What Money Do

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Just something I did for school

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



What Money Do:

Guided by another man

Dark rooms are as poorly lit as the fires in the hearts of their visitors.

See people in these locations don’t do much to go toward the light. Often times they look for hope but swerve towards a towering inferno rather than a guiding light.

See these folks ain’t’ too bright.  They don’t know what they getting themselves into.
 I mean we all had a hard time, I feel like some of us are blind unless there’s a light in our eyes, and let me tell you money shine bright.

Yeah money shine bright and I don’t have a penny or dime. Any form of currency you can imagine, well you know it ain’t’ mine.

I’m as hard working as the next man, and I think men work pretty hard to keep what they got, I know have been.

But when you seen’ the things we seen you wonder why working towards new money matters. See money ain’t’ gonna’ happen.
You got what you got and you live to protect it, and I hope you realise that I’m in the dark.
This a dark place with dark minds and souls with no light, not even a glimpse of shining might, or courage - just cowards.

Me too. I need my money too.
See this other cat wants money, and he needs to take it from me.
 I’m gonna’ work hard to keep it, just like the other dogs protecting their bones, even just their scraps with their lives.

Another man stands before me, before I even enter. Blood pours before me, before I even enter. But that’s just the ways it’s been before I even remember so ima’ haffa’ fight for my scraps against these debt collectors.

This skinny fat cat looks at me when I walk into the room, demands his money before I take a seat. He knows I ain’t’ got it but he gives me a chance to get it, little dog from before just dead on the floor.

“Work.” Man I’m sick of that word; don’t give you anything but back ache and a way for that to continue.

I want my rest of it.

Little dudes brother walks for same door and gives me the rest of it.

I just wanted my pay to go pay off my debts, but the debtor got at least four straight in the head.

How am I supposed to pay him back? Am I free or is this gunman the new fat cat? Man I’m dead so who cares, I’m here bleeding out. But even when dying moneys all I care about.

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