Parking Lots

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Arissa Philips knew all along that it wasn't a pleasant meeting. But we go through the motions regardless of our suspicions.

I made this story based on a song, here is the link (


Parking Lots


She stood in the centre of the deserted parking lot. Snow gently caressed her cheeks as she glanced down towards her phone which she grasped between her red knitted mittens. The cold air snuck through the strings of yarn. Occasionally shed twiddle her thumbs, it was something she’d do when she  was nervous. The dim lull of the light bounced through the drops of melted snow on her screen. Staring blankly at the text

Meet me at the lot.

I need to tell you something.”

Nothing good ever came from meeting one’s betrothed in a empty dim lit parking lot in the freezing night. The soft whistle of the wind made her feel uneasy, feeling the snow bristle against the brick made her feel worse then uneasy.


Crunch. Crunch. Footsteps from around the corner echoed off the walls around her. She brushed her  straight bangs to the side, as she turned to the sound. He turned the corner with a whirl of snowflakes behind him. Her eyes fluttered across his face, studying him. Anger? Sorrow? Glee? What mask did he wear under his guise. It was impossible to know, he played poker on saturdays- she was beat.

“Arissa, Hi.”

It was kindness, his mask was kindness.

Her eyes widened “Hi Bubz.” she perked up and took a step forward. He took one back.

He let out a light laugh, or sigh, she couldn’t tell. “You look nice tonight.”

“What's wrong james? Did something happen?” her stare was puzzled and frightened.

“No everything's okay, i just… i needed to talk to you something.” he stopped, Frowned his  mask wasn't kindness anymore, it was remorse. Like the look you get when you’re just about to put a wounded animal out of its misery. When its suffering outweighs the reward of life.


This was it. She knew what was coming but didn’t know how to stop it Arissa looked down and realized she was puttering again so she slid her phone into her coat and clasped her hands in front of her, it almost seemed like she was trying to shrink, as if his words wouldn’t be able to find her that way.

His phone interrupted. He glanced down as a sly smile grew across his mouth. His gaze caught hers. “I’m sorry i’ll always be there for you…” A lie. “...but i need some time apart from you, I don’t feel the same as i did before- I haven’t for a while.” he paused. She opened her mouth to speak but before she could he started again.
“I think we should break up.”
That was it, the gunshot rang out and the bullet tore her heart out. It was Fatal.

“Arissa? Say something.”

She glanced down to her feet. “I get it - i understand… it's okay.” It wasn't okay. “You just need your space for a while…”

He wasn't pleased with her answer, he never was pleased nothing she said ever made him content anymore; a frown spread under his nose. “It might be more then a while.”

That wasn't acceptable though. “O.K. I’ll see you in a little more then a while. “

A low growl echoed from his throat as he turned away with his hands on his head.  A sigh, a slight shake of the head. He was composing himself, his rebuttal would be good she had to think of something quick.

“I’m seeing someone else, I didn’t want to do you dirty that's why i’m here! So i can see her and not feel guilty!”

Her cheeks flinched and eyes quivered.  There was no defence against that. Tears dribbled out of her blue eyes they left icy trails down her cheek bones.

The fresh powder erased everything that used to be. All the times they met here was gone, no imprints at all, it was all blank- as blank as her words.

“I’m sorry.” he turned away leaving nothing but the sound of soft sniffles and a bleeding heart behind.


Submitted: October 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Arissa Philips. All rights reserved.

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