like he want to say I don’t want to go inside that water. Alice understand very quickly and said my dear Noddy don’t be scared I am just here with you so nothing going to happen wrong trust me. Noddy then become ready to bath because he trust Alice so much more than anything. Alice very carefully bath him with shop with singing some song and Noddy enjoy playing with shop bubbles. After bathing Alice use her hair drier to make Noddy’s fur dry. And after drying she use comb to brush his fur, and then Alice spray some body spray to Noddy after which Noddy smells very nice. These things are strange and unexpected for Noddy but he enjoyed a lot. Alice stand Noddy near the mirror and say this is our new Noddy the member of our family, and when Noddy watch himself in the mirror he don’t recognize himself first so he get close to the mirror and see her eyes and  then find it’s me Noddy. Alice asked do you like this new Noddy, he replied by barking two times wooof wooof and jumped to Alice lap and Alice then kissed Noddy to his head and Noddy lick Alice chick. From today Noddy life changed very differently, now Alice and Noddy are mixed up so much they eat together they sleep together Alice use to tell each and every thing of office to Noddy and Noddy listen very carefully and replied too. With this lovely relation of Alice and Noddy approximately four months passed. Today Alice comes in a very happy mood from her office. She directly come to Noddy and hug him first and then said thank you Noddy thank you so much, its you who make it possible. She asked do you remember the day when we both meet each other Noddy replied by barking two times wooof wooof. She said yes that day I lose something very important of my life but I find you and when you come to my life I got much more important project than that project. Alice said you are my best buddy you are my lucky doggy. Noddy start licking her face like to say Alice that you are lucky to me too. So like this the relation of Alice and Noddy now become more stronger.

Now Alice got a job of her own choice and she become busy in her office with her project. This lack of time affect Noddy, because without Alice Noddy don’t feel good. Before its only 2-3 hours when Noddy is alone at home but now these days its 7-8 hours when Alice doesn’t come home from office and Noddy feel lonely at home without her. Alice also knows about it that this lack of spending time with Noddy must affect him but she can’t do anything for this, because that project is also very important for her like Noddy. One day at dinner table when everybody is there mom dad Alice and Noddy Alice’s dad asked to Alice do you see the condition of Noddy? Alice said yes I can see that he is not well without me but what can I do. Her dad then said we are ready to pick him home in one condition do you remember that condition. She said yes I remember Noddy is my responsibility. Then dad again asked then why you make Noddy to suffer? He said if you don’t able to take his responsibility any more then leave him again to that place from where you take him. After listen this Noddy replied by barking two times wooof wooof like he want to say No. Dad then said see he even don’t want to go there. Alice then put her hand to Noddy’s head and said don’t worry Noddy I will never leave you there again. Then dad asked then what you going to do with him and how will you manage the time with Noddy? She said tonight I think about it and tomorrow morning I will tell you my decision. Alice also know Noddy needs a family and she never want to leave him alone and leaving him is very tough for her also but she also know in coming days she don’t get little time for Noddy so she has to take a very strict decision. That night Alice take Noddy in her lap and start talking to him about future. Alice said dear Noddy I know you love me and I love you but in coming days it will become very hard for me to make time for you, and I don’t want to make you sad so we both have to take decision for each other. After thinking too much I decided to send you to my cousin house he is of my age and he will take care of you as I do. Noddy bark two times wooof wooof to say no I don’t want to go to anybody. Then Alice said dear Noddy I know you don’t want to go but this is good for both of us. Noddy again bark wooof wooof, Alice then said dear Noddy you have to trust me. And after this line Noddy stop barking and lick Alice chicks like to say I trust you more than anything. And after this conversation both Noddy and Alice go to sleep.

Next morning in the breakfast table alice told her dad that I make a decision and Noddy also agree with me. Dad asked and what is that? Alice said I decided to drop Noddy to our cousin house before going to office and Noddy is ready for this. Dad said okey great I hope it will be easy for you both. Alice then take Noddy with her and reached cousin house. There she drop Noddy to cousin house and told her don’t be worried my dear boy I always use to come to you every Sunday and start crying because Alice show that she is very normal with this but she is dying inside for leaving Noddy there. Noddy also starts crying when Alice is going from there. Finally they both get separate from each other. Noddy has still a family but he has not that happiness as he gets from Alice. Noddy again waiting for Sunday like before for Alice. Before he was waiting for his friends and now he is waiting for Alice. But he enjoy Sunday full with Alice. But after few day Alice’s work load increases at office and she don’t come this Sunday to Noddy. Noddy health become down this Sunday and cousin of Alice is very careless about Noddy so he have no idea that something wrong happen with Noddy. Noddy was thinking there must be a reason that Alice is not coming this Sunday but it’s ok next Sunday she must come. But next Sunday Alice again not coming and this affect Noddy badly. That next Sunday Noddy is sitting in the door waiting for Alice to late night and sleep over there in her wait. Next morning cousin come to Noddy and try to wake him up but he is not responding. Cousin tries to move him but he again not responding. Cousin then take Noddy to the doctor and there the doctor declare him dead. Cousin then shocked with this and he decided to not tell this news to Alice because he understand how much Noddy is important for Alice and he is dead with his careless nature. Cousin know if he take good care of Noddy and love him properly then maybe he lived some more. So he decided to not telling this news to Alice. After few days Alice comes there to meet Noddy and to be sorry for not coming last two Sundays. As she come to cousins house she calls Noddy but he is not coming this surprises Alice but she think Noddy is doing something that’s why he is not coming. Then cousin comes to Alice and tell her about Noddy that he is resting in peace. First Alice doesn’t believe so she go inside home and call Noddy Noddy everywhere but Noddy is not coming. Then Alice feels Noddy is not there and she realize how big mistake she has done. Alice just fall in the ground and start crying and say I am very sorry Noddy I am really very sorry. Alice feels like she lost most priceless thing from her life. She feels very sorry for Noddy she never imagines this would happen. This is absolutely unexpected to lose Noddy like this she starts regretting for what she done with Noddy. She cry too much and remember every moment which she spend with Noddy. Cousin then take Alice to her home and there he tell everything about Noddy to Alice’s dad. Dad then said it’s not very easy to take full responsibility of your pets either it is dog, cat or any other animal. They don’t say anything that not means they don’t understand things. Especially dogs they are the most loyal animal in the world so don’t play with their emotions, the only thing they need is Love with their owner. I know this will happen one day but not expecting so soon. Dad says Alice the relation between a dog and a human is only about unconditional Love. Dogs when create a bonding with their owner they can’t replace that bonding with other owner. So its owner responsibility to decide first that they are ready to give them what they want. Then Alice said I feel very sorry and sad for Noddy it’s like I killed Noddy this is all my fault, if I don’t took him from that park then he must be lived there. Dad then said it’s not necessary that he lived there also because he was a street dog and life of a street dog is very hard, so many times they were died with hunger so maybe he died soon if you not take him to home. Don’t blame yourself Alice its Noddy’s fate so he lived for this time this is not your fault. Then Alice stop crying when his dad make her feel to not  blame herself, but this hurt Alice too much. From that day Alice always go to street near her home and feed so many street dogs in the name of Noddy.

So my dear friends treat the animals well with kindness because they have not the words to say but they have lots of emotions to show. Love your pets because this is the only thing they want.

Thanks for reading :-)


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