Purple Is A Feeling

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

My feelings are not yours to Judge,
A thousand tears for a harmless feeling.

It’s never just words

It’s  never  black or white,

There’s that  something in between you can’t see.

My  feelings  are not yours to Judge

A thousand tears for a harmless feeling  .

I want to wave my rainbow on your face,

I’m scared of my fate,

So I hide with the clothes

You love the mask not the person.

I wish you could  see  past  your  pride

Get down from your high horse

Look past my body and see my soul

The  secrets  the pain 

My love a burden .

I’m not the shades of hue you are used to

That doesn’t mean my colors are not  beautiful .

You would love my purple but you are color blind

You only see in shades of black and white

Can I be that color in between ?

My crayons are not weapons,

I just want  my fairytale.

If you take away my colors

I’ll have a grey ever after .

Submitted: October 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Mitya. All rights reserved.

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