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just a bunch of poems and that, so I don't overflow the website

Submitted: October 15, 2016

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Submitted: October 15, 2016



Pride profits who?:

Pride profits who?

Prophets told us that’s something not to do

I never believed them anyway so why start now?

Just cuz’ I don’t believe the words of an old preacher, does that make me ‘proud’?


Pride profits who?

Pffft, I always knew what I was supposed to do

I wouldn’t let anyone change my path, why start now?

Just cuz’ I don’t get by as easy, because I fight for what I’ve got, does that make me proud?


Pride profits me?

Probably not, but I can’t see myself to know what I’m supposed to do

I never knew how to live my life, I just lied for the sake of pride, I know that now

Just cuz’ I’ve admitted It doesn’t escape my previous commitment to it, but how not to be proud?


Pride profits no one.

Peace is all I want but I’m lost in myself trying to figure out what to do

I got to change my ways and emancipate my thought until I can say this is me now

Just cuz’ I’ve made mistakes doesn’t mean I can’t change, ill change my ways until I say I’m proud.

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